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Showing posts with label SL Wedding Venues. Show all posts
Showing posts with label SL Wedding Venues. Show all posts

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


December is upon us which means it’s holiday and snowfall season in Real Life. Accordingly many places in SL are also turning white with snow and being decorated with all things Christmas. But if you are not a fan of snow and freezing weather like me, you don’t have to worry.   In SL you can still find many places with different environments and seasonal settings.

These days SL is vast and more versatile than ever. If you love autumn with its atmospheric beauty, then SL has some very beautiful places that will amaze you. But if you are looking to tie the knot in such a place then it can be bit tricky. You will not find many places with fall seasonal settings where you can also arrange a wedding as well.

Never fear Vapor is here and I have researched the SL grid for you our readers in an effort to find places with scenic fall settings, and where you and your loved one can truly become one. 

1    1. Autumn, a remnant of summers past....

My first pick is Sim named “Autumn, a remnant of summers past”. It’s a scenic sim which features captivating scenery and a magical atmosphere. As the name suggests, the very essence of this place is autumn and it beautifully depicts the mood of this atmospheric season.

It’s a vast and truly magical place which offers much to explore.  The sky is a wash of pinks and purples and the blanket of stars gives it a mythical touch. Just perfect for a romantic date and photography. You will find trees situated on small islands which are aglow in autumn colors. The islands are beautifully connected via floating pathways covered with fallen leaves. All in all this place is truly amazing and enchanting.

On one of the islands you will find a nicely decorated ballroom which can be used for wedding receptions and parties. The ballroom is well furnished and the sparkling particles on its floor gives it a warm touch.  All you have to do is contact the landlady for further assistance and to arrange your wedding ceremony here.

Owner Name: Lilydeelala Haiku
Sim Type: Estate/ Homestead

2. Eclectica 
My second pick is “Eclectica”. Its floating islands in the sky depict an enchanting forest filled with the charms of wilderness. It’s a mythical place with hint of the fall season in its décor.   The forest is vast and features many romantic spots. It’s perfect for exploring, a romantic date and indeed for photography. The scenery here is worth looking at and the atmosphere is magical.

You will find a chapel for wedding ceremonies and you can contact the Sim owner to have your wedding arranged here. You can visit their website for more information.

Owner Name: LaMaisonDamour Resident
Sim Type: Estate/ Homestead

2    3. Charming Story Weddings & Ballroom
In third place is “Charming Story Weddings & Ballroom”, it’s a full sim artistically decorated in the colors of autumn. It is vast and has much to explore. Across the sim you will find trees with changing colors and fallen leaves, beautiful expansive fields of golden grass, and the exquisite charms of the wilderness. Which makes it ideal not only for a romantic date but also for photography.

You will also find fabulously decorated dancing spaces all around the sim. The decorative lights in the trees and lighting effects on the floors truly gives it a romantic touch. There are many scenic spots here where your wedding can be staged. All you have to do is, contact the landlady with your date and other details about your ceremony and she will make necessary arrangements for your perfect wedding.

Owner Name: Sammy Raleigh
Sim Type: Estate/ Homestead

4. Two Hearts Wedding Chapel
Next we have “Two Hearts Wedding Chapel”. It’s a medium sized venue set in a skybox but it’s very scenic. It’s perfect for small wedding parties and receptions. It features trees in the colors of autumn, fields of flowers set in a scenic wilderness and meandering pathways that lead into the small forest. This place beautifully depicts a forest scene in the fall. You will find small chapel for your wedding ceremony with all the necessary poses and a separate reception area and ballroom for the reception party.

The reception area is nicely decorated, and features white tables and curtains. The seating arrangement is quaint with enough space for dancing and an outstanding party. All together this venue is enchanting and perfect for your wedding photos. The cost to use of the venue is 500L$. You can read the notecard for further details. Also you can contact owner for assistance and special requests.

Owner Name: Sweets Actor
Sim Type: Estate / Full region”

5. Reed Enterprises
Lastly we have “Reed Enterprises”. This venue features a stunning wedding chapel nestled in an enchanted forest. The whole build is very charming and the seating area for guests is exquisite. It looks professionally designed for traditional wedding ceremonies. Lighting décor in the trees gives the venue a magical appearance.  Your wedding photos will be out of this world.

The ballroom and reception area are well appointed. You can contact the owner with relevant details to have your wedding ceremony arranged here.

Owner Name: DelaneyJenson Resident
Sim Type: Estate / Full region