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Showing posts with label SL. Camury. Show all posts

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Best events to Get your Hunt on!- Camury Reporting...

Let the hunt begin!

Many residents of Second Life are dedicated to hunting the grid to find amazing items! There is still time for you to wear tennis shoes, wear comfortable clothes and run to the hunts that are happening.  But be quick time is running out.

Discover the unique and wonderful things that the creators of Second Life are doing. There are many places you can go to and take in a little scenery and hunt for gifts from creators from all over the grid.

Here is a list of just a few hunts you might be interested in checking out.

Love Mommy Hunt -  5/6/2016 through 6/6/2016 - is a hunt that also pays tribute to moms in style! Find 20 hidden roses in mesh fitted department store Ricielli for some great prizes including clothing and accessories. and have fun!

Hunt Object: Rose ( L$ 15 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Gifts for mom.

Mystery Fantasy Hunt - 5/10/2016 through 5/31/2016 -    between the world of Fantasy elves, orcs, fairies, wood nymphs, witches, warlocks, this full of mystery hunt. The mystery is what you will choose! This is a 2L hunting.

Hunt Object: Arrow (L$2 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Think Fantasy and Mythical such as elven, orc, dwarf, fairy, wood nymphs, wizard, witch, warlock. The mystery is what you will choose!
Starting point:

Mother’s Day Hunt -  5/1/2016 Through 6/1/2016 -  moms are everything! Still to tribute to her, and close the month of May in style. There are 19 traders who are involved in this hunt. This hunt is everything MOM!

Hunt Object: see hints: ( L$ 0 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Gifts for mom.

TextureMania 7 - 5/10/2016 through 5/31/2016 -   at Love My Textures Main Store on Zeus Island! Traders involved in this game, all offer Gifts full perm, and have their own terms of service. Nothing you find this hunt can be donated or sold as complete perm. You can use them in their creations in Second Life. There are 30 participating stores in this sidewalk right now.

Hunt Object:. paint brush ( L$ 1 or L3$ Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Gifts that are textures but contain less than 12 will be L$1. Gifts that are more than 12 textures, sculpts or mesh will be L$3
We are so excited to start hunting, we look forward to seeing you in the world!

The "Once Upon a Hunt" - 5/232016 through 6/04/2016 -  this hunt is to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society .All hunting proceeds will go directly to the American Cancer Society. The “Once Upon a Hunt” will be held across 12 specially designed sims during the 3rd Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest.

Hunt Object: RFL of SL hunt box (L$10 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Home and Garden

Additional information:

Images taken from the advertising sites of the events.