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Showing posts with label Silk Road. Show all posts

Friday, June 23, 2017

Caravanserai 1: A Silk Road Celebration of the Arts

East and West meet along the Silk Road in a project to be featured during this month's MOOC 2017 in Second Life.

"The desert sands lead on, but look ahead -
a palace of bright tents and green date palms
where camel backs can crumple knee bones down.
An oasis waits beneath the desert moon.".

Dr Chris Mooney Singh (Singh Albatros) of The Writers Centre, Singapore and Scott Grant (Kaylee West) of Monash University in Melbourne Australia come together to create an event celebrating the connective cultural thread that is the legendary Silk Road - Caravanserai 1.  In a desert oasis setting, they have brought together artists from around the grid for storytelling, drama, song, and machinima, to be followed by a panel discussion of the value of virtual arts in education.  The performance will take place Saturday, June 24th at 7am slt.