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Showing posts with label Voff Uggla. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Aspiring Model, Voff Uggla- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Staff Reporter
• Wednesday, September 15, 2010
People from all over the world join the Second Life community. Some come for the business aspect, other’s for leisure and they discover something new and unexpected.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden Voff Uggla found herself in Second Life in early 2007 to seek comfort after her beloved dog past away. Looking to Second Life and some comfort from her loss, Voff eventually found her nitch, in the form of everything Fashion, and even found her soul mate.

With her passion for Fashion, Modeling & Photographer, Voff is a contracted model for SSMA, member of Fan Shopping Elyte Models, she models for Marissa Bruun Fashion, and is also a model/student at Bel’Lys Modeling Agency. Voff has an Associates Degree from the Fashion Institute, but is still a student there, taking the advanced runway classes at her own pace. She graduated from MVWA on September 12.
Next on the agenda is MBMA, starting September 20. She was a pre-finalist for Miss Virtual World 2011, set for April, and a pre-finalist for styling Forward, a new reality TV show with semi finals on September 18.

SLE sat down with Voff Uggla to find out more about her history, what she does, how she deals with SL relationships and what she hopes for her future here in Second Life.