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Showing posts with label model. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Spotlight on LUXE Paris Look of the Year 1st Runner Up– Hunipet Delicioso–Ely Catronis Reporting…


This past August, the Announcement was made for the LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2022.  We have already met the Ambassador this year, I would like to take the time to introduce you to another special lady. She is someone in Second Life to explore and be silly and have fun in her early years who found her way into the depths of the modeling and fashion world inside the grid. Come, sit down and have a chat with the amazing and interesting Runner Up, Hunipet Delicioso.


Ely Catronis (EC): Before we get to know you, the person behind the avatar, I am curious, what was it like to hear your name announced as a runner up?

Hunipet Delicioso (HD): Have you ever been so surprised that you freeze? That’s what it was like for me. I remember thinking “Wait… what?? Was that MY name?”  It was… an amazing experience. I hope that every model has the opportunity to hear their name being announced. 

(EC): That is an amazing experience.  Truly exciting. Can you share a little about yourself, how you found this vast world of Second Life? Any fun stories from those newbie days to share? 

(HD):  A friend of mine told me about SL and encouraged me to sign up. During my early days in SL, I was attracted to the Neko look… humans with cute kitten ears and a big fluffy tail. The Neko tail was a great icebreaker when I was surrounded by strangers I had to interact with. My favorite was to pick gum out of my tail and throw it at someone. Yes, I have a bit of imp in me. Those were fun years.

(EC): I think sometimes, our early days did spark something in us all.   You do have something there.  What made you start out in modeling? Are there models or designers that inspire your work?

(HD):  I had burned out as a host and needed a break when a friend encouraged me to try modeling classes. I thought “why not?” and signed up. In RL, I’ve always gravitated toward challenges and SL modeling has provided me a *lot* of them. 

There are so many talented designers in SL that there’s no way I could narrow down to one or two. I love classic looks with touches of unique and creative details. Karl Lagerfeld is probably my (current) favorite fashion inspirator. Avant-garde can be challenging but a lot of fun.

(EC): Do you have any advice for people interested in fashion or modeling?

(HD): The main thing is to enjoy it. Have fun. Try different things. There are SO many different areas in the SL fashion industry! A lot of them don’t involve walking on the runway or competitions at all. Creative set designers are in demand along with people who can wrangle the backstage making sure models are cued on time, etc. Think of SL fashion as an endless buffet of choices. Take time to sample everything. You may surprise yourself.

(EC): That is a wonderful way to look at Fashion. I am sure there is someone out there who needs to hear that. Are there any other events or organizations that you are involved in?

(HD): I’ve been in the modeling world for only 2 years so I’ve been focusing mainly on learning as much as I can from as many different people as I can find. In the last year, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to write scripts for two fashion shows produced by Fashion Life Modeling Agency. My future plans are to continue classes with Ponchituti Boucher, One On One Modeling Tutelage & Academy. I’m looking forward to their intern program where I’ll be able to learn first-hand the behind-the-stage parts to modeling. I will absolutely audition for other competitions. 

(EC):Those are wonderful opportunities.  You mention behind the scenes a lot in the fashion world and have an appreciation for all the antics that happen there. What was your favorite memory from the Look of the Year Contest?

 (HD):  Oh boy… my favorite? That’s hard. People… It's the people I met through the Look of the Year contest. Having a chance to get to know the other ladies… They are fabulous stylists! It’s wonderful to see how others put an outfit together. Especially when I get the “why didn’t I think of that!!” moment. So much talent. The relationships I developed during the LUXE Paris Look Of The Year competition are the real prize. 

(EC): Thank you so much for taking the time to sit and chat today.  It really has been an honor and a pleasure to meet you and work with you.  Before we go, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

(HD): Ely, thank you so much for the opportunity to talk to you. I’d like to share two quotes that have made a huge difference in my life… RL and SL.  

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. If you don’t take a risk, you may miss out on some wonderful life experiences. What’s the worst that could happen? You get a “no”? Then keep asking.  You’d fail? Failure only means you haven’t found the right solution yet.

You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for”.  I have that one sitting on my RL work desk. Every time I get frustrated or feel defeated, reading that quote energizes me again. 

Whatever you want to be, whatever you want to do… roll up your sleeves and work for it. Take risks. Ask questions so you are making informed decisions.

Lastly… please laugh as often as you can. Your mind cannot process pain at the same time when you are laughing. Look for the things to make you smile. Your body will thank you.

A huge thank you to Mika Palmyra, Parisian Skytower, Ponchituti Boucher, Lali Arbizu, Hyaecinte, Ѕнoly  KᴀᴇsϮηᴇя  Ƶнασуιηɢ. I know I missed some names, please forgive me. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022



It's a hot weekend in the desert and you are parched. You walk to the mini fridge, open the door, and while feeling the coolness embrace your face, you notice NO MORE WATER BOTTLES!!! "I need to find a store and more supplies and water!" you say out loud to yourself. You grab the keys, your purse (or wallet), get into the car, turn the engine over, and z-o-o-o-m-m-m-m off down the desert roadway. Once you arrive at the store, your mouth opens, eyes wide, and you whisper, "This is fancy."

Social Media: Fashion Show: September 18, 2022 @ 1pm SLT SLurl / LM for the show will be sent out 1-2 hours before the show Sales Event via Teleport HUD will be available on Marketplace by September 15, 2022

Sunday, October 17, 2021

MEET ROYALESUN LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR Second Runner Up


“Everyone thinks of a cruise ship when they hear my name,” exclaims RoyaleSun, laughing. 
The reality is so much more romantic and so LUXE Paris! The second grand finalist of the prestigious LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition was born in Paris to a true French count and a half French, half British mother.

''My father was a count and a decorated pilot of the French Air Force ”, continues Royale, generously sharing much of her real-life with us. '' My mother served with the Red Cross during WWII and she met my father on a blind date in Paris. My parents were always entertaining and their children were included. We had to know how to talk to anyone on any subject and dress appropriately... already whether it was for a prince, a king or a neighbor ''.

"It was an exciting world full of courtesy, something rare these days "

Royale's family moved to America when she was 3, but, it didn't really change their lives she says, because of her father's work.

‘’ I think the look of my avatar comes from this lifestyle and from my mother in particular, who was always elegant, with simplicity and classicism", adds Royale.

Valsnia: Wow! I didn't know I was talking to royalty! Have you met famous personalities?

Royale: I have met quite a few dignitaries from many other countries, many whose names would mean nothing to you. Better known, there are Prince Pierre of Greece and General Charles de Gaulle who come to my mind.

Valsnia: Is there something from this life that you would like to bring to the world today?

Royale: This world was exciting and full of courtesy, which we miss deeply these days. People genuinely cared about others and their well-being. We don't see that much anymore either. Technology is great because that's how we met, Valsnia, but it shapes the world that we are living in today ... One of my favourite sayings is "Anonymity breeds bravado!" We see examples of this several times a day. If I had a magic wand I would restore civility in our society ''.

Valsnia: This piques my curiosity, have you ever considered hosting an event in SL to promote your cause?

Royale: Yes, but it takes an enormous amount of time to organize something like this. I am my mother's caregiver, which takes me a lot of time. She will turn 100 in October, it's amazing! However, this is something I have in mind and maybe I will try to do next year.

‘’In real life, everyone tends to run in jeans and t-shirt while in Second Life you can express yourself ’’

RoyaleSun came to SL because she is interested in art... in all its forms. She was already using DazStudio, Vue, Modo, and other artistic creation programs. So she was about to open an art gallery in SL when she met a girl who was a model and convinced her that she should try that. Quickly became a top model in demand, Royale remains passionate about her virtual profession, nine years later.

Valsnia: What keeps you going?

Royale:  In RL everyone tends to run in jeans and a T-shirt, while in SL you can express yourself with the clothes and the look you wear. What keeps me moving is that passion and I love helping others achieve their passions too.


Valsnia: You own a free modeling academy, Soleil Modelling Academy! What is the story behind this school and why this name?

Royale: There are many in SL who would love to become models, however, modeling schools tend to be out of their financial reach. I remember how hard it was for me 9 years ago so I decided to offer free classes. I don't sugarcoat the life of a model. They have to know up front that they aren't going to make a ton of Lindens, that it is mainly out of pocket, and the hours they will have to spend perfecting their editing and their look and style. It tends to weed out those that are just looking to make money in SL. As to the name, Soleil is French for Sun. Many of my friends call me Sun so it seemed fitting.

Valsnia: Your favourite memory from the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest?

Royale: I have several great ones and an embarrassing one. Let's begin with the embarrassing one. Our first meeting was the Brunch with the Judges. Rehearsal was cut short as we ran out of time, so I never saw the tables where we were to sit. Then I was so nervous as Frolic Mills chose to ask me questions that when done with questions, I walked to the right, as directed, right into the water fountain! After that refreshing dip and sodden shoes, I finally found the table and just tp'd to a chair. Not my best ever moment!
As to favourite memories, one has to be the day we accidentally met at Posesion. We were both looking for poses. We struck up a friendship that has carried us through the competition and even to this day.

Valsnia: Awww... It is my favourite memory too! Did I tell you I was really intimidated by you? I still am by your talent but as a person I really love you.

Saturday, May 15, 2021



Congratulations to AngelinkaNega, Kupu2 (Madee), Maribel Penucca, Marilisa91 (Mrs Mary Aries), ObiAi and Shanti Tehani! These stylish women have been selected as semi-finalists fo the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR Contest.

18 semi-finalists are now in the race for the prestigious title LOOK of the YEAR and the L$50,000 cash that comes with it! Two more groups of six semi-finalists will be selected in the next two weeks. When there will be 30 semi-finalists, the jury will reevaluate all their pictures and select 12 finalists.

So it is still time to participate! Remember: LUXE Paris is looking for an ambassador, a stylish woman who will represent the brand with grace and charisma. It is not necessary to be a professional model as training will be offered to inexperienced finalists but experienced models will also be challenged with the mentoring of the legendary Ponchituti Boucher, the one they call ''the mother of all models''.

It is very easy to participate: Put on a LUXE Paris outfit, style it, capture a photo, put your official name in the title and send FULL PERM to avatar LUXEParisLOOKoftheYEAR. Gift for all participants!

The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition is presented in collaboration with One On One Modeling Agency, Zuri Jewelry, the SL Enquirer, SL Confidencial magazine, Swank Event, In-Nova Modeling Academy, Womenstuff, Tone Makeup, ProPose Modeling Poses, Bon Amour Hair and Villa Media.

You want to know more about this thrilling adventure? Visit our website at

Friday, May 7, 2021

The Second Photography Fair: Photography in A Virtual World Fynnyus Resident Reporting

The Second Photography Fair has been up and running for about a week and will be open until May 14. The fair offers products, workshops, and entertainment of all kinds. For beginners or professionals, this unique event is a chance to see the latest in photography from vendors far and wide.

With this wonderful photography event happening, I thought I’d take a stab at an impossibly huge question: What is the nature of photography in a virtual setting? I take on this question fully knowing that it may have so many answers as to be uniquely answered by any person who has used the photography function in SL. Whatever you think of photography in SL, the popularity it holds in SL cannot be denied. Indeed, it seems that photography is a captivating activity for many in Second Life. As evidence of its popularity, a quick Google search using the keywords, “photography in Second Life” yields 2,540,000,000 results. True that not all of the Google sites would necessarily be relevant for this topic, but many would be. Anyway, back to my original question .

This question took me back to the origins of photography itself, which started in 1839. Since then, it seems everything under the sun has been photographed. Our insatiable desire to photograph the world around us taught new ways of seeing the world, gave a visual grammar for understanding visual images, and a code of ethics for producing and distributing them. Photography altered and enlarged our ideas of what is worth looking at and what we have the right to observe. It has been much the same for the history of photography in SL. 
Photography in the virtual setting makes us create art, memories, evidence that something happened, or monetary transactions. Indeed, the photographic features of Second Life is compelling in and of themselves and in-world events like the Second Photography Fair, help to illustrate the extensive nature of the virtual world photography phenomenon. 
I spoke with one of the primary creators of The Second Photography Fair, and Editor of FOCUS magazine, Angela Thespian, about her thoughts of photography in SL. Her passion for photography in SL is evident. Here is our edited conversation: 

ME:  What does photography in SL mean to you?

ANGELA: I'm not the best person to ask (actually she is the best person to ask), well . . . let me try . . . photography in SL, to me, is more than just an image that people create. I think that SL photography is an opportunity for people who don't have an artistic trade like playing music, writing, painting, drawings etc., to express themselves in an artful way. So, from that vantage point, the art means less to me, personally, than the people creating it. Art - in general - is art. There are millions of painters, sculptors, etc. There are very few who are ever recognized. Same in SL - there are so many who have honed their skills and come to fairs like this one to learn to make their art - their self-expression - better. They want to be special and recognized, and recognition is really the highest honor we can give an artist. It's like saying, "We see you and we approve of you and your effort." All human beings have a basic need to belong and to be liked. This is why I have created the magazine in SL too, and the group. The magazine is an honor -- not from me but from the thousands of people who "see" the featured artist and give them approval. What is very interesting to me is that most photographers say they create art for themselves and if other people like it, great, but they don't need others to like it.

ME: Do you think it gives people a new way to see and understand this place?

ANGELA: I think that Second Life is a place for people who are seeking. What we are seeking can be described differently, but basically, we are all human and, if you subscribe to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, most people have the ability to buy food and have family -- but they are missing the last three needs: friendship, respect from others or esteem, and self-actualization.

So, photography -- especially for the many, many thousands of people who take photos in SL -- photography is an accessible means so be seen, to be appreciated in all of the favs one can get on Flickr, to belong to a community, and to be creative even if a person lacks the ability to be creative in traditional means.

ME: What about the utilitarian features of photography in SL?

ANGELA: I imagine there are those who do want to document their time here. But they could do that with a simple snapshot. They don't have to be "a photographer."

ME: You distinguish between levels of photo-making?

ANGELA: Don't we all? There is a difference between the snapshot your grandmother took of you in your Halloween costume when you were a kid and Ansel Adams.

ME: True.

ANGELA: The utilitarian use that I see in SL photography is psychological. Look at my profile shot . . . I don't need to be smiling, or even be attractive. A utilitarian shot would be like a driver's license. My photo evokes an emotion, a judgment of the kind of person I am. People have said hello to me just from the fact of seeing it. if I had a driver's license photo (though I am also smiling in my DL photo) people may not bother because I don't evoke an emotion. SL photography is great for subjective appreciation of personal memory, or for a new way of fulfilling human psychological needs.

Indeed, photography is a powerful phenomenon in SL, even to the point of saving lives. A Second Life photographer is able to influence and shape their photographs in extreme ways and with more freedom than in the physical world. Likewise, a photograph can shape the photographer and his or her audience in powerful ways—psychological ways. Unusual viewpoints, strange angles, and digital capture methods are easily used to create other-worldly images. Software modifications, scripts, or other settings can change the weather and the light. Similarly, our lives can be changed, sometimes in unusual and wonderful ways by the photographic images created in this virtual world called Second Life. 

So, get your avie to the Photography Fair and explore the many vendor offerings and free gifts, or enjoy one of the many entertainment events going on at any given time of day. Use this landmark to get to the Photography Fair: 



Friday, April 2, 2021



Are you a stylish woman? Do you have what it takes to represent a great fashion brand?

Well, now is the time to show it because LUXE Paris is looking for its LOOK of the YEAR 2021-2022, a woman who is brilliant, stylish, elegant and charismatic. A woman who will represent our brand and win L $ 50,000 cash!

This competition is open to all women! No need to be a professional model as intensive training will be offered to inexperienced finalists by ONE On ONE Modeling Agency, the main sponsor of the competition, as well as the In-Nova Academy. We will accompany you step by step while the runway professionals will also have the opportunity to polish their art thanks to private consultations with the legendary top model Ponchituti Boucher, the one we call  "the mother of  all models!"


Don't wait any longer! Put on a LUXE Paris outfit, add your charming style, capture a photo, put your official name in the title and send with full permissions to LUXEParisLOOKoftheYEAR resident
in-world. All participants will receive a LUXE Paris outfit as a gift upon receipt of their first submission.

- Avalon Chrome

If you didn't think it was possible to compete with the professionals, think again! The 2019-2020 winner, Quinte, had never walked a runway before she was chosen as a Look of the Year finalist! She listened carefully and worked hard and then the unimaginable came true!

Unsettling for a pro to compete against beginners? Very certainly, but this is where all your expertise comes into play!

This is much more than a beauty contest, the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition is intended to be a life experience allowing women to build their strength and to increase their self-confidence. And the testimony of Avalon Chrome, LOOK of the YEAR 2020-2021, is very eloquent on the subject.

“This competition and this victory could not come to a best time of my life, '' she says. I was barely coming to start my business in real life and have seen all my efforts almost dashed because of the pandemic and I had really need to focus on a project, to work hard, and succeed! This competition allowed me to rediscover the feeling of being a winner! ''

For Avalon, this formidable adventure has allowed her to achieve one of her biggest virtual dreams! This RL marketing specialist and graphic artist joined Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, the co-owners of LUXE Paris, and she is now part of the design team!


You can submit as many photos as you want, but each one must present a different outfit. Each of the photos submitted will be evaluated by the jury as if it was a new candidate. So the sooner you start participating, the more likely you are to be selected in the semi-finals.
Each week for five weeks, starting May 5th, we will be posting photos of 6 semi-finalists here in the SL Enquirer and on our website. In addition, we will be exhibiting the photos of all the participants in the Hall of Candidates at our main store on Bao.

When we have 30 semi-finalists, our jury will then select 12 finalists.


The twelve finalists, selected from the photos, will be revealed on June 9 and invited to the Judges' Brunch on Saturday, June 19.

At this event the judges will be meeting the 12 finalists in person for the first time.  Each of the 12 finalists will grace the stage, introduce themselves and explain why they would be the best ambassador for the LUXE Paris brand. Judges may also address specific questions to the finalists so be ready and make yourself shine with your answer.

Then we will end the brunch with a shopping spree at LUXE Paris! Each of the 12 finalists will be invited to choose 10 LUXE Paris outfits of their choice.  


The Judges' Brunch  will be followed by two challenge shows in which the finalists will be assessed on their style, charisma, elegance, and stage presence.

The first challenge-show will take place on Saturday, July 3 on the theme "Reveal the star in you".

The second challenge-show will take place on Sunday, July 11 on the theme '' A ball to save the planet '' and will be immediately followed by the grand finale and the crowning of our LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2021-2022!


The two challenge-shows will be judged by a prestigious group of fashion and media experts: Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, owner-designers LUXE Paris, Avalon Chrome, LOOK of the YEAR 2020-2021 and now designer at LUXE Paris, Frolic Mills, founder of BOSL and Miss Virtual World, Ponchituti Boucher, owner ONE On ONE Modeling Agency and ProPose, Zuri Rayna, owner-designer Zuri Jewelry, Adonis Lubomir, owner-designer Swank, Naar Rexen, LOOK of the YEAR 2017-2018 and owner In-Nova Modeling Academy, Chemak Kamala, owner-editor SL Confidencial magazine, Lanai Jarrico, owner-CEO of The Second Enquirer, Ahn Avion, owner WomenStuff group, and Melany Aguilera, modeling instructor and manager Bon Amour Hair.
The judges will award a score to each finalist in each of the two challenge-shows and the total of these two scores will determine the winner and the 2 runners up. The finalists will be judged on their style, elegance, originality, charisma, and their presence on stage.


L$50,000 cash

1 year of free shopping at LUXE Paris

ZURI crown + L$5,000 gift-card

L$ 5,000 gift-card TONE Makeup

L$ 5,000 scholarship IN-NOVA Academy

L$ 3,500 gift-card PROPOSE Poses

L$ 2,000 gift-card SWANK & CO House & Garden

L$ 1,000 gift-card BON AMOUR Hair

A VIP invitation to join ONE ON ONE Agency

Features in SL CONFIDENCIAL, SL ENQUIRER & LUXE Paris magazine


L$10,000 cash

ZURI tiara + gift-card (L$3,000 1st, L$ 2,000 2nd)

L$ 5,000 scholarship IN-NOVA Academy

PROPOSE poses gift-card (L$ 2,500 1st, L$ 1,500 2nd)

L$ 1,000 gift-card SWANK & CO House & Garden 

TONE Makeup gift-card (L$ 1,400 1st, L$ 700 2nd)

L$ 500 gift-card BON AMOUR Hair

Features in SL CONFIDENCIAL, SL ENQUIRER & LUXE Paris magazine

More information at LUXE Paris LOOK of the

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


The die is cast! The jury chose the 12 grand finalists who will compete on the runway for the prestigious LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR title and the L $ 50,000 that accompany it!Bravo to Aealla Illyar, Ali Reignn, Anji, Avalon Chrome, Becky Kenaan, Charlotte Chisolm, Cheyenne Sadee Shepherd, Eva Madenwald, Margot Lasalle, Naomi Gallagher, Sholee and Spajkie Hanks! 

Selected from 30 semifinalists themselves chosen from 326 registrations, the 12 great will now participate to two events in world. On Sunday July 12th, it will be the Judges' Brunch where each finalist will be asked to make a short presentation to explain why they would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris.
No score will be awarded for this event but the finalists' presentations, the look they will have created for this particular occasion and their communication skills, will allow the judges to vote in an informed manner during the grand final.

The final will take place on July 26th.The 12 finalists will compete in two challenges. First they have to present an outfit on the theme ''Sunny Afternoon on the French Riviera'', a very jet set destination that includes the famous beach of Saint-Tropez, the site of the no less famous Cannes Film Festival and the very chic Principality of Monaco.
For the second and last challenge, the finalists are asked to dress for ''A Night at the Met Gala in New York''. With tickets costing $ 30,000 US dollars each, the Met Gala is the world's most prominent social event! Karl Lagerfeld, Meryl Streep, Donatella Versace, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, Miuccia Prada, Julia Roberts, Gisele Bündchen, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift have all been co-chairing this fascinating event which is an annual fundraising for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. This theme should creates a real explosion of elegance on the runway.
It is the sum of the scores assigned for each of the challenges that will determine who will be the next LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR. The challenges will be immediately followed by the unveiling of the new face of LUXE Paris.

The winner will receive L$50,000 cash and more than L$75,000 in prizes! The two runners up will each win L$10,000 cash and a lots of gifts also.
The grand final of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest will not be open to the public in order to minimize the lag and allow the finalists to shine brightly. However, the show will be streamed live on YouTube! We will provide the link two days in advance here in The SL Enquirer and on the contest website at LUXE Paris LOOK of the

The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition is carried out in collaboration with The SL Enquirer, Swank Event, Womenstuff, Tone Makeup, Zuri Jewelry, In-Nova Modeling Academy, ProPose Modeling Poses, Bon Amour Avant-garde Hair, SL Confidencial magazine, L'Amour Diversity magazine, Stavros Hexem Photography and Villa Media Broadcaster.

Friday, June 19, 2020


Ladies and Gentlemen, let us applause six more beautiful and stylish women who have been selected as SEMIFINALISTS for the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR Contest! Bravo to AUREA, EJ, LOLA NIPPO, LULES BRIMM, OLIVIA and PATIENCE!


We have now 24 semifinalists but there will be a LAST SELECTION of six more semifinalists next week. The deadline to send your picture is June 25th at midnight SLT. Remember: LUXE Paris is searching the grid to find its LOOK of the YEAR, an elegant woman who will represent the brand with grace and charisma. First prize: L$50,000 cash! L$10,000 to each of the two runners up! A total of L$175,000 in prizes!


This style contest is open to ALL stylish women, amateurs and professionnals, and it is very easy to participate. You just have to wear a LUXE Paris outfit, style it, snap a picture, put your name in the title and send FULL PERM to luxeparislookoftheyear resident. Gift to ALL participants

Need more details? Visit the contest website at Participate | LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR

The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest is presented in collaboration with the SL Enquirer, Swank Event, Womenstuff, Tone Makeup, Zuri Jewelry, In-Nova Modeling Academy, ProPose Modeling Poses, Bon Amour Avant-garde Hair, SL Confidencial magazine, L'Amour Diversity magazine, Stavros Hexem Photography and Villa Media Broadcaster.

Sunday, May 26, 2019


Bravo to AmandaDay, Selene Snowpaw, TryskaMoon, OhPrincess, YamilaEnid, Tiaz Esquire, Richard De Grataine Suoh,  Jared Swords, Tottes Cosand Micah! These 5 women and 5 men have been promoted to the Semi-Final of the LOOK of the YEAR Contest!
Your name is not there? Do not be sad yet! There will be 4 other selections of semi-finalists in the next weeks and ALL the pictures submitted are eligible to all the selections!


You did not send your picture yet? Well it is time because the bandwagon is on the move! Remember: LUXE Paris Women Fashion and LUXE Dot Be Men Fashion are searching the grid to find 2 ambassadors, a woman and a man with style and charisma, who will represent their brands and each win L$50,000 cash!

No need to be a professional model because we train the Finalists without experience  and it is very easy to participate! Just wear a LUXE Paris or LUXE Dot Be outfit, style it, snap a picture, put  your name in the title and send Full Perm to LOOKoftheYEAR resident.


All the contestants will get a free outfit from LUXE Paris or LUXE Dot Be, once their first picture is submitted.

You can send as many pictures as you wish as long you are wearing different outfits with different stylings. Each picture is judged as it would be a different contestant. The judges are looking for elegance, style and charisma.


The 2 winners of the contest and the 4 runners up will receive a total of L$275,000 in prizes from LUXE Paris, LUXE Dot Be, AIM Modeling Agency, The SL Enquirer, Confidencial magazine, ModeLS magazine, L'Amour Diversity magazine,  Duplex Club, In-Nova Model Training Model, ProPose, Alma Makeup, Zuri Jewelry and Jack Rock Photo.

You will find all the details  on our website at or at the stores at 

Saturday, June 4, 2016


SLURL: (Opens 12:00 NOON SLT)

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, the award-winning Windlight Magazine has commissioned the award-winning SCALA™ fashion agency to bring you fashion art on an achromatic runway canvas.  Achromatic:  Behind the Collection will entice spectators to fall in love with avant-garde fashion all over again on June 4, 2016 at 1:00pm SLT.  Fourteen of Second Life’s most innovative fashion designers will showcase their visions of bold color, bold shapes, and bold ideas on a runway without color.  

The following brands will be assisting Windlight Magazine in celebrating its first successful year in operation: 

●             Alpha Tribe                          ●             Ghee
●             Jumo                                   ●             Letituier
●             Lyrical Bizarre                     ●             Prey
●             Prism                                  ●             Rapture
●             Rayne Couture                   ●             Ricielli
●             Vero Modero                       ●             Virtual Diva
●             Wicca’s Wardrobe               ●             Zibska

Immediately after the show Achromatic Vaults will open at the Boutique area and exclusive items from the show will be made available to shoppers until June 18, 2016 along with a LookBook commemorating the event.

About Windlight Magazine: Windlight Magazine is an award-winning publication about the art, cultural, and photography world of Second Life. The goal of Windlight Magazine is to support artists, photographers, galleries, and related events. Windlight achieves its mission via the Windlight Artist Fellowship Program and by providing free ebooks, photography and art tutorials. Windlight Magazine consists of The Windlight Art Gallery, The Edge (fashion division of Windlight Magazine), and 30/31 (artistic shopping event).

About SCALA™:  Award-winning modeling agency and academy, SCALA™ brings together the best and more experienced team of professionals on the Second Life fashion scene. SCALA™ Models Agency organizes fashion events on two-sims, complete with music production and voice over and the SCALA™ Models Academy course has been designed to help aspiring models build their careers by covering all major aspects of professional modeling.  SCALA™ was founded on January 6th 2014, by Seashell Dench - award-winning professional model with one the longest careers in SL - and Kryptonia Paperdoll, the most experienced Runway Instructor in SL.

For More Information:                                                          

Monday, September 1, 2014

Spotlight On Modal/Owner: Anastacia Markova - Opium Evolution Production House – Carrisa Silverfall Reporting…

Anastacia Markova considers Second Life to be her creative playground, as she has 25 year love of musical theatre and preforming on stage.   Like so many of us Anastacia started in SL as a DJ at the well-established Franks Jazz Club.  Then she moved on to own one of the largest wedding companies in SL   Fanastacia Weddings, now she only does a few custom weddings a year.

Always having a love for expressing her creative side, this includes being a lover of beauty in all forms. “So it was only natural that I found my way to model and then continue to find creative ways to showcase the wonderful designer’s creations that never cease to amaze me in Sl.” 
Since Anastacia has walked her fair share of runways in SL I had to ask her what does she think of models today and she did not hold back.

  “To be completely honest - I think some of the older, well-seasoned models are getting a tad bit lazy. They are forgetting the basic fundamentals of professionalism.Being on time, choosing correct poses, thinking they are above the need to rehearse. But on the other hand - there are a lot of wonderful newly graduated, hungry, and extremely talented models coming in everyday so that always excite me. At Opium, we have always been one of the only companies that welcome and embrace new models.  It means we have to sometimes work harder with the new models but everyone had to start somewhere and how will they get better if they don’t have any experience.  It’s always been my thought.”

What or who came to my mind for being a notorious supermodels is  Naomi Cambell, who was charged with assault in 2006 for cracking her housekeeper in the head with a phone, and  Estalla Warren who in 2011 was arrested in  LA for suspected DUI after crashing her car into three others.  Thankfully, though in SL one is not able to conceive such havoc!  Instead as Anastacia stated:  “They have done so many shows that they feel it’s so easy now, but Opium shows are far from easy because we incorporate much more than a simple runway walk.”
Anastacia explains further:  “We have recently shifted from being a SL fashion Agency to expanding to become a full blown Production House. “  As Opium’s’ original owner Mallory Luke handed the reins to Anastacia and she wanted to add some excitement and entertain people.  Thus began Opium Tales, where they have continued to shift and change their productions as other agencies attempt to imitate.

“So when the decision came to expand to a full production house recently, it just seemed natural to loosen the binds we had on us to only do fashion shows. We hope in the future to delve into theater fully and even do full sim and multi sim expos and what not.”

I had to ask if that is how the Hunger Games production came about, but as it turns out it was a “project I knew they could and did do very well as the clothing styles were fun to work with as well.  It just seemed natural to loosen the binds we had on us to only do fashion shows.”
Mainly designers hire Opium Evolution Production House to showcase their new collections, and “It usually takes 3 months from thought to fruition to do such elaborate productions.  We don’t really do simple runway shows much anymore but our events usually last 7-10 days.”  Astonished at the thought of making an event like this…. “There is so much more to do then anyone realizes.  Every little special effect..several scene sets.. booking designers, tending to designers.. choreography the list goes on and on.  And since we all have full time rl jobs as well that takes priority we choose to work slower and actually enjoy it!”

I wondered if all project ideas are hers or collaboration?  “A mixture of both, sometimes I have a sole idea and I bring it to the producers and we elaborate on it, and sometimes others have an idea and we all elaborate on it.  When I have a vision for a production it is very clear and making that vision come to life and work within the boundaries of SL can be challenging.  So we try to keep to projects that we know will be a wow factor!  We have a great, yet small production team we work great together, like a family and that is how we like to work.”

Do you think the traditional runway shows will disappear for at least awhile? “Well, they say Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. As long as we do it first, I am ok with others copying our effects and ideas. I do know that Opium, long ago, helped change the way Fashion was presented in SL. From days of boring old runway shows that drag on and have no substance, to setting the bar for other agencies to follow. Guests want to be entertained. And we strive to do just that.  I think there is room for all types of runway shows in SL. I think each agency should find their niche, and keep it.  Like Opium always has. We haven’t strayed; we have always done these productions. I think you cannot be truly good at something unless you make it your own, and keep on until you perfect it. I hope normal runway shows will continue, even though it seems a lot of agencies are following our lead lately, it seems most have completely steered away from the glamour and fun of mirroring rl runway shows.   I just think there is room for all types of fashion shows in Sl. I wish more would see that and build on their own creativity instead of looking to others to do it for them.”

Anastacia and her crew have definitely elevated Second Life’s fashion world as this October will mark their five year anniversary!  “We do have several designers that are always happy to participate in our events. But I do also love finding new up and coming designers as well!”
As we see in everyday Second Life the shapes of avatars are changing for women and men are becoming more and more conscious too I had to ask will we see models with attached breasts and bottoms, with facial expressions and ready-made avatars?  “Oh no.. at Opium we insist they update their avis every 6 months to stay current and cutting edge. Most models would never wear a ready-made shape .skin they most always, (we encourage) tweak or make their own shapes to stay innovative, maybe if a scene calls for facial expression, but not in everyday use.”

Currently Anastacia and her team are taking a well-deserved break after having 3 productions in a row.  As Anastacia said “Yes! Fun is the key element in enjoying life!”

Opium Evolutiony & Academy

Friday, August 29, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Bea Serendipity-Debby Sharma Reporting...


Bea Serendipity, a model since July 2011, has been one of the top models ever since. She has won many awards and top accolades for her creative styling. She has recently opened a designer store with Warm Clarity, “ghee”. The Miss Virtual United Kingdom does not limit herself to modelling; she has been an enthusiast to raise awareness for women and equality. Inspite of her fame, she is still a humble person. Read more on

Monday, June 23, 2014

Spotlight on SL’s top model Sylphia Constantine - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Fashion too many can be viewed differently. However, being a model or  super model whether in SL or RL is the same. Dedication, drive, ambition and the love of fashion is what makes them successful.

In Second Life the fashion industry has changed. We have seen fashion icons come and then go as well as fashion houses. However, one thing that always remains the same are models and the demand for top models. I was lucky enough to bump into  Sylphia Constantine and talk about her modelling experiences and her rise to becoming one of SL’s top models.

Interview with Sylphia Constantine

Monday, March 10, 2014

Meet Ava Jhamin- Taking Charge of a Censored Fashion Industry- Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

Second Life’s fashion industry is one of the biggest on-grid industries, following suit of the Real-World fashion industry. The industry has developed into a mass market, generating buzz offline in glitterati circles brimmed with big Real-World fashion names. Within this ever-growing mega industry, few individuals that sashays to the forefront of the fashion industry, takes off with it.

Second life fashion industry has catapulted the careers of designers, fashion bloggers, and most importantly, its models. One name in particular that takes the cake for me is the fabulous and humble Ava Jhamin. Miss Ava has graced over 200 fashion show runways within the Second Life platform. She started her career as most SL models tend to-fashion and model-specific academic training; as second life is filled with a cornucopia of fashion-specific academies to accommodate the further blossoming of the Second Life fashion industry. She attended a number of schools to hone her craft, but as she paints her past with the number of academies she attended she only found one in the lot that was satisfactory, after having spent 60,000L as part of her adventure to find an academy with a substantial curriculum. As I expressed my complete shock and disgust, she soothes my pain with the mention of her own venture with fashion academia-L’amour brand.