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Showing posts with label a year in news. Show all posts

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Farewell to 2014- SLE Highlights of the year- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

With every passing year Second Life news grows and our readers learn about new venues, products, residents, anniversaries, events and sometimes even dramatic situations that shape the virtual community. News is something that creates a bridge of information to the masses and provides entertainment for many as well as gives people a voice. It has been one of my greatest virtual journeys as the creator of SLE. I’ve grown as a person and made many friends through the years who have added so much to my experience. With great pleasure it is my honor to continue serving the Second Life community with Team SLE.

With that said, many things have happened in 2014. Things that made us laugh, shake our heads in disbelief as well as inform the public of the wonderful things that residents share with each other in Second Life.

Let’s look back at a few headlines and stories of 2014 as we begin 2015.

 2014 Highlights
The Relay Rockers Return for 10th Consecutive Relay for Life of Second Life, 1ST ANNUAL MAKING STRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER ACROSS SECOND LIFE STRIDES WALK, STORYFEST Celebrates 4th Anniversary, Bonaire Estates gets sold, Investigative Report on ONDUTY Penis raises eyebrows,  Second Life’s terms of services changes causes a stir, The Blarney Stone Irish Pub Controversy erupts with a flurry of reader comments, SL GO by OnLive Launched, Latest Scam Alert informs the public , Angelwood Art Center opens three new Galleries,  Energy Club celebrates 4th year anniversary,  Brazy Academy Opens its doors, Island Rain Studios presents SAKOKU CHAINED COUNTRY, Opium Evolution Fashion Show was a hit, Idle Rogue Productions presents LE CIRQUE DE NUIT with excellent reviews, JAPAN FAIR 2014, 7TH Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference, 6th Anniversary of Loch Ness Inn, The America’s Cup in Second Life sets sail, Second Life Celebrates its 11th Birthday, The Vagabond Fugue by Gypsey D. Sideshow makes its debut on SLE,  Lanai Jarrico celebrated her 9th Rezzday,   RFL’s Fantasy Faire 2014 is a Success,  The Relay Rockers hold RelayStock Multi Team Event,  Linden Lab launches their new line of mesh avatars, World Goth Day celebrates in style, Relay for Life Honor Ball recognizes sponsors,  Linda Lauren Launched  her new book; Sentimental Journey,  National Fall Agenda presents at University of Delaware, Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week hits the runway, BOSL gets sold, SL Breedable Fair raises money for RFL,  Relay for Life raised over 10 Million Dollars, OpenSimulator Community Conference Announces Principal Scientist at Oculus VR as Keynote Speaker, Rysan Fall, CEO of Fall Films gets a RL Grammy for a groundbreaking Machinima documentary- The Invisible City; Conversations with the Homeless, Hair Fair 2014 gives back with proceeds going to Wigs for kids, 7th Annual Home & Garden Expo 2014 raises money for RFL, Transylvania turns 10, First Annual Alliez Mysterio Awards Presentation,  SL Newser reports on Potentially taxing problem for Second Life content creators,  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a success, Sunburst Blazin1FM Caribbean Carnival celebrates 6th year, OpenSimulator Community Conference Announces High Fidelity CEO Philip Rosedale as Keynote Speaker, 4th Annual 9/11 Stairclimb Tribute in Honor of the Fallen Firefighters of September 11 , Branwen Arts presents “Bilbo Baggin’s Birthday to benefit creations for Parkinson’s in SL, Avatar Social Network Celebrates 1st Anniversary, BOOFEST Celebrates 4th Year, LINDEN LAB APPROVES STUDIO 777 AS AN OFFICIAL SKILL GAME OPERATOR.

Spotlights on Enchanted Alice, Lessa Donner, The R.A.F.T, The Green Lanterns, Freecilla Kuhn, Valeria Paster, Anastasia Markova, Carrie Rainforest, Rebelmum Slade, Sue Peregrine, Brique Topaz, Pamela Alectoris, Nickle Sparrowtree, London City, Sylphia Constantine, Chicagosax, Seychelles Isle, Trace Corbets, Carrie Tatsu, Savannah Coronet and many more.

On behalf of The SL Enquirer we want to thank each and everyone who has been a part of SLE in 2014 and through the years. Your support plays a vital role in our continued success as the longest running virtual world news source in Second Life.

Note from Lanai Jarrico

As we begin a new year and look back at the past, we should remember that each and every experience we have had, shapes who we are and what we will become in the future. People enter our lives at different times in our journey with a purpose to remind us that our differences teach us and helps  make us all unique. We should take the good with the bad and learn from it. Forgive the negatives, it helps us move forward while the positives add substance to our lives. Take a moment to reflect on the past year and then store it in your box of memories, file it away to make room for new memories. Together we all move forward as time waits for no one. Remember this and step forward into 2015. I look forward to what news it will bring. 

May you all have a safe and happy new year.