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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Exploring the cultivated gardens of Second Life.- Xerie Savantes Reporting

Flowers are such pretty things. They can range from the tiniest to some of the most towering things that we see when we go out into nature. We have taken these little lovies of nature and have added them into our lives in various ways as we have evolved. For us, flowers have just as many meanings as there are flowers. A flower can symbolize love, life, death. Some can symbolize many things at once. For some symbology doesn’t matter, for some it does. The thing that we can all agree on though in the end is that we all love looking at flowers in one way or another. There is just something about flowers that we always enjoy and so I’m going to take you on a journey with me as I explore some of the gardens that we have in our wonderful second world.

The first stop we have isn’t your traditional garden but more of a cultivated forest, Garden of Dreams. It is a wonderful little forest that is filled with wildlife that skitters around while you explore. Albeit not large it has a variety of places that you can hang out by your lonesome or with a friend if you wish. The wooden benches and tables give it all a very lovely rustic feel that very easily induces relaxation. As you explore this cultivated forest makes sure that you find the little spots so you can enjoy some nice views as well.

Garden of Dreams:

Our second destination is Angel Manor and Garden. When I came to this garden I was surprised by the sight that I saw. The manor is gigantic but gives you a nice sense of the type of garden you are in. As you look around you’ll see that you are indeed in a manor estate. It made me feel as if I had been planted into an estate that you see in the movies, even down to the gardens. They are very well planned and everything is in its proper place. As I walked around enjoying the sights of the estate gardens it was evident that the creator had a very specific plan for what they wanted and did it very well. It’s truly like walking through an actual estate garden, even complete with a ginormous swimming pool.

Angel Manor and Garden:

Next stop on the train!! For this stop, we will be visiting another estate but my journey ended at the Greenhouse. It is a small garden but beautiful on its own but it is inside the Greenhouse where the real beauty is. Once you enter the building you are transported to what feels like an old era greenhouse. The flowers inside are simple but stunning. The arrangement of the interior makes it a very nice place to come and relax and to hide away and to smell some flowers or even hide and work while surrounding yourself with a gorgeous setting.


For this next stop, we are driving right into the center of Bay City and making a stop at the Arboretum. It’s a small building but inside it hides some awesome plants. No journey of exploring gardens is complete until you visit a garden that can kill you. Inside the Bay City Arboretum, you will find plants such as those. They host a nice variety of exotic plants that range from ones that will just straight out eat you to plants that fae even turns into weapons and we all know how...fickle the fae can be, so watch out! 

Bay City Arboretum:

Now for our last stop, you might need some scuba gear. As for me I just threw on my tentacles and grabbed my cephalopod companion and just dived right on into the Lost Garden of Thera. This garden I fell in love with the second I saw it. This underwater garden earned its palace on my trip for its sheer beauty alone. As you walk or swim through this garden that was lost to time you will find yourself walking along paths of beautiful coral and other numerous underwater fauna. If you don’t have your own companion like I did, don't worry because there are plenty of fish in this sea to keep you company as you explore and fall in love with its vibrant colors. Just keep an eye out for stray tentacles or don’t. We don’t judge here.

Lost Garden of Thera:

Preferred Contacts:

Garden of Dreams: Kayle Matzerath

Lost Garden of Thera: Tymus.tenk

Angel Manor and Garden: Kezzy Forwzy (Estate Manager)

Bay City Arboretum: CC Columbo

Greenhouse: Drwyndwn.Tyne

Image Credit: Xerei Savantes