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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Filthy Fluno’s Return to Second Life at The Janus Gallery - November 6-7th 1-6pm SLT


Filthy Fluno is a Second Life Art legend. His shows made waves in the SL art community and RL alike. It’s not often that a Second Life artist is so successful that the New York Times Magazine covers them. You can see the article here ( I know it may be behind a paywall, so here’s a quote: "CERTAINLY, FILTHY FLUNO is not the first artist to realize that in order to sell his paintings, he needs to sell himself. He does, however, work at it with impressive zeal. Every day he makes new friends and cultivates new contacts, edging himself and his work — a collection of expressionistic oil paintings and vibrant, graffiti-laced pastels — just a little bit farther into a universe that to others might appear huge and indifferent, but as Filthy sees it is stuffed with possibility and also potential customers. To this end, you will often find him wandering around art openings and dance parties, dressed in a spiffy suit and pair of sneakers, trying earnestly to chat up every person in the room." - Sara Corbett The New York Times Magazine March 5, 2009 In my mind the name, Filthy Fluno, stands alongside SL artists like Starax Statosky, Bryn Oh, Toysoldier Thor, and Milly Sharple. His work, his zeal, his personality impacted the community as a whole, and (on a personal note) he was one of the people who inspired me to bring my art into SL. After 10 years away from the grid, he is back with a whole new body of work, and the same level of zeal he was known for 12 years ago when that article was written. Enough gushing from me, let's get into the nitty-gritty. You want to know the details right?
November 6th in the streets of Sinful Retreat BLOCH PARTY! (as in Lo Bloch manager extraordinaire, don’t judge my spelling) 1pm slt Shagpile Spyker 2pm slt Mimi Carpenter 3pm slt SpiritLed 4pm slt Skye Galaxy 5pm slt Dexter Moore November 7th in The Janus Gallery Filthy Fluno’s Grand Opening 1pm slt Shamrock Defibrillator 2pm slt Zachh Cale 3pm slt Marqs DeSade 4pm slt Jed Luckless (2 hour show) In addition, a raffle will be set up. The winner will receive a golden ticket entitling them to the SL copy of one of Filthy Fluno’s pieces and be entitled to receive the real-life painting as well. All proceeds from the raffle will go to Toys for Tots. The raffle will open on November 6th and close on November 30th, and the winner will be announced in The Janus Gallery group in SL as well as on Here's the teaser trailer! Let Facebook remind you to go: Nov 6th: