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Saturday, June 5, 2021

SPOTLIGHT ON One Park Tower Hotel and The Terrace Lounge and Grille - Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

In the heart of a bustling city within Second Life, there is a hidden gem.  One Park Tower Hotel & Restaurant takes you to a place where the sound of people, cars, buses, and trains could be heard far and near as you step out of the taxi and finally arrive at your destination.  

Looking up at the skyscraper that appears to go right into the clouds, you smile because you are right where you want to be. Upon entering One Park Tower Hotel you gasp at the attention to detail in the lobby. It looks much better than the pictures you’ve seen in the Destination Guide rolled up in your fist while your other hand is occupied by a travel bag. You enter the lobby through the rotating door.  Patiently waiting behind a guest that just approached the check-in counter you take in your surroundings. As you look around you see dark wood against black and gold accents.  In the ambiance of a candle flickering in the distance, class, and elegance are prominently on display wherever you look. You close your eyes for a moment to take in the soft scent of flowers from a nearby arrangement and a hint of herbal tea at the guest station.

You are greeted with a friendly smile and welcomed as an honored guest. Once checked in, your bags are taken by the bellhop as he makes his way to the elevators. After settling into your luxurious suite you feel a bit hungry. No need to make a reservation as you approach the restaurant entrance and seat yourself in the finest self-service restaurant in town. Taking the pressed fresh linen napkin and sliding it across your lap you ask for two glasses of wine.

If you have never roleplayed a realistic experience in Second Life, you just did as you imagined every detail up until this moment. It is the creativity of places like this in Second Life that inspires the imagery in written words.  SLE sat down with Jordan Andrew, Owner of The Terrace Lounge and One Park Tower Hotel to learn more about this elegant destination.

Interview with Jorden Andrew

SLE: Hi Jorden, I must say this is a stunning atmosphere. You truly paid great attention to detail with One Park Tower Hotel and The Terrace Lounge and Grille.  Can you tell our readers a little bit about your background and how you discovered Second Life?


Thank you, SLE. I came to Second Life with a background in the hospitality industry. I wanted folks to be able to experience fine dining in SL. The Terrace Lounge and Grille was a full-service fine dining restaurant for nine years and now is a self-service restaurant on the first floor of One Park Tower Hotel.

One Park Tower Hotel was created two years ago to resemble the historical St. Francis Hotel on Union Square San Francisco.

SLE: The city environment you created is very detailed inside and out. There are a handful of romantic dining venues in SL that offer SL residents a place to meet for business, enjoy time with friends or go on a romantic date. Restaurants serve such a great purpose for anyone who loves to be caught up in conversation without music blasting in the background or people all around. They provide a more intimate setting that feels relaxing and calm.  What makes your restaurant unique?

Jorden: The dishes in our self-service restaurant are created to portray fine cuisine in real life. Our menu includes a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As you enter the restaurant server Mitchell Wash hands you a menu and explains how to select plates from the table placemats.

I hope, SLE, that you took the opportunity to have a cocktail at our bar. Bartender, Keith Halstorm, would be pleased to offer you a beverage of your choice.

SLE: I’ll have to grab a drink thank you! The restaurant isn’t the only accommodations at The Terrace and One Park Tower. The hotel itself offers guests a place to stay for a night or longer. You also rent  Luxury Private Skybox Rentals and private homes at Terrace Circle. what are the different options and amenities offered to guests?

Jorden: One Park Tower Hotel offers luxurious rooms with adult furnishings from many Second Life top designers. The hotel rooms are built on individual parcels providing total avatar privacy and Security Orbs are of course included in each room.

Many of our guests enjoy the role play experience of cocktails, dinner, and riding the creaky old elevator to their hotel rooms. We also offer a pool and self-service spa for our hotel guests. 

SLE: One of the most important things in hospitality is offering guests activities like the pool, spa, bar, and restaurant.  Can you tell us about the skyboxes you rent?

Jorden: One Park Tower Hotel is managed by The Terrace Rentals. The Terrace Rentals does offer custom-designed skyboxes. This option is available for our hotel guests that prefer a longer rental. We also offer a catered full-service dining experience that has been popular with honeymooners.

SLE: You did a beautiful job with this sim. Did you design it yourself? 

Jorden: Yes, SLE. Thank you

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Group: The Terrace Lounge and Grille