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Saturday, October 3, 2020



Cooper's Coffeehouse has just completed an extensive renovation, spending more than three weeks and 20,000$L to totally revamp the building, interior decor, and even the logo and menu of food and beverages.
To celebrate their reopening, they are giving away a 100$L cash prize for filling out a suggestion/comment  card until November 1st. Additionally, there is a 250$L cash raffle that is free to enter, that drawing takes place on October 15th.
The coffeehouse is a non-profit non-commercial establishment that seeks to brighten up the day to day lives of Second Life residents with a realistic café environment and welcoming atmosphere. This is a welcome change of pace for many from the various clubs and adult areas on Second Life. The café  boasts a "safe space" policy - welcoming all avatars including families and non-humans.
Immediately upon entering the coffeehouse you are greeted by inviting and comfortable looking furniture surrounding a warm crackling fireplace. There are floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the patio and on to the stunning lake outside. The café counter features more than twenty featured drinks, both for drinking inside in a mug or to take it with you in a “to go” style travel cup. If you don't see your drink on the menu, put a note in the suggestion box and they will make it for you! There are also dozens of food items. All of this is provided free of charge.
There are plenty of other activities at Cooper’s Coffeehouse: a game area with board games and playable pool, a “werk” space featuring a conference area and computers, and a small reading nook filled with both RL and SL literature. Stepping outside on to the giant deck, there is plenty of gorgeous seating, a 7Seas fishing area, a cozy outdoor stage, and to wrap it all up a warm crackling bonfire with Adirondack chairs spaced around it right on the water – perfect for those crisp fall nights with friends or loved ones.
The coffeehouse hosts a variety of activities including live music, bingo, a weekly $L cash raffle, and more! They even allow you to host events here – free of charge. Yup, even weddings.
All in all, Cooper’s Coffeehouse is an amazing and gorgeous space to bring your family, have a date night,  meet up with friends, or make some new ones! You won't regret visiting!

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