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Showing posts with label raffles. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Join us for I PINK I CAN 15 - 30 October


I PINK I Can is coming. 15 days of Halloween haunts, events, live performers, djs, raffles and vendors. How much fun can you have one sim while raising Lindens for breast cancer support and research....join us at ACS Island to find out.


Monday, October 4, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Out Shop Cancer 2021 is Here


The 4th annual Out Shop Cancer event is now open with more than 70 participating stores both in-world and on Marketplace featuring items for men, women, children, animesh Zooby babies, plus home and garden, DFS items and more. New for this year there is a grid-wide hunt along with all of the shopping opportunities. Speaking with Savannah Annamemnon, event co-lead, “Yes, we are very excited about adding the hunt feature to the event. There are so many wonderful things designers have donated, it is definitely time to shop ’til you drop for a great cause.” Additionally, there will be special raffles throughout the month. LumiPro has donated two complete systems to be raffled. The first raffle runs October 1 – 15 and tickets can be purchased at the Out Shop Cancer office. While there you can also pick up the Shopping Directory notecard to plan your shopping excursion. Aside from in-world shopping, shoppers can visit the Second Life Marketplace and use the keywords “Out Shop Cancer” or “Making Strides” to find items on sale with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Looking forward to mid-month there will be a Pop-Up Market where many of the participating designers will set out their vendors. The Out Shop Cancer Pop-Up Market will run from October 15 – 31. More details will be coming soon on the location. Out Shop Cancer is a main store and marketplace shopping event and a signature Strides Campaign in Second Life in support of the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and research which started in 2018. Now in its fourth year, the event continues to grow. The goal remains the same – to raise funds for breast cancer research and support while driving traffic to merchant’s places of business. All proceeds from this event go directly to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services. It’s important to note that your support is helping! Even though breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, rates are down 40% in the U.S., meaning 375,900 lives saved from breast cancer. These decreases are believed to be the result of earlier detection through screening and increased awareness, as well as improved treatments.

Office LM/ Hunt Starting point/ Raffles - Website - Facebook - Flickr -

Saturday, May 22, 2021



'RAFFLES' situated at Ashcan Consortium offers unique raffle boards and machines for your venue, club, or event. Fancy a mobile phone or Christmas tree instead of the usual generic board then RAFFLES has the machine for you. Machines are ideal for around 320 entries and most can host daily weekly or monthly draws. Basic machines start from L$99 with limited functionality up to L$299/399 for machines with full features. Fully featured boards can also offer an L$ prize along with one of your physical items.

The store also offers Neons at great prices, with commissions starting at just L$99 for a basic neon.

Contact Yoofaloof Pacer in-world for details.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Out Shop Cancer - More than 100 stores participating including the Wythburn Art Walk


Raffles ending at 7pm SLT on October 15:
Shopping Spree Raffle #1 - valued at over L$15,000 - tickets L$100 each
Animesh baby girl from Suki baby - valued at L$4,500 - tickets L$100 each
1968 Custom Nova from Taz's Customs - valued at approximately L$1,900 - tickets L$65 each

Next round of raffles will start Friday, October 16

Shopping Spree Raffle #2 - valued at over L$15,000 - tickets L$100 each, drawing held on Oct 31st at 7pm SLT
Animesh baby boy from Suki Baby - valued at L$4,500 - tickets L$100 each, drawing will be held Oct 31st at 7pm SLT

Other raffles that will start on or around Oct 16 are:
2019 Demon SRT from Bad Bunny's Custom
2 sets of KittyCat pairs
For Bloodlines - a Lumen tank and a blood cask

Special events:

Meet the Artists
Saturday, Oct 17 &  Oct 24
Wythburn Art Walk
Music provided by DJ Filo Tani
10am - 12pm slt
Out Shop Cancer @ Heathens Court Event
October 15 - 31
Heathens Court Event is partnering with Out Shop Cancer for their October 2020 round There are more than 30 participating merchants (some are also regular Out Shop Cancer merchants who are also participating at their main store or marketplace stores)

Grand opening party on Thursday, October 15 from 12pm - 8pm slt
Entertainment schedule:

12pm DJ Jennylynn
3pm DJ Anubis
5pm DJ Gem
6pm DJ Clark Kent

Also, make sure to check out the raffles that will be going on at Heathens Court as well, including:

~ OOAK Custom Truck
~ L$1,000 Stychwytch Designs Gift Card
~ L$1,100 Blueberry Gift Card
~ L$1,000 KC Couture Gift Card

Plus random prizes throughout the grand opening party.

Heathens Court SLurl

Saturday, October 3, 2020



Cooper's Coffeehouse has just completed an extensive renovation, spending more than three weeks and 20,000$L to totally revamp the building, interior decor, and even the logo and menu of food and beverages.
To celebrate their reopening, they are giving away a 100$L cash prize for filling out a suggestion/comment  card until November 1st. Additionally, there is a 250$L cash raffle that is free to enter, that drawing takes place on October 15th.
The coffeehouse is a non-profit non-commercial establishment that seeks to brighten up the day to day lives of Second Life residents with a realistic café environment and welcoming atmosphere. This is a welcome change of pace for many from the various clubs and adult areas on Second Life. The café  boasts a "safe space" policy - welcoming all avatars including families and non-humans.
Immediately upon entering the coffeehouse you are greeted by inviting and comfortable looking furniture surrounding a warm crackling fireplace. There are floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the patio and on to the stunning lake outside. The café counter features more than twenty featured drinks, both for drinking inside in a mug or to take it with you in a “to go” style travel cup. If you don't see your drink on the menu, put a note in the suggestion box and they will make it for you! There are also dozens of food items. All of this is provided free of charge.
There are plenty of other activities at Cooper’s Coffeehouse: a game area with board games and playable pool, a “werk” space featuring a conference area and computers, and a small reading nook filled with both RL and SL literature. Stepping outside on to the giant deck, there is plenty of gorgeous seating, a 7Seas fishing area, a cozy outdoor stage, and to wrap it all up a warm crackling bonfire with Adirondack chairs spaced around it right on the water – perfect for those crisp fall nights with friends or loved ones.
The coffeehouse hosts a variety of activities including live music, bingo, a weekly $L cash raffle, and more! They even allow you to host events here – free of charge. Yup, even weddings.
All in all, Cooper’s Coffeehouse is an amazing and gorgeous space to bring your family, have a date night,  meet up with friends, or make some new ones! You won't regret visiting!

SL Group: secondlife:///app/group/1376cda3-e960-1c7a-6b3d-1c1f0e33117f/about

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The 2015 Toys4Tots Season in Second Life is in Full Swing- November 21-29th

Sixth Annual Toys 4 Tots Breedables Expo and Fair

 November 21st - 29th-  This event will cover 2 sims, both dedicated to all Breedables in SL and also non-breedable vendors/sellers. Events will include live performers, raffles, and one very special auction. 

A full schedule of events and totals raised to date can be found on our website:

If you would like to get your own set of fundraising tools- kiosks, sale vendors, etc. Please contact Rocky Hillburton, Marissa Goodliffe, or Shannon Hillburton (Shannon Dubratt). 

You can also join the inworld group, Annual T4T Christmas Benefit here:

Just copy and paste the group key in local. 

Thank you for all of your support for Toys4Tots!!