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Showing posts with label bookings. Show all posts

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Voodoo Shilton - Live Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Songwriter

With great joy and passion Voodoo Shilton plays a huge span of musical styles on the nylon stringed guitar and many other instruments! His music is steeped in a background that includes jazz, world music, latin jazz, flamenco, gypsy jazz, fusion jazz, bossa nova,  blues, classical music,  indian music and more! His favorite approach is creating multi instrumental original music based on looping that features bass, vocals, percussion, synth, melodica, mandolin and more, with the nylon stringed guitar as primary focus. He also enjoys playing jazz covers, and original arrangements and instrumental melodies on guitar.

Voodoo also is an active and prolific dual stream performer; having "dualed" with many of the best musicians in Second Life.

2016 AviChoice award for Favorite Jazz Musician in Second Life
2016 AviChoice award for favorite Instrumentalist in Second Life
2015 AviChoice award for Favorite Jazz Musician in Second Life
2015 AviChoice award for Favorite Instrumentalist in Second Life
2013 AviChoice award for Favorite Jazz Musician in Second Life
2012 AviChoice award for Favorite Classical Musician in Second Life

'He does things on that nylon string guitar that oughtta be illegal!" - JimmyT49 Dukes

Bookings:  Please contact Voodoo directly.

facebook :

Spotlight on Songstress Loreen Aldrin


She's back, and this sweet singing songstress is poised and ready to play for your venue, to make more fans, to reacquaint herself with all the eager fans who are waiting.... patiently, for her next gig.

A multi-instrumentalist since her adolescence, Loreen excels on guitar and piano, has played in bands for over 15 years, and has toured extensively across Europe, including a tour that recently finished. She's also in the studio when she can, as she will be releasing a new cd soon. She brings her ear pleasures your way, in hopes to grow her audience for a possible American tour, as well as more touring across Europe.

Loreen's available times are 8 am - 5 or 6 am slt most nights. Some other occasional availability. She's currently performing from St Petersburg. (SLT +10 hours)

Listen here:



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**Confirmed events should be posted at least 1 week prior to show date.

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