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Showing posts with label bot hosting. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In the “botlight” with Ariadknee Resident

An introduction to Second Life's most popular bots - SmartBots - Ariadknee Resident reporting.

If you have a business on SL you would likely have come across SmartBots and their services. If you have visited a shop or sim and been automatically invited to a group, this is SmartBots in action!

A visit to the SmartBots office will give you a taste of the bots in action, you will be met by various bots who will welcome, show you around and explain how they work.  Make sure you read your local chat as they go about their business.

I was excited to have a chat with the founder and creator Glaznah Gassner to get some deeper insight into this innovative and ever expanding bot service on Second Life.  Meeting Glaznah it was clear he was very passionate about his creation and this came across in his enthusiasm and gratitude for his customers and staff.

Interview with Glaznah Gassner SmartBots Creator and Owner

Aria - What was your vision when you first developed SmartBots?

Glaznah - Second Life business owners should get reliable, easy controllable and affordable bots. That was the vision and the goal. There are also other business aspects like nice design and interfaces, 24/7 support etc.
At SmartBots we've tried to get rid of any complexity for the user, providing easy web interfaces. Create account, rez the inviter and start inviting people to the group - like that.
However, the overall reliability, easy management and the price are always the first things to take care of.

Aria -  What year was SmartBots created?

Glaznah - SmartBots was launched in 2009.

Aria - What do you think makes you stand out from the rest?

Glaznah - The grid-wide importance of the project we run makes me stand out through all these years. We have thousands of customers and thousands of bots online. We just can't give up since all these people rely on us. Also, there's always something interesting to create when you work in Second Life. Alive bots, tools for developers, various automation... it is very exciting to develop.

Aria - Did you start the business on your own, if not, who else was involved?

Glaznah - I did started the business on my own. Honestly, I did not think that SmartBots would become a huge SL company, running the bots seemed quite plain and straightforward. Now I have reliable people I work with, partners and helpers. It is not possible to manage all aspects of SmartBots alone.

Aria - What new developments can we expect in the future?

Glaznah - A lot is yet to come. We frequently monitor feedback, requests, needs of our customers (and SL residents as well) and constantly develop new automated solutions that are most importantly, user-friendly

Aria - Where do you suggest a first time customer should begin their journey with SmartBots?

Glaznah - Definitely at our in-world office, to check out what the bot is and how smart they can be. Our office is full of demonstration bots that visitors can interact with. Should they need help, our 24/7 Support Team is always ready.

I found Glaznah a pleasure to chat to and I look forward to further association with him and the team at SmartBots.

You can contact the SmartBots Support team who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Group: SmartBots: group invitation bots

Photos used with permission from SmartBots.

Ariadknee Resident Reporting.