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Showing posts with label classical music. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doing It Right the Classical Way: Magnus Brody DJs to the Tunes of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Beyond, at Highlands – Stareyes Galaxy Reporting

Hearing about a DJ doing classical repertoire might make you go “What? Come again?” 
Magnus Brody has a steady DJ gig at the Highlands sim doing just that – playing classical music. Stareyes Galaxy met with him one afternoon, asking the same question, and a few more besides.

I had seen Magnus do his classical gig a few times, once with a movie theme. While the audience at these gigs was not abundant, it was all the more enthusiastic.  I arranged an interview with him, to see what it was about, and met him at his residence, the Brody Castle, at the Highlands sim that also boasts the Loch Ness Inn, a famous Scottish club run by Lauraclaire Benelli.

Magnus Brody in real life (RL) was a part-time community radio broadcaster since 1990 in London, U. K. In 2001 he moved to Scotland, and later joined Second Life © (SL) when it was still a budding phenomenon.

Interview with Magnus Brody