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Showing posts with label clubhouse. Show all posts

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sinful Escort Service is proud to announce the Grand Opening of our Club House. February 13, 2014 6pm SLT

  We are having a Valentines themed event on Thursday February 13th at 6pm SLT featuring dancers, escorts, a 1k contest, gift card giveaway, and a free lap dance raffle!! 

 Entertainment includes 3 kinds of sploders, couples and singles dances, and a trivia ball! Must be 18 years or older in RL and more than 2 wks in SL, There are many options if you choose to have extra fun, including themed rooms you can choose from in the office or rooms above the club.  All are welcome male/female/trans etc. so come on down and join our group and lets have some fun!! Weekly events will be announced in group notices!

No child avatars, operating sexual parts or complete nudity while in public areas.