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Saturday, February 23, 2019



Clear Creek Nursery has been providing low prim solutions for all of your gardening needs for your home or business for over 7 years now and we have just added an additional 4000 sq. meters of land to our nursery. In addition to our already great selection of low prim items, we’ve created some new things for your enjoyment.

One of the very exciting things we’ve added are Windy Trees. These trees move as if the wind is gently blowing. We’ve also added a Meditation Gazebo where you can sit on cushions and meditate with a meditation animation. Then there’s always a Relaxation Gazebo where you can sit and listen to the sounds of a fountain that’s included.

Walk across the bridge and see our selection of water plants. and don’t forget about our Rezzing Vendor where you can rez over 30 scenes, get a note card and make your purchase. These include scenes for all seasons. To the right of our Rezzing Vendor you can climb a rope to the top of our Zen Garden where you can sit and relax to the sounds of birds chirping and running water. A perfect place to relax after a busy day at work.

And don’t forget to pick up your free gift at the landing point. Thank you for being a part of Clear Creek Nursery and we hope to see you soon.

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