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Showing posts with label Ricardo Avalira. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Clear Creek Nursery: FOR SALE – CHARMED HORSE

Charmed Horse V 3.2
Up for bidding - Starting bid 8K
Female age 2666
Collectors welcome

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Clear Creek Nursery: Easter Scene

With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to get my new Easter Scene. A great addition to decorate your land. Now only 250L. Copy/mod.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Spring is in the air with Clear Creek Nursery' s Lovers Scene

Clear Creek Nursery's Lovers Scene is made for lovers at heart. It has a swing where your lady can sit and you push her on the swing. Say I Love You to your special lady.

  • It is Copy/Mod so you can change it how you like.
  • 86 prims and sells for $L399!

Watch the video to see it in action!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019



For every photograph you buy, you get one FREE. Come in and buy your photo then IM me and give me the name of the one you want for FREE and I will send it to you.
Remember, all my photos can be re-sized from very small to very large. As you walk into my Gallery, go to the right and you will see an example on one of the walls.
Don’t’ forget to check out my Nursery to the left of my Gallery for all of your landscaping needs.

Ricardo Avalira
Reflections of Nature Photography

Monday, March 11, 2019

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE at Clear Creek Nursery - Pond Scene

 - This makes a beautiful addition to your landscaping. It has a bridge and some great landscaping. It is Copy/Mod with a footprint of 19m x 22m and sells for only $L299

Buy it in my Marketplace:

You can also buy it from my rezzing platform in-world:

Check out my Marketplace:

Tuesday, February 26, 2019



Ricardo Avalira, owner of Clear Creek Nursery, is also a RL Nature Photographer and has just opened his Gallery right next to his nursery. He has been a photographer for over 20 years and has a unique way of capturing images of Nature.

He has brought these amazing images into Second Life to share with everyone. The frames he uses are unlike any other frames in Second Life. When you purchase one of his images and click on the photo, you get a menu whereby you can re-size the frame either smaller or larger. They can be re-sized small enough to fit on your coffee table or large enough to cover your whole wall without losing any clarity of the image. Even though his images are displayed at different sizes, the price for each one is the same.

Life can become so busy that we loose ourselves in the process of living. Ricardo’s vision in providing these images is to allow you to connect with Nature. His hope is that if you would allow the rest of the world to fall away while gazing at the image, this connection will happen.

He also provides a custom service whereby, if you send your favorite image to him, he will insert it in the frame. Since these frames come in different formats, he asks that you allow his discretion in choosing the perfect one for your image.

You can visit his Gallery here -

Saturday, February 23, 2019



Clear Creek Nursery has been providing low prim solutions for all of your gardening needs for your home or business for over 7 years now and we have just added an additional 4000 sq. meters of land to our nursery. In addition to our already great selection of low prim items, we’ve created some new things for your enjoyment.

One of the very exciting things we’ve added are Windy Trees. These trees move as if the wind is gently blowing. We’ve also added a Meditation Gazebo where you can sit on cushions and meditate with a meditation animation. Then there’s always a Relaxation Gazebo where you can sit and listen to the sounds of a fountain that’s included.

Walk across the bridge and see our selection of water plants. and don’t forget about our Rezzing Vendor where you can rez over 30 scenes, get a note card and make your purchase. These include scenes for all seasons. To the right of our Rezzing Vendor you can climb a rope to the top of our Zen Garden where you can sit and relax to the sounds of birds chirping and running water. A perfect place to relax after a busy day at work.

And don’t forget to pick up your free gift at the landing point. Thank you for being a part of Clear Creek Nursery and we hope to see you soon.

Here’s your ride -

Friday, February 15, 2019

Spotlight on Clear Creek Nursery Pen Dragon Reporting...

Shopping in Second Life typically means you go to a store that looks like thousands of other standard looking stores, fighting the crowds at events and then coming home to relax. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have an experience while shopping, to be able to relax and enjoy yourself while you find the perfect decor for your land? That place exists in Clear Creek Nursery.

Owned by Ricardo Avalira, Clear Creek Nursery offers a wide array of trees, flowers, fountains and decor perfect for giving your home or land that extra touch of nature. The nursery is designed to give you the experience of being outdoors as you peruse the wide assortment of items available, all designed by Ricardo himself.

”I lay out my walkways and start decorating around them. It creates a peaceful environment for people to enjoy. I've visited several nurseries over the years and most are just rows of products, I want mine to be different. I encourage people to walk the walkways, to experience the nature, to relax.” Ricardo said of Clear Creek Nursery.

Ricardo is a landscape photographer in real life and brings his eye for the beauty and tranquility of the natural world to his creations in Second Life. His images have even been featured in several galleries and have been sold in Second Life in resizable frames designed to either be put on a small desk or sized to cover an entire wall, affording the opportunity to stand before the image and feel the majesty of the natural world. Ricardo hope to expand his current nursery and offer the images again as part of his product line.

There is so much to see at Clear Creek Nursery, with a winding path that leads you through a beautifully designed garden, leading back to a rezzer that will display different scenes that Richardo has created. The scenes are complete with various seasons, animals and sounds that are sure to be the centerpiece anywhere they are displayed.
He even offers a scene that can be changed to reflect all four seasons. His scenes are created based on the seasons and holidays, often offering special items that reflect nature and serenity, including one at the top of a large tree with a zen garden and swing, perfect for escaping the stress and pressures of everyday life.

Richardo came to Second Life almost nine years ago and has aspirations of being a builder, creating prefab homes because of his creativity and over 30 years in construction in real life.

“I thought I'd be a builder, but instead I wound up designing trees and flowers. I like the creativity of making the scenes.” Richardo said. He opened his first nursery within the his first year in Second Life and hasn’t looked back. The vast majority of his items are now mesh. “I've had my own sim for several years and at one point the entire sim was covered with nursery items. When I first started there was no mesh, only sculpties.” he continued. His newer products are copy/mod and he includes some outdoor furniture in what he sells. “I do some outdoor furniture. Places that you can put out in your backyard and relax.”

Speaking with Richardo I found that, beyond just creating beautiful landscaping, it was very important to him that he provide customers with something that he hopes will allow them to escape everyday life, to relax and find peace. “I want to create a comfortable, relaxing shopping experience for people. I want them to come and connect with nature, give them a chance to escape their problems and relax. Think people move too fast, this gives them a chance to slow down a bit and smell the roses.” Customer support is also among his highest priorities, making sure that any questions are answered as quickly as possible.

When you are looking for that perfect piece of landscaping to complete your home or garden, be sure to check out Clear Creek Nursery where you will not only find all your decorating needs, but will enjoy the beauty of the experience as well.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Announcing the Grand Opening of Clear Creek Nursery November 20th at 1pm slt.

The nursery covers 1/2 sim and is beautifully landscaped by Ricardo Avalira, the owner of Clear Creek Nursery. With a discerning eye to detail, Avalira wants his customers to experience the beauty intrinsic in his landscaping talent, and has opened a sim that showcases his talent for all SL community members to see.  This is an especially unique thing, because while many landscapers can conveniently show their clientele pictures of their work, Avalira brings his work directly to his customers, and encourages all to use his land as a place for spiritual growth and meditation.

From the landing point, you can join our group and pick up your FREE gift for group members. The best way to experience the nursery is to walk the pathways as they wind all around the nursery. You never know just what you’ll find around the next bend.

This nursery was created so that you can have a peaceful shopping experience. There’s a meditation gazebo by the pond where you can sit and enjoy the sounds of nature. encourage people to come by and just sit and relax. Customer service is important to us and we strive to respond to your needs as quickly as possible.

At Clear Creek Nursery you will find just about anything you need for landscaping your home, your business or your sim. We strive to keep everything as low prim as possible and at very reasonable prices. We also do custom work, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Celebrating Seven Years of Success at Club Lion- Rere Sandalwood Reporting…

In an SL world where clubs come and go, coming across a club that has been around for seven years or more is rare.  Thus, when the SL Enquirer learned about Club Lion’s upcoming seven year anniversary, we decided to investigate the club’s key to longevity.
To further our investigation, we not only relied on club owner ITA (huanita.wunderlich), we also turned to her partner Ricardo AvalirA.

With over 152 people in attendance, the May 1, 2015 Club Lion Anniversary Celebration was, according to ITA (huanita.wunderlich) and her partner Ricardo Alvaliro, a huge success.  According to AvalirA, “ITA designed the whole [decorative] platform for the party, and she took some pics…” To get a better understanding of just how awesome the decorations were, ITA was kind enough to share her pictures with the SL Enquirer. 
In addition to ITA’s willingness to share the pictures she took of Club Lion’s Seven Year Anniversary, the SL Enquirer asked Alvaliro about his take on Club Lion’s key to longetivity. He states with no hesistation, “ITA’s vision and dedication to her venue.  She is meticulous…it is amazing to watch her create everything for her club….”
ITA’s meticulous nature is not only apparent in the way Club Lion is built, but it is also obvious when one takes a look at the surrounding landscape.  Delicate rose bushes, trees and neatly trimmed shrubbery surround the Club.  In addition, there is a sitting area available for patrons, as well as an area where patrons can candidly stare at the Club’s waterfront.

Outside of Club Lion’s entrance is a neatly decorated, grey cobblestoned entrance that connects to a black dancefloor trimmed in red.  In the middle of the dancefloor is the Club Lion’s name…a name that seems to spin and flash as a reflection of ITA’s accomplishments.
In addition to ITA’s meticulous nature, Ricardo AvalirA also credits her dedication to others as the key to her longevity.  He explains, “I use to sing at ITA’s club years ago…then I took a break…but I have been singing in SL for about five years…”
What is impressive about this comment is the fact that AvalirA not only worked for ITA prior to taking an SL break, but that he was allowed to return to his position as a singer at ITA’s Club Lion upon his return to SL. Though it is easy to assume that the reason for his easy return was due to his partnership with ITA, to dismiss his return on that basis is unmerited because it keenly demonstrates another secret to ITA’s longevity:  cultivating and keeping strong relationships with her employees.

  ITA Discusses How Cultivating Friendships Has Led to Club Lion’s Longevity
ITA states in a matter of fact fashion, “Well, [many club owners] just set up a box…a stage, and call that a club…and sometimes, I really wonder about that…” She smiles, then continues, “…you have to stand by your club and your singers…There is so much work to running a club. People just think they can open a club and make For me, I find that if the chemistry between the singers, as well as the hosts and other employees is ok with me, that often helps me to keep them as long term employees…”
With honesty and friendship acting as a foundation to Club Lion’s longevity, ITA’s vision, according to her profile page, “…was to create a place where people in Second Life could come to have fun, meet new people, here great music [specifically live performances, though there is a DJ themed event at her Goth Club on Thursdays, too], or just to relax.” This philosophy is regularly practiced by ITA on a daily basis, and she ascertains that this practice is similar to what many have to do on a daily basis in RL.  She contends, “[yes, cultivating and maintaining friendships in SL] is like RL…there are some that like you and some that don’t…you can’t change that…you can only try to make people feel comfortable…treat people like how you want to be treated.”

One of many ways ITA treats others…specifically her employees…the way she would like to be treated is by regularly supporting them when they perform at other venues. For instance, she recently supported Ricardo AvalirA’s performance at Sunshine’s Cove Beach Club and Mermaid’s Reef (61, 75, 22).  While ITA contends that this is normal and in keeping to being partnered with AvalirA, she acknowledges that this kind of support is rare when it comes to SL employee relationships.  She contends, “Supporting one another should happen, but [I know] it does not happen often enough…”
Because ITA is so steadfast in her support, her staff members, in turn are very helpful to her.  She explains, “I have a good staff too…they help me a lot, and they also live with me on the [Club Lion] sim, so I have the best people around me…”

 Multitasking and Asking for Help:  Another Secret to Club Lion’s Longevity
Besides cultivating positive and long term relationships with her employees, ITA contends that it is also important to ask for help…particularly if you are interested in opening a club of your own.  “I would strongly suggest to consult with someone who is experienced in running a club….”  ITA continues, “[because]..there are many things that can go wrong. But the biggest thing is that you believe in what you're doing...and keep strong!”

Besides having a strong belief in what she is doing, ITA stresses the importance of being talented in multiple SL sectors.  One way to express this talent is by multitasking, which ITA is a pro at. “In my spare time,” she explains, “I design clothes and make music globes—among other items—that I sell in my storefront.” Though she coughs to denote some sarcasm, the SL Enquirer has seen ITA multitask with ease.  This is because, in addition to designing clothes, ITA  is also a talented Believe me, when you run a club you don't have a lot of spare time. (cough) I design clothes and make music photographer and also runs a Goth Club. And though ITA coughs once more and says, “Believe me, when you run a club you don't have a lot of spare time…” the SL Enquirer urges everyone to look to ITA as a fine example of a Club Owner that not only DOES, but CAN multitask!
In the course of multitasking, ITA also advises that club owners should stay on their toes and be prepared for surprises. “You should always be ready for the unexpected and be prepared…There are so many things to do behind the scenes that nobody sees and believe me, it is a lot of work, but [also very] rewarding.”

 Helping Other Charities and Standing By Those That Work For You…
ITA believes that the best way a club owner can be duly rewarded in SL is by sticking by those that work for them rather than treat them like disposable commodities. ITA states, rather emphatically, “It's always been my dream to own a club and sl gave me that chance to live my dream…” she continues, “…and at times had to fight for that dream. [However,] I strongly believe that I am doing good for others by providing great singers from all over the world. It's always fun to meet new people who [later] become friends.”
Fueled by her belief in helping others, ITA cites her talent in doing so as one of her many accomplishments. She explains, “I have raised lindens for cancer charities and have done many singer contests…as well as contests for our guests [complete] with linden prizes.”  Thus, by reaching out to the community she serves, ITA has successfully built strong relationships with other organizations, as well as sufficiently catered to those that patronize her club.

Be mindful that ITA is very modest about her accomplishments.  However, all modesty aside, there is an aura of respect that exudes from an establishment that has been in SL for seven years.  For this reason and more, the SL Enquirer applauds ITA’s accomplishments, and offer our unconditional support in insuring that Club Lion remains a successful SL establishment. To ITA and the Club Lion staff, here is to another seven years in SL!