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Showing posts with label geektopia. Show all posts

Sunday, June 19, 2016

MAYH3M tm Debuts @ Geektopia 1.0 Sales Event Sunday, June 19th - Sunday, July 3rd 2016


Mayh3m at Geektopia 2016.png

MAYH3MTM Debuts @ Geektopia 1.0 Sales Event
Sunday, June 19th - Sunday, July 3rd 2016
MAYH3MTM Debuts at the 𝒈eek𝑡opia 1.0 Annual Sales Event. Sunday, June 19th to Sunday, July 3rd 2016.
When MAYH3M’s Mesh Designer Haedeon Gateaux was approached by geektopia reps with the opportunity to mix his love of all things Geek with his creative & modern Mesh Designs; it was a natural step towards officially introducing MAYH3MTM to the SL grid.  
Introducing 100% MESH|100% Geek|100% Style|100% MAYH3M
Gamer Hats
5 Styles 5 Experiences
Designed exclusively for geektopia 1.0
Menu Driven Animated Lights
Completely Modifiable to Fit you Avi & Your Style
On Sale June 19th 2016
Let the MAYH3M Ƀegin❕❕
Zap On in

MAYH3MTM ...Modern Designs & Accessories
For when it’s ⏰ 2 Ƀring the MAYH3M
2 your Ꞩtyle
Ɇvents & Furnishings

Introducing MAẎH3M™ a design collection of modern eclectic furnishings, accessories, event decor & whateva we want
100% MESH  100% MAYHEM

Let the MAYH3M Ƀegin❕❕


About 𝒈eek𝑡opia 1.0  Annual Sales Fair...
Geek Culture is a movement towards an infinite nexus to advances in technology, a Geek; a person that uses this technology and the Internet as a means of cultural expression as a way to spread a sense of aesthetics within that special interest is inescapably linked to Internet social life, social networks, online multiplayer games, MMORPG, LARP, chats, and Comics.

From the Impact of Geeks & Our Culture was born our fair Geektopia. A New Annual event that will have as its focal point Geek culture and everything that surrounds the new technology.

Sunday, June 19th - July 3rd 2016

MAYH3MTM Designs
Coitus (220,210,23)
Media Contact(s):
Haedeon Gateaux, Robyn Caerndow,