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Showing posts with label hangout. Show all posts

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Some of the Best Concert Venues of 2024- Tabitha Mercury Reporting...


Donning a backless black top, form-fitting jeans and complimentary heels I left my humble home on a quest to spend my Friday checking out concert venues and seeing which ones stood out the best. I got out my list of researched sets to check out and started.

After arriving on the Dream of Sylt sim, at the .semicolon. venue, I was greeted with the voice of Anilaik, performing rock and sounding really good. It was a mid-sized venue that was rather crowded by the stage, with plenty of seating around. I could see people enjoying shows here.

Next, I popped over to End of Time, located on the Eotia sim. I was greeted with a ground level, open air venue surrounded by forestry. There was a smaller crowd at this venue, there was enough standing, dancing, and seating room. Mel Cheeky was on stage performing to a crowd that they seemed to have a fan base in. 

Ahh, the good ole Blarney Stone! This pub is located on the Dublin sim and claims the “Oldest Pub in SL” title. Central bar, stage at the back of the pub, not much has changed. Oddly, not as friendly of a crowd as I remembered. I think this was the only club the host didn’t greet me in. I found that very strange for one of SL’s oldest venues. Must be a weird fluke. This venue is great for live singers and truly built for it. In the traditional style of an Irish pub, The Blarney Stone has ruled in SL for years as a go to for entertainment.

Next I went to another fairly well known concert venue, Cafe Musique. I have been here before to watch artists perform and knew a bit about what to expect. Located on the Sandness sim, Cafe Musique’s beach venue is where I normally end up for concerts. This is also an open air venue, which was established in 2015. That does usually make for a low fps. It’s a friendly atmosphere that has a good dance area with dance pads and limited seating. I enjoyed the stylings of Dandy Pianoman when I visited.

Bright colors, romantic scenery, photo ops and breathtaking moments can be had at this next sim, the Romantica sim. Home to a concert venue (amphitheater) that features live singers, such as Leo Brind, who I found to be engaging and amusing. Surprisingly, this open air design had a higher fps than most open air venues I had been to. A huge dance floor beckons you, dotted with bright colored lights, to make your romantic side take over. This place is made for weddings and proposals, so let your heart lead you!

The last club I went to was Hotel Chelsea, located on the Lanestris sim for the Reno Jones performance. I enjoyed his musical stylings and took in the scenery around me. I felt the decor was disjointed and could use an update. There was plenty of standing, dancing, and seating for the small crowd that had arrived for this show. There was low fps, but that seems to be the case with most of the venues I have seen.

Oh, you thought I was done? Oh no, dolls…I saved the best for last!

As I was seeing which place I wanted to head to next, after the stunning Romantica, I got a group message from my favorite SL performer letting me know she was doing an unscheduled set at a venue I had never been to. What timing!

I was off to Exotic Escape Club on the Dragon Field sim to watch Mavenn, the songstress of my soul, perform. This was an open air set up with a great dance floor with dance pads - single and couples set up. There was a serious stage set up where speakers lined it along with lights. I was welcomed right away, everyone seemed very friendly and approachable, including the staff. I panned around the sim and enjoyed what I saw, so I IMed one of the owners, Nap, who was present and asked them how long they have been open. I was shocked to find out they have only been around since August of 2023.  There is a lot to see and do on this sim and surprisingly it had good fps, considering all there is to see, with plenty of room to dance or sit. I approached the other owner, Aufreizend Lexico and had to ask her what inspired her to create a live music venue and what her hopes are for the future of Exotic Escape Club. 

Aufreizend: I was in SL 13 years ago and help manage another club. A year ago came back with a vision to own and manage a better club that is Romantic, Classy, Exciting , Naughty ,Fun and cater to most people’s dreams in SL.The club had to be classy with limited rules..RL has so many rules already..Sl is all about fun and making your dreams come alive ., I found that PG Clubs cannot provide this type of environment and yet be fun. .I have a great Team here at Exotic Escape and without them , my visions would have never came true. Making it one of the most visited Music Venues in SL with the Best Live Singers doing incredible shows for the audience (and) start live streaming for our singers.We are currently a Live Singer Venue and are always looking for good entertainment throughout SL.  We are researching how DJs will fit into our entertainment stream. We also have spaces for vendors within our sim and are actively looking for vendors to fill our space.. Bringing people together so we all can enjoy SL without the drama of RL.

In conclusion, SL has a plethora of venues to choose from and all have their good and bad qualities. I feel that Exotic Escape Club is an up and coming venue with lots to offer and I am definitely going to keep my eye on it. They have a friendly staff, not limited to the owners - Nap, Aufreizend, and Lieve Annette, it also includes the manager Billy Miner, and their entertainment Manager - Boom Boom Karrie. This sim was created with much love to fit into Aufreizend’s dream by herself, Nap, and KaL, along with all the hard work from their staff to keep it running.


Adult Sim, check out the events board at the landing point for more info!

Monday, February 27, 2023

Triskelion Academy: Not your typical BDSM school~ Ely Catronis Reporting…

People come to second life for different reasons.  Some view it as a game.  Some want to make friends or find love.  Some people want to be able to just hang out, explore and live the life that they cannot do in their real life.  That is the beauty of a virtual world, you can do that.  In the journey of Second Life, people have the opportunity to explore the lifestyle of BDSM.  


One place in SL, Triskelion Academy, and Black Moon Acres Community, aims to change the way people learn the truths about the lifestyle of BDSM in a safe community.  They have done so by developing a curriculum with a team of staff, mentors, and leaders who are, themselves, members in the lifestyle. 

I had the chance to sit down with Faxi, a mentor and one of the founding leaders to revisit and reflect on this program and celebrate the milestones we have achieved over the past 3 years.

ELY:  WOW! Can you believe it has been 3 years already?  I can still remember my first time stumbling into my first class that you were teaching.  All I remember was that so many people were there.  **Giggles**  What made you want to start a program like this?

FAXI: So, I started Triskelion in April 2019 for a couple of reasons.  I had experiences in real life where I had seen people getting hurt or making poor decisions.  A lot of time, it was due to a need for more education.  In SecondLife, I was looking for a worthwhile project as I always needed something to keep me busy.

I looked for Sims with BDSM education.  I found some, but all of the programs taught the Doms separately from the subs.  While good programs, I wanted a program that the Doms and subs learned together.  I felt that it was good for Doms to learn things about the submissive and vice versa.  That is when a couple of good friends started Triskelion.  

ELY: Over time, the program kept growing, and changing. How did you get to where you are now? What sets Triskelion apart from the other BDSM Schools that are out there?

FAXI: Our school has continually evolved by placing a strong emphasis on listening to our students, which has proven to be a paramount factor in implementing changes. Additionally, we have learned through a great deal of trial and error. Our team of dedicated staff shares a common purpose and drive to offer authentic, personal experiences that enrich the learning process. The diversity of our staff members has also been instrumental in our growth.

What distinguishes our school from others is our unique approach to teaching BDSM. Our program caters to both Dominants and submissives, creating a rich, collaborative learning environment where individuals can learn from one another in the same class. We believe in teaching practical knowledge based on real-life experiences, enabling our students to acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation of the different types of dynamics within BDSM.

ELY:  Being on the team, here at Triskelion myself, I can see how valuable it is to learn from all the leadership and students we have here.  What is something that you have found to be valuable from being a Triskelion and having this community?

I have found value in learning from other people and the varying perspective and experiences that other people bring to the community.  There is continually so much to learn.  While everyone has experienced so much and people do not always agree, everyone is respectful and helps one another learn and grow as individuals in their own journey.  You can see that each member of the leadership team, as well as the staff, wants to assist people in learning and want to help people learn the lifestyle in a safe manner.  It is amazing that, although they express the challenges that SL brings to the community, they still help others learn in a respectful way how they may have been shown in an unhealthy manner, and they are non-judgemental.

ELY: I know that you have so many things for the school to do, with the classes and study times.  Since the change and growth of the community, what activities can someone do on the sim? And is it only open to the school and community members?

Triskelion Academy within the community of Black Moon Acres Community, an adult land that embraces and accepts the BDSM lifestyle, in addition to other areas of everyday life.  For example, the community has regular events, dances, discussions, G&S Fishing and other G&S Activities, horseback riding, and gaming, just to name a few activities.  Mainly, Triskelion and Black Moon Acres want to know that the BDSM lifestyle is not any different than any other way of life.

ELY:  For anyone interested in attending, how often do sessions run?

Sessions are 24 classes long (split up into 30-40 minute parts long) and graduation occurs once students complete the classes and assignments.  Although the academy is based on the students completing them at their own pace, they do ask that students complete them within a couple of session times.  Overall, Triskelion does understand what RL happens and works with each student.

ELY:  Is there anything else you would like to say?

Triskelion Academy is a community that continues to learn, reflect and adapt to the lifestyles needs, including always learning and attending RL workshops, as well as listening to the students and the team as a whole.  Each staff member has experience and/or has been through the academy. We believe that each opinion should be heard.  We take it to the team and the leadership to be discussed and worked through.  Questions, please talk with a member of our leadership team.

Additional Information:



Preferred Contact: Faxi (Faxi2016)

Thursday, July 1, 2021



JT’s at the Summit is a full-service Gentleman's Club. A beautiful green lush tropical island *A main club with a main ballroom, 10 dance stations, private areas for intimate encounters, and clean classy decor. *The “Dance Dock” with a full dance floor and DJ booth for those times when you just want to feel the music *An intimate enclosed natural spring pool and waterfall with excellent adult furniture to play on in the gazebo *A larger beautiful waterfall area for just chilling and cuddling (and stuff, hehe), and excellent adult furniture to use *A beautiful pool with a fenced deck to enjoy the sun or chill on those yummy Summer nights JT’s at the Summit is a complete adult playground and can fulfill your every desire....created with my love and the Clients enjoyment in mind.