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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Spotlight on Coral Estates - Katrina Karsin Reporting

Coral Estates Private Islands is a land rental company that has been nominated twice for the Avi Choice Awards for being one of the best land companies in Second Life.   Serving the SL community since 2007  Kristaki Hudson CEO and the owner believe in taking care of his customers wanting everyone to enjoy island living and strives to make your land rental experience easy and affordable. Staff is always online 24/7 ready to help and answer any questions a renter may have.  You can take a personal tour of the lands in Second life or look at them online.  The ways to choose what you want and how to shop for your dream home are endless!

If you want seaside living Coral Estates is the place for you, as a quiet seaside neighborhood with options on prim count and maturity rating.  To renting an island with tons of prims that can be mixed residential, commercial, or both. Owner Kristaki Hudson wants to offer you a variety of regions to choose from and competitive prices to match he believes in letting potential customer take their time in choosing the right coral region for them.  After all who wouldn’t want to be treated like family when it comes to your home life.  A perfect example of how you will be treated look no further than his staff like Leah Chardin Sales Manager for Coral Estates for seven-plus years. So, sit back and listen to the quiet sound of the sea lapping against your land or tickling your toes as you walk along the shoreline and enjoy your home at Coral Estates!

Katrina: Hi Kristaki, thank you for sitting down with me for this interview.  Before we get into Coral Estates, can you tell us a little about you? How did you discover Second Life?

Kristaki: I discovered Second Life one day looking at the tv talking about virtual worlds doing land rental and creating amazing things:) I first started to buy a full region we had a let's say huge mall and in middle a casino lol then the casino were not allowed so I then bought fps to rent and learned all by myself how to divide the land and all technical issues I can say that I had a lot of problems, but I had known a person which helped me a bit when I had issues or doubts. Renting houses lol from ace Albion was famous in the past... and then I start doing auctions with an old famous landlord called Carlbotd Truss the founder of the famous group FSOB ( for sale by owner ) group used by all landlord in SL to sell and buy sims full transfer. Carlbotd has been a great friend in SL and On the phone, I never had the pleasure to meet him in real life. He was far and me too. We did nice continent full region auctions then I stopped. I can remember the moment creating Coral Estates and as I recollect it was a great moment and still is each time I connect in date of today each moment in SL for me is great I love my job in SL not only for cash in or cash out it is like managing houses in real life or building houses, it is a passion!

Katrina:  What inspired you to create Coral Estates?

Kristaki: Well I do myself. I am a Real Estate agent and property manager in real life and I have a special love for The corals and the diving beauty in real life. The sub-water is wonderful in its life. And I named my estate in Second Life Coral Estates, it's dedicated to the Sea and I always loved this idea. My staff and I created nice friendly sailing island residents. I bought estates in past from 50 to 120 sims from other landlords who were no longer interested in land rentals.  Our mission always applied to do the land transitions, tickets transfer, money transfer and then, of course, paying high fees to keep all the islands in Second life this is a very responsibility from a landlord and I love my Second life fully dedicated to my great trio of managers:) It's not easy to have talented managers like the ones I have in Second Life. Working in a real estate company in Second Life is human resources, knowing how to talk to the customers, fix technical issues and to manage the counts, etc. It's a pure action on a daily basis that we face on the front battle line and we love it!

Katrina: You were voted best rental and land company serving the community
since 2007 by Avie Choice Awards, that is a great award to receive!  Why do you think Coral Estates has gotten so much attention? What separates CE from other estates out there?

Kristaki: Oh yes, my managers told me we have to subscribe to Coral Estates and try to reach an award and we made it! How we got there I think with a lot of let’s say... Hard work, dedicated full 100% customer service having always usually the same day an issue fixed or to find the right land for whom wish to find a land in Second life we will always do our best for whom want to join us.

Katrina: What can renters expect from Coral Estates? What type of land
packages and amenities do you offer on the estates?

Kristaki: Future residents looking for land in our wonderful Second life can find with us Full Regions from 20000 to 30000 prims or Full homesteads of 5000 prims or a huge amount of different land sqm size with bonus prims or without bonus prims. Decorated land parcels or even full 65536 sqm decorated we call it developed land. Also, to the residential paradise lovers with waterways, we have some great sailing islands with bonus prims decorated like I said before, tropical style palms great water views with oceanfront reserved. I have there 2 open spaces to sail its tough to find open spaces now the Linden lab stopped providing open spaces but 2 is okay. I think customers here love the setup, same as in the past we strive to give everyone great customer service and technical fixes and covenant. I am for a non speculation island pricings I think the setup and prices we have are very fair and usually, customers stay or if they go somewhere else they usually return remembering a great and fast technical support and land sale information.

Katrina: Do you have a website where potential renters can go to see your
selection of available land?

Kristaki: Oh yeah! In 2020 during the pandemic, Linden Labs migrated all their servers and to Amazon AWS. But Coral Estates also migrated. I have a VPS server dedicated to the hosting of the where we have built an all-new database admin interface and also great new prims in the world to manage our 450 private sims regions in Second Life. Actually, it's been 2 months of work to migrate and maybe 5 months of making our website new. I am also on other page’s but you will see it below. I invite interested people to visit our website to see our amazing scenery and send us a message.

Katrina: Customer service and support are very important. Can you tell us about the services you provide your tenants and the team available to assist?

Kristaki: Oh the staff!   We have Leah Chardin, my shadow in Second Life. Sugarpie Froobert another manager who has been with us for ages as well and does great work on technical fixes when clients ask for help and also selling lands and fixes! Also, Jewel Raynier which has just come back I think she was missing her second life, and let's take the opportunity here to welcome her back she was in past with Coral Estates. All of them are talented and very appreciated managers. All IMs are replied to on the same day, so customers are happy! Instead of having their second life not be a pain, we want our customers to have a pleasurable time!  Even when they pay a rental which is normal like in real life they are served by great and talented women who are very knowledgeable of Second life technical and human resource issues.

Katrina: To keep people engaged in the Coral Estates community, do you
offer special events to your estate residents?

Kristaki: I do sponsorship with Lhomme Magazine and participate and I am also in some places announcements. We used to have a disco to promote but I think it is better to let this to whom know how to manage a disco. We rarely do events but the few ones we do usually are nice!

Katrina: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Kristaki: Sure to whom reading this Interview and thank you for having given me the great opportunity to appear in this newspaper, I invite every reader to visit our inworld office or our websites below and if you are looking for a great land and real estate in second life visit us. Our statement in Coral Estates is Second life must be a pleasure, not a pain so give it a try and visit us like thousands of other residents which are with us some of them since 2007... Thank You SLEnquirer and anyone feels free to IM me I will gladly reply to you.  I love my second life and the whole world of Second Life, and to manage lands like in real life, it's a passion and hobby!

Why wouldn’t you want to create your home at Coral Estates now that you know Kristaki Hudson CEO and owner along with his staff are truly passionate about serving their customers! All you have to do is unpack, unwind and enjoy your paradise!

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