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Showing posts with label k- Mae Babies. Show all posts

Saturday, December 23, 2017

K-Mae Babies - You've tried the rest now get the best!

K-Mae Babies, owned by Singerman Marquette in Second Life.

We provide families in Second Life with interactive prim children, for their family roleplay needs. Our babies start out as newborns and grow and age on their own, at a rate you choose. The children also learn new stuff on their own. The child comes with an interactive AO built right in, so you can carry your child anywhere in SL.

You can customize your child with our optional skins, eyes, hair, clothing and other accesories. We even have a good selection of quality earrings for your little girls!

We offer a full array of interactive nursery furniture, toys and other items your child can use in their daily life. We make most of our own meshes/textures from scratch, and they're top quality items. We also offer some maternity clinic items, such as a warming table, baby scale, and UV light table, and a baby monitor system which can be used for ANY prim baby brand.

Our children are inexpensive when it comes to maintenance costs. There are many options with which to nourish your child including bottles for the little ones (0-26 weeks), high chair and baby food options for children 26-78 weeks, and a toddler table for those children 78+ weeks. We even have rez n go foods which your child can help himself to when he gets a little hungry. Our Convertible Feeding Table is both high chair and toddler table, in one handy you only need to buy the one table for 26+ week ages.

We have our line of standard babies, which require food and diapers, for L$2900..and we also offer another option, which is the Self-Regulating baby. This one needs no food or diapers, and costs L$6000.

 We have a special Recovery System, so you can always come recover your child at our store, if the child gets lost, misplaced or stolen. We also offer FREE updates for life, so no need to purchase a new child with every update like you have to do with some other brands.

K-Mae Babies has a rewards system in place called Bonus Bucks. You can earn Bonus Bucks by spending time with your child, or by doing childcare activities such as feeding the child. These Bonus Bucks can be spent at our special Bonus Bucks vendors for addable toys.

Whichever options you choose for your K-Mae you can rest assured you'll be happy with your child and our excellent customer service. Come see us today!

Preferred contact info. Singerman Marquette in Second Life.