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Showing posts with label live performamce. Show all posts

Monday, January 16, 2023

AudioHouse is on a roll.....


What's AudioHouse, we aren't the regular kind of Club, Loopman and Arisha started the Clubpart together, after Arisha began to help some new Performers. Our team is made of 9 new Brasil Performer ( Ari Oliveira, Cogu Dias, David Rhangel, Germmano, Ivy Fadel, Mr. J, Kai Rush, Loopman Blep, Luma Heyn and Veto Rubas), 1 returning American Performer ( Raven Zenoria), Kono who fills in and goes where needed, Arisha who concentrates on bookings and promotions. ( Also for NeoMaximus Brandenburg) and Dancers/ Hosts Arisha, Kono, and Karen. Luma Heyn joined us Last and she had her first few shows now, reactions on her shows were really good, so check her out if you can! This week's Planning >> Monday, Jan 16 1pm Joshua Vox 2pm Ivy Fadel, first show in SL, don't miss this 3pm Raven Zenoria 4pm David Rhangel 5pm Veto Rubas Thursday, Jan 19 2pm Germmano Vox 3pm Kai Rush 4pm Luma Heyn 5pm Loopman Blep 6pm Mr. J All our performers are diverse and have their own unique styles! They might be new, but definitely worth going and having a listen to them. As we only started 2 months ago, we are happy with what we have achieved so far. We had a meeting with the amazing JimmyT49 Dukes and Katia Portugal and some chats with NeoMaximus, it's awesome to see those known amazing performers be willing to help our new Performers! So a special thanks to them and Lanai for this spot! Of course also thanks to all of you who hired one or more of our performers and who came to visit us during our events..... Looks us up, visit us, or contact ArishaFlame75, inworld for more information! All of you keep us going and we hope to see you soon! Team AudioHouse