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Showing posts with label live performer. Show all posts

Thursday, November 10, 2022


 Aaron Cabott Jones is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist with decades of experience writing his vast catalog of music. Beginning with his debut album Kaleidoscopic and The adventure of Aaron Cabott Jones at the famed Abby Road Studios where he created the first installment of his life’s work. His 10-track collection has a mix of psychedelic pop very reminiscent of the Beatles. In addition to a combination of new wave, brawny classic rock, and romantic orchestral pop. Aaron has a wide range of sounds that meshes well with his unique style.  Aside from his musical talent, at venues across the grid, his music will be featured in the upcoming feature film shot in Second Life called The Redemption of Donna Asher.

SLE: Thank you for sitting with us, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Let our readers know a bit about you, your history, your music history, etc.

Aaron:  I was born in Dreux, France. My dad was in the U.S. Air Force (late 50's), and a major fan of music. So, that naturally carried over to me and I grew up listening to all the big band stuff he listened to. So before the Beatles, Derrick And The Dominoes, Hendrix, and all that I was listening to Arty Shaw, Dorsey Brothers, Louis Armstrong, and other bands of that era. 

Three things got me into music. My buddy was killed in a train/car crash and his parents gave me his guitar. The other was my older brother bringing home LPs of The Beatles, Crosby Still, and Nash... Hendrix, Joplin... all of this after we moved Stateside.

I would go hang out with the DJs at WTOD in Toledo Ohio where we lived. They'd buy me Mcdonald's if I rode my bike to buy them lunch. One day I was taking the trash out and I opened the dumpster and there were all these 45 records. I forgot all about the trash and dove into this pile of records and brought home Beatles, Hendrix, Sly, And The Family Stone... Donavan... more Motown than you can imagine. You name it. That was before music was segregated. You could hear everything on one station. So, I took the records home and practiced the drums (my first instrument) by listening to them.

SLE: Neat story! There is no shame in dumpster diving. Look where it got you. Lol Anyway, everyone is affected by music in many ways. Can you describe what music means to you and how it affects you?

Aaron: I'm more affected by music when I'm singing and playing. Even more so when I'm writing a song. There's a certain high you get when you've written a song that feels right. And then others hear it and like it too.  American Jesus, Longing, Wish Upon a Starfish  are songs I think are particularly special. Wish upon a starfish is from my album The Adventures Of Aaron Cabott Jones. But songwriting is very therapeutic for me. I'm sure I'm not alone in that opinion. 


SLE:  We can certainly relate to that euphoric feeling when writing and sharing it with others. How long have you been performing in Second Life, but more importantly what drew you to Second life?

Aaron: Believe it or not, you're the first person that asked me that... It will be five years on February 24th, 2023. I originally came here to make a movie. The film is what I do outside of here. I heard about SL and checked it out. I saw the potential for experimental animation and already had a story in mind. 

Then I heard about the music scene here and checked that out for obvious reasons. So I started going to shows and asking questions and digging around to find out how I could start playing venues. And you wouldn't believe how hard it was to get help. No one would tell me anything. (LOL)... And no venue owner was interested in me unless I had a manager and or a following.


So, I thought well so much for the land of fantasy... this is exactly like real life....  (laughs).  Then I saw this event listed for an OPEN MIC... I don't remember the name of the venue. But I went to see who was playing there. This woman approached me ... Kandy Summerwind, and asked me if I was gonna sing... I told her what I wanted to do... She said, "I know a manager... His name is Bad Setner (badone)".  I said well... Is that a good thing?


Long story short... He took me on and we worked together hard and NONE STOP on the grid for 3.5 years. He'd already been at it for ten years. He just retired from managing about a year and a half ago. We were a good team. He knew everyone and he helped me get going. By the time Bad left, we were averaging 30 shows a month. 


Playing the grid is its own grind. And you earn your audience... 

SLE: You are a busy one in the realm of creativity. One question that I ask all musicians I interview is. When in the shower all alone what is your go-to belting out at the top of your lungs song? Embarrassing or not, ok if embarrassing it is better :)

Aaron: The Sound of Music... And I twirl around as Julie Andrews did on that grassy plane Dangerous to do if you're in the shower).  You know the line ... I think it's a rap song now... "the hills are alive and it's pretty frightening"

SLE: LOL We never would have guessed that. Please be careful. A spill in the shower is not very becoming.  Do you play any instruments or just sing to tracks?

Aaron: Yes. I'm pretty shy about playing instruments at shows but I do break out my strat once in a while. I play guitar, bass, and a little piano... A tiny thing I've had since birth... Honestly, I do play some piano. I have to work out the parts though... I can't just sit down and whale away. 


I'd like to add more live guitars in the future.

SLE: That’s a great idea. I think a lot of concert-goers like instruments being used over tracks. Tell us, what do you find different when performing live in front of an audience and then performing in your Avatar form in front of other Avatars?

Aaron: That's a good question.  For me, the connection is more immediate in SL. I love that you can chat right off with fans and thank them. Even make a new friend! People are there because they love music and love what you're doing.  Playing live in RL is a roll of the dice. Your music might as well be wallpaper. People aren't there to hear what you're doing or your interpretation of a song. They're there for the beer and food. Which is fine. But I love playing in SL far better.

I loved playing clubs in the '70s... I went back to the clubs in the late 90s and hated it. there was a sweet spot in the 70s for me and I was there at the right time (Toledo Ohio).  

SLE: You have been in the music scene for a few years and have probably seen a lot of things. If you can change one thing about the music scene in Second Life, what would it be and why?

Aaron: Honestly I can't think of anything I would change. Here's why.  The venue owners that Bring live music to the grid are doing it because they are genuine music lovers. Because of them, I get to do something I love! There is nothing to change about that. The people that want to do it for monetary gain or want to take advantage of performers are going to wash out.

So the community kind of monitors itself and self-corrects. I've heard some horror stories about how performers were abused. I have experienced very few of those situations. 

SLE: How can people get you booked to play at their venues?

Aaron: Contact my manager at: ~ KM Management ~ Kaysie Michigan

CALLING CARD: Kaysie Michigan in SL

SLE: Is there anything that we have not covered that you would like our readers to know about you, your music, and your thoughts?


I am particularly grateful for all the time people have taken to come to my shows in SL over the last 5 years!  It means so much to see people I've known since I started still coming to see me!  THANK YOU!

Aaron: I'm doing the music for a feature film that was shot here in SL.  IMDB The Redemption of Donna Asher

I'll be having some new singles out before the end of the year so keep an eye out for those!


But mostly, I want to thank you for inviting me to come and talk with you!  I appreciate the opportunity!

Additional Information:


Join Aaron Cabott Jones - FAN GROUP- secondlife:///app/group/4ed05586-058b-424a-69ab-78b1eaf57dd1/about





Booking Info:  Contact  Kaysie Michigan