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Showing posts with label missember. Show all posts

Monday, October 26, 2020

Spotlight on Terry’s Place- Interview with Ninja- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

In just  6 months of opening its doors,  Terry’s Place is one of the fastest growing venues in Second Life, showcasing some of the top entertainers in Second Life. Owned and operated by Ninja (ninjaantwoord) and the lovely Ember (missember), together they created an atmosphere that welcomes all. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes you feel like you are part of a group of friends, kinda like “Cheers” where everyone knows your name.  Big names like The Follow, AmForte Clarity, Mankind Tracer and Wolfie Moonshadow have graced the stage. 

Recently,  I had the pleasure to sit down with Ninja to learn more about Terry’s Place and what’s to come! I heard something about a Sunday Showcase but I’ll let him share the news.

Interview with Ninja

Lanai: Hi Ninja, it’s a pleasure to sit down with you to talk about Terry’s Place. I’ve been hearing the buzz about the place. Before getting into the meat and potatoes, I'd like our readers to learn more about you. How did you discover Second Life?

Ninja: Hi Lanai, it's a pleasure to sit down with you as well and thank you so much for the kind words! To make a long story short, I ran across Second Life back in 2013 when I was looking for a way to spend more time with one of my best friends, Christine, who lived in a different city and state than I did. I've been very fortunate over the years to meet some really great people from all walks of life, from stay at home moms to established career professionals and everything in between. This level of diversity is somewhat difficult to find on many of the other social platforms available today, and I feel very blessed with the opportunity to have met some truly wonderful friends from all over the world, some of whom I've even developed strong relationships with in my real life.

Lanai: What does Second Life mean to you? Is it an extension of your real life or just a game?

Ninja: Well it certainly started out as an extension of my real life and honestly, in many ways it still is. Sure, to some this may be just a game, but I fully recognize that there are real people behind these avatars, with real feelings and emotions, and that they deserve the same respect and courtesy you would give to someone met in your real life. That being said, I do also realize that a certain degree of privacy should be maintained in a virtual environment, both from a safety and a practical standpoint. It's also extremely important to balance Second Life with your real life responsibilities, whatever they may be, and to be understanding of other people's need to do the same.

Lanai: With all the venues coming and going. Clubs have proven to be hard to maintain with all the competition out there.  Terry’s Place is just 6 months old but seems to be doing very well.  What made you create Terry’s Place and how are you making it work?

Ninja: Actually Ember and I first floated the idea of opening a club about two years ago, when we were doing smaller private events for some of our friends. We were a little hesitant at first, wanting to make sure that we would be able to offer the time and financial commitment it takes to make any successful venue work. It was also very important for us to be create something sustainable that couldn't easily be copied unlike anything that had existed in Second Life before. So, we identified our resources and came up with a plan for a hybrid club/live music venue. But what to call it? Ember and I are both avid music lovers...we also had become very close friends both in RL and SL over the years. One day when we were laughing together over a viral YouTube video, we found our answer. Terry's Place is essentially a culmination of this strong bond we share along with others in the Second Life community. We consider both our staff and our VIPS to be an actual part of our family and treat them as such...I believe that philosophy has contributed greatly to many of our successes.

Lanai: Every successful club has a strong team, who makes up Terry’s Place and what do they do?

Ninja: First and foremost, I'd have to say that our strongest team members would have to be our patrons...without them, venues like Terry's Place would cease to exist. I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am that so many wonderful people have chosen to spend their time with us. It is truly a humbling experience and serves as a constant reminder of why I do what I do.

Terry's Place would also not be possible without the unwavering support of my co-owner, Ember. Much of the hard work she does is behind the scenes and frequently lacks the recognition by others that I feel it so very deserves, from strategic planning to creating immersive low lag builds that enhance the user experiences of everyone involved. She is an incredibly special person and I am honored to have her as one of my closest friends, both in and out of Second Life.

Last but certainly not least, Terry's Place is very fortunate to have some of the friendliest and most talented staff members on the grid. Each and every person on our team has contributed in countless ways to what has made Terry's what it is today, using their own personal strengths and passions to take us from good to great. Our DJs (Outlaw, Cyanide, Jay Mac, and Stroke) alone have well over a century of combined real life experience, and they as well as many others have shown themselves on a daily basis willing to go the extra mile when needed. Piper, my loving partner, for instance, works as an assistant manager for Terry's and also helps coordinate several of our social media campaigns. Finally, our hosts play a critical role in creating a welcoming environment for our VIPs, including Tangie, Precious, Laurianya, Christine, Dazy, Devra, Ghostie, and others too numerous to list here. These are the folks that are the heartbeat of Terry's Place, and I love each and every one of them as I would a member of my own family.

Lanai: What type of events do you host at Terry’s Place and how often?

Ninja: We really have tried to create a little something for everyone at Terry's...people from all walks of life are welcome here, whether you're a live music fan, a furry, or someone just looking to make a few new friends. Currently, we run events five days a week (Thursday through Monday), with Tuesday and Wednesday being reserved primarily for planning and special events. In addition to entertainment by our outstanding DJs, we also have a fantastic weekly open mic sponsored by the fine folks over at Moonlight Music open to performers of all levels of experience, as well as a Sunday Showcase highlighting some of the most talented live musicians and songwriters on the grid. Starting November 1, our regular weekly schedule will be as follows (excluding some holidays and special events):

Sundays (times vary): Terry's Sunday Showcase (live music)

Mondays: 4pm SLT - Maniac Mondays with DJ Stroke (rock)

6pm SLT - Kickin' Country with DJ Outlaw (country)

Thursdays: 7pm SLT - Throwdown Thursday with DJ Cyanide (old vs new, mixed genre)

Fridays: 6pm SLT - The Mac Attack Show with Jay and Dazy Mac (mixed genre)

8pm SLT - Open Mic Night sponsored by Moonlight Music (open to all performers)

Saturdays: 6pm SLT - Saturday Shenanigans with DJ Ninja (rock/mixed genre/special events)

8pm SLT - The Mac Attack Show with Jay and Dazy Mac (mixed genre)

Probably the best way to keep up to date with the latest happenings at Terry's Place is by joining our group or clicking on one of the subscribe-o-matic kiosks we have placed around the venue...we also have a regularly updated schedule board posted at various points around the venue for those who might want to plan a little further in advance.

Lanai: Aside from your events during the week, Can you tell me more about Terry’s Sunday Showcase and the concept behind the event?

Ninja: Well i've always been a tremendous fan of the live music scene in SL, even more so considering I've worked in the entertainment industry IRL for many years. I had become quite close with several of the extremely talented musicians and songwriters here, both on a personal and professional level, and I wanted to do something special to show my appreciation while also highlighting those who might otherwise go unnoticed. Most people don't know this, but being asked to perform at our Sunday Showcase should really be considered somewhat of an honor...I hand select everyone personally based on a number of criteria, including how they interact with their fans and other venue owners such as myself. I like to think of the Terry's stage as very similar to the Ryman...some of the best in the business have performed here (Seth Regan/Mankind Tracer, Max Kleene, Semina, AMForte, The Follow, and so many others too numerous to mention) and I do my best to treat them all with the respect, support and admiration that they very truthfully deserve, even after the performance is done.

Recently, I've began developing Terry's Sunday Showcase even further using my creative side. One way I've done this is by offering a chance to be considered for a slot on the Showcase during our weekly Open Mic, enabling additional opportunities for previously undiscoved talent. Another example, a few weeks ago we put together a very well attended triple stream featuring Max, FLY, and Zachh Cale...all of them had worked with each other duelstreaming before but had never performed together as a whole. Little did I know there was someone in the audience that would make this one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of my career....apparently a nurse was logged in at work listening to the stream with several of her cancer patients. She shared with us privately that her patients were very content at the music that was being performed and to thank us for providing the opportunity...yet another inspiring reminder that you never know who might be listening.

Lanai:  Before I conclude this interview I must say for the sake of  Avie safety...put up a warning sign around Lil Terry, I nearly slipped and twisted an ankle on your mascot lol! Thank you for the interview Ninja! I wish you the very best with Terry’s Place. I’ll be sure to check out the events. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Ninja: Hahaha I'll keep that in mind, Lanai....Lil Terry is one of a kind, that's for sure!! :-P

I do also want to say a special thank you to everyone who has donated so very generously to our Rock Your Rack charity campaign throughout the month of October...even in the midst of a global pandemic, we've raised over L$ 48,000 at our venue alone in the fight against breast cancer, and Terry's is proud to match your contributions to help support this important cause!

Thank you again so much for this wonderful opportunity to share with you today....Terry's has many exciting things coming over the next several months and I hope your readers thoroughly enjoy what we have in store for the future!

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