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Showing posts with label music video. Show all posts

Thursday, September 22, 2011

SL/RL Music- Joker's Wild- Lance Rembrandt and Mista Freezy are doing big things in the real world!

If you don't know Lance Rembrandt, you better ask somebody. He is a talented musician that has been performing across the Second Life grid for a couple of years now and even lit up the stage for The SL Enquirer on a few occassions. Most recently Lance and Mista Freezy performed at The L Enquirer media center were the duo debuted Joker's Wild and their new hit single "Long Hair". Needless to say, the crowd went bananas!

Recently Joker's Wild created a stir in Chattanooga, while shooting a Music Video! Peep the link

On behalf of the SL Enquirer, Congratulations to Lance Rembrandt and Mista Freezy for making waves in the real world.

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