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Showing posts with label hip hop. Show all posts

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grand Opening of Rumors Nightclub & Lounge on 7/20/22 from 5 to 8 pm SLT!


Come on down to Rumors Nightclub & Lounge to celebrate our grand opening on July 20th, starting at 5 p.m. SLT! We have all kinds of music playing from Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B and more. Get your dance shoes on and be ready to dance your asses off! Opening night talent: DJ Klimaxxx, DJ Jon Luke and DJ Extraordinaire, along with hosts: Reecee, Luna and mama B! > DJ Klimaxxx will be bringing Hip Hop, Dancehall & DJ Choice from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m in da house! > DJ Jon Luke will be spinning soulful Funk from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. > DJ Extraordinaire will be playing DJ Choice from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Rumors Nightclub & Lounge is more than just an Urban music club too. We are a 24/7 hangout spot with game tables, four themed VIP rooms, and a variety of chill spots outside. Some of our games include Greedy, Spades, Hand and Foot, Dominoes, and Skipee. Additionally, we will be planning special events, such as Poetry Slam, Open Mic Night, live singers in the Urban music genres, and Game Tournament Night, so stay tuned! Rumors Nightclub & Lounge is also on a mission to build up the Urban music community by promoting others like'
e-minded clubs. How often have you accidentally stumbled across a music club featuring R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soca, Dancehall, Motown, Afro House, Soul, Funk, Reggae or even Doo Wop? Far too many fine establishments are sadly found only by word of mouth. We feel it is time to come together in a community mindset! To that end, Rumors Nightclub promotes any and all music clubs which play these genres, even if they are open during the same hours. There is more than enough love and patrons to go around. Simply IM Jasmine Heartsong if you are a club owner who wishes for free advertisement for your Urban music club. Remember, if you’re looking for that upscale, ultra-chill, and ultra-smooth vibe, be sure to visit Rumors Nightclub & Lounge. We’re open every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m. SLT. And if you’re looking for a special spot to bring your date, check us out on Wednesdays for Slow Jams Night.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hip Hop History II 2019 - Returns to the grid November 21st 5pm SLT

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday November 14, 2019
The Most Lively Hip Hop Cultural Music Showcase Returns To Second Life
It was four years ago in October of 2015 when Sunburst Premier Grid Entertainment and India Umia-Delgado brought the first three day Hip Hop History event to Second Life.  Close to one dozen of the most talented Hip Hop DJ's, a number of radio stations, Hosts, and 13 sponsors contributed to paying homage to Hip Hop culture for three days and making SL history.  During a post event radio interview, it was asked of us when would we do it again. Me nor India could answer. We didn't know. We didn't know then, but we know now.

Now, four years later in November of 2019 brace yourselves and prepare for Hip Hop History II 2019, as we plan on making SL history again.  The staff of Break Beatz Entertainment (BBE): Shon Larsson, India Delgado, Lex Ryada, and Cinfull Vixen along with ATOL Ent. and hosts: Fancita Miami (Secret Garden) and Sharif Tylman (Taboo Reign LIVE) are bringing to Second Life an event that surpasses the show stopper in 2015.  There have been many changes in the last four years in the Hip Hop world, in the culture, the artists, and some of the music. The same can be said of Second Life and the Hip Hop community. One thing that hasn't changed is our love of music and entertaining the SL grid. It's time again to share that love with the residents.

This time around for four days from November 21 thru November 24, we are bringing together twenty of the most talented DJs, (twice as many in 2015), talented Hosts, and with the support of twenty gracious sponsors, the most exciting and anticipated Hip Hop event to drop on the grid.  The twenty DJs will showcase their interpretation of the best in Hip Hop music culture opposite other DJs in a different event each of the four days as follows:
Day1 - Battle of The Era's | Day2 - Battle of the Record Labels | Day3 - Battle of the Producers and the finale on Day4 - the all out competitive represent your coast, Battle of the Coasts.  The list of DJs include: Ven Detta, Doe Riler, Matheus Brunson, DjayFifty Darkcide, Pinky Claridge, Suzie Coba Esquire, Fontaine Seetan, India Delgado, Cindy Alaric, Torrey James Sr., Shon Larsson, DJ Brasco, Niecey Qods, Exo Dannunzio Bellaire, Cali Huntress, Dominick Scarpone, Brockie Spicer, Darren Diabolito Jr., IDJ G Rock, Patrick Johnson, and Jik Shamroy.
All of these events will be hosted and managed by our team of experienced Hosts: Tasty Temptation, Thick Stakz, Riskayy Wayne, Phxladybug, Ebony Scorpio, MzSexyred, & Ali Carlisi.  Breakers will be joining us including The Baby Theta's showing their skills at the events.

The staff are putting in an awful lot of work and time bringing this production to life.  However, none of this would be possible without the generosity and support of the following sponsors:
Club Azure
Sigma Gamma Nu Fraternity
The Executive Event
The Little Tokyo Rooftop
Xi Delta Psi Sorority
Dawnies Soulfood N Catering
Physzeeks Xclusive Body Shapes & Physics
DJ Rob Flex
Lambda Rho Lambda Sorority
Virtual Airlines
Batista's Getaway Resort
Contact #1 - sonsaraydejonay - in world (SonDee Batista-Lefevre - on FB)
Contact #2 - marion melodie - in world (Melodie Batista - on FB)
Unified Sexy Shapes For Women & Men
Cobra Streams
Seranades By Ambrosia
Sigma Gamma Sigma Sorority
GQueue Motors
Secret Gardens
Taboo Reign LIVE

Join us beginning November 21st for Hip Hop History II 2019 the battle showcase of the year.  I say lightning can strike twice. Be a part of SL history again. You can contact India Delgado or Shon Larsson on Facebook with any questions.
Break Beatz Entertainment
Shon Larsson
India Delgado
Lex Ryada
Cinfull Vixen

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

DJ Smooth Melville AKA The Smooth Criminal is Back on the Scene!

    "My dream is to be YOUR 1st and Favorite choice of DJ to Service all your entertainment needs "
        - DJ Smooth Melville Your Smooth Man...
How do I define my flow?
 it's an RnB  Southern Soul.Hip Hop,House,Old Skool,Chicago Style Stepping kinda SMOOTH flow.  Uniquely Formulated by ME! Music speaks from my Hearts Desire to Smooth Groove my audience into a Musical High never Experienced before. 
 These will be key points for you to cover for interview .
Back in business are new ventures for you to enjoy from the Smooth man himself.
         SL's Beautiful NEW Romantic Venue, The Twilight Garden Open 24/7 for your enjoyment. Bring that special someone for A date filled with dancing,dinner,cuddling poses,couples beach. Join us Sunday nights at 8pm slt with DJ Smooth Melville for the Quiet Storm. 

Coming soon:
 Yacht parties on the 3 level Yacht, The Oasis with music by none other than DJ Smooth himself, in a luxurious setting on the water. Also coming your way,  check out his new club, The Krystal Lounge and Cigar Bar. Be on the look out for our  All White Grand Opening Event, within the upcoming weeks for hours of music with a host of various DJS for your listening pleasure. 

Contact ⒹⒿ ŞℳØØΤĤ' Melville Paine (smooth.melville) for bookings!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hip Hop Clubs In Second Life- Camury Reporting...

Hip Hop is a popular culture that emerged among the Caribbean, African-American and Latin American communities of the New York suburbs of the 1970s. The social context was violence and crime in these neighborhoods, and the only form of leisure possible for young people was on the streets. They found in music, poetry, dance and painting a form of manifestation of their reality and contestation.

Music is the main artistic manifestation of hip hop, which also has in dance and graphite strong representation. From the United States, hip hop culture has spread throughout the world.

Hip hop has four main elements: Rap, DJing, Breaking (practiced by b-boys and b-girls) and the art of graphite.

When hip hop emerged, it focused on disc jockeys that created rhythmic beats and were short stretches of music with an emphasis on repetition. Subsequently, these rhythmic beats were accompanied by rap, identified as a musical style of rhythm and poetry, along with improvised dances, such as breakdance, popping and locking.

The relationship between graffiti and hip hop emerged when new forms of painting were being performed in areas where rap, dj and dance were practiced.

Gradually hip hop has gained space in the clubs. The doubles DJs and MCs still gain prominence and compete with each other, the battles of rap, made only by the cultural manifestation and without connotation of violence. Graffiti on the walls remains the expression of painting in hip hop culture, and break is the dance that went out from the streets to parties all over the cities.

In Second Life you can know a little more about Hip Hop and have fun in one of those hot spots of music in the virtual world.

Soul Club & Chill Out
At Soul Club you can listen to the best of Hip hop. The club has live DJs and also plays Soul, Funk, Rare Disco, House, Blues, Rare Groove, Motown, Jaz and, RnB Let's Go!

Exhale Dance Club
Have fun at the Exhale Dance Club club, where you'll find Dj's live to the sound of a mix of hip hop. EDM, trap, electro, techno, progressive house and trance.

Club Havoc
Club Havoc is a popular club in SL, which has existed since 2013, where the public Bloodlines, LGBTQ and Furries are welcome! At the club, you'll hear a mix of hip hop, EDM, Electro, Trap, Dubstep, Top40, Bass, Rock, Metal, Industrial and EBM. Guaranteed fun for singles and couples!

Shake your booty and meet new pepsin the best Urban culture lounge. Stop by enjoy hip hop and R&B in a classy chill atmosphere.

This beautiful waterfront outdoor clubremains one of the favorites for anyone who wants to listen to hip hop, r&b, house, reggae and calypso genres. This friendly place features good vibes and good music while live deejays play your favorite songs.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The History Of Hip Hop – A Second Life Event- October 9th-11th 2015

India Umia-Delgado, Producer
Shon Larsson, SPG ENT. Producer

A First Of Its Kind Cultural Event Produced For The Second Life Grid
On any given day of the week there is a DJ spinning Hip Hop music at a party on SL.  You will hear different styles from old school to new school, remixes to new releases.  There have been events involving groups of DeeJays of two to three and up to five at times, coming together for rezday, birthday, anniversary parties etc, but there has not been an event celebrating and paying homage to Hip Hop as a whole until now.

From October 9-11, 2015 DJ India Delgado, and Shon Larsson (DJ Rebellious1) are co-producing (a first of its kind on Second Life) three day History Of Hip Hop Event paying homage to the four elements of Hip Hop.  What will make this a historic event is we have brought together for the first time ten of SL’s best Hip Hop DeeJays from different regions of the USA in one place at the same time along with nine of the best hosts.  For three consecutive days, these DeeJays will represent their love of Hip Hop music.  We will cover the history of Hip Hop by era, by influential record label, conscious and gangsta MC’s, and by representing their region.  The DeeJays are: DJ Cinfull, DJ Styles Finess, DJ Soopa Uglee, DJ Mattmatrix, DJ MC Boogie James, DJ Ghost Dee, DJ Vendetta, DJ India, and DJ Rebellious1.  The Hosts for this event are: Z-Fatality, Quixotimus “QT”, PINK, Capricorn, Tasty Temptation, Chulamami, Kinkiie, Mkayla, and Thick Stakz.

You can’t talk about the history of Hip Hop without acknowledging B-boys and B-girls.  So to join us in this historic event, we have seven organizations performing break dance routines. Those organizations are: Xi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Theta Delta Alpha Sorority, Theta Delta Alpha-Teens, Theta Delta Alpha-Babies, Ksi Iota Sigma, Alpha Sigma Omega, and The Twin Star Dancers.  These groups will represent the East coast, West coast, Dirty South, and the Midwest.  If this wasn’t enough, you can’t talk about the History Of Hip Hop without talking about battles.  If you are familiar with the SL DJ scene, you know that DJ battles are few and pretty much non-existent unless it’s a female DJ battle.

For the first time ever on SL, we the DeeJays have come together to give the battles of all battles!  The DeeJays will battle it out on each of the three days of the event: Battle of the eras, Battle of the labels, and the grand battle, Battle of the coasts/regions.  This is not about who is better than the next DJ.  This is about our collective love of the music as we represent the coasts of choice.  East vs West vs Dirty South vs Midwest will be a wild free for all and an all-around epic event.  We are doing this event for all of you, but we are also doing this event for us.  We spend a lot of time performing for others but rarely show our appreciation for our brother and sister DeeJays.  We love the music and love sharing it.  It’s also a thank you to each other. 

We could not produce such a huge event without the assistance of our VIP sponsors.  Thank you to the following sponsors for believing in our vision, and helping us bring this event to life. 

Our primary sponsors
T.C. Enterprises, CEO Thicks Elizabeth Carolina and

STRAIGHT No Chaser, Owner Angelous Amante

Cruiz Cotton Club, Owners Cruiz Control & Starlaa Boa-Control

Mynd & Body Fitness, Owner Lex9d9 Ryada

Haus Of Ito, Owner India Delgado

Shotta 106 FM radio, Owner DJ ScratchG Shotta

TGF Motorcycle Club, President Dirty Foggarty, VP BlkChina Foggarty

IKWE Boutique, Owner PocaHotness Mankiller

PHAT Fashion Fair, Owner Desirecinquette Dannunzio

Bougie, Owner Desirecinquette Dannunzio

The Charmed Titanic, Captain Ra charming

Sigma Upsilon Nu, Founding Soror Cleopatra Kellman

Sunburst Premier Grid Entertainment, Owner/CEO Shon Larsson
Join us October 9-11 beginning at 6pm slt, as we make SL Hip Hop History.  Check the following links for additional details and locations of the events.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hip Hop Clubs in Second Life -Piers Diesel Reporting...

Hip Hop is not only a music genre, it is also a culture. If you hit the clubs in Second Life you are guaranteed to hear old skool Hip Hop tunes of the latest hits on the billboard. However, if you are new to hip hop in Second Life and want to know where to go then here is a list to guide you on your way.
Hip hop just as in Real Life is alive and buzzing in Second Life. Here are some clubs we found.

Bootyliciouz Club
Opened back in 2007 plays Hip Hop and R&B is certainly a club where you will find the latest tunes being played. In the past it used to be buzzing any time of the Second Life clock with people dancing on the bar and also the dance floor, however when I went down it was empty. Don’t let that put you off though, as this could be the time of day I went down. If you and your friend(s) want to listen to Hop Hop music then this would be a good place to get the party started.

Soul Vibrations
This is a beach side club where the people are friendly.  The music is between hip hop soul and reggae. Anytime you go down there the place is always buzzing and no one bothers you. Everyone is just simply enjoying the music either dancing or relaxing near the ocean.


This is another beach venue where you will find Hip Hop as well as R&B, Soul, Funk and much more. It is a beach club couples as well as singles. A bit like Soul Vibrations in the venue lay out where the dance floor is in the open near the beach. The venue is always packed also the people are friendly.
There also other parts where you can TP to if you and your partner wish to dance somewhere else or just explore.

Serenity Groove
For those who want to listen to Hip Hop at home then there is Serenity Groove. An International Online Radio, that strives to provide its listeners with diverse programming daily. Here you will find a variety of music such as Hip Hop. Also R&B, House, Neo-Soul, Reggae, Dancehall, Talk Shows, Live DJs and Performers, and special events on a weekly basis.

If you are looking for Hip Hop music, you will definitely be able to find what you are looking for on the grid, as the demand for Hip hop increases the demand for new clubs to launch around the grid will also increase.

Know of a Hip Hop club not listed, share the name and slurl with our readers in the comment section below.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keeping Hip Hop Alive in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

 Hip Hop in Second Life just as in real life is a not just about the music, it is a lifestyle from culture and music to fashion with some swag. 

If you hit the clubs in Second Life you are guaranteed to hear old school Hip Hop music to the latest hits on the billboard. However, if you are new to hip hop in Second Life and want to know where to go and what to wear. Then here is a list to guide you on your way.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spotlight on Timothy Bisquit , SL Hip Hop Artist Releases the SL Blueprint Albums. -Lanai Jarrico Reporting..

Lanai going hard at Club Indica

Hip Hop is my favorite genre. I’m not ashamed to go hard on some Jay Z, Rick Ross or  even some Kanye west while driving in my car or cleaning my house. I haven't gotten the cops called on me yet for loud music but I've gotten dirty looks.  It’s not just a genre of music, it’s a culture. From music and fashion to attitude. People can either love it, hate it or keep it movin, cause Hip Hop is here to stay.

One thing you can find in the Hip Hop genre that you can’t find in many cookie cutter songs these days, is realism, slick rhymes mixed with humor. The hustle of the street and the way a hip hop artist can use their experiences to overcome obstacles and attain a dream, is what most is about.  But lets not get it twisted. Hip Hop is not all about being gangsta, hardships and hustles in the hood.  Artists such as Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Gweneth Paltrow even that old crow Madonna has been known to go hard and spit on the mic and those ladies probubly couldn't even bust a grape in a fruit fight.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

SL/RL Music- Joker's Wild- Lance Rembrandt and Mista Freezy are doing big things in the real world!

If you don't know Lance Rembrandt, you better ask somebody. He is a talented musician that has been performing across the Second Life grid for a couple of years now and even lit up the stage for The SL Enquirer on a few occassions. Most recently Lance and Mista Freezy performed at The L Enquirer media center were the duo debuted Joker's Wild and their new hit single "Long Hair". Needless to say, the crowd went bananas!

Recently Joker's Wild created a stir in Chattanooga, while shooting a Music Video! Peep the link

On behalf of the SL Enquirer, Congratulations to Lance Rembrandt and Mista Freezy for making waves in the real world.

Get your copy here: