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Showing posts with label piper secretspy. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CULTURE - The Creation Story, The Angels Perspective - Piper SecretSpy reporting...

Picture and elaboration by Unity Productions

With this article, my collaboration with SLE begins. Every week, I will try to offer a review about some work on stage in SL. I hope this idea will be desirable, as well as my style.

The performance I want to deal with this week is 'The Creation Story - The Angels Perspective', by Unity Productions.

Preceded, during the summer of 2010, by 'Come Away My Beloved', the idea to transpose in dance form the story 'The Beginning' by Gene Edward took shape in October.

Pet Karu and her group, within two months, managed to create a compelling performance, during which viewers are surrounded by scenery itself, which takes place at various levels and in different directions.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Overview of Eagle's Rave

We are at Eagle's Rave, Italian land where there is still a perfect combination between commerce, entertainment, romance and socializing. Here you can find really everything, going from the many fashion shops, to the romance of a beautiful gondola ride along the canal that surrounds the land remembering the beautiful city of Venice, to the adrenaline given by a parachute launch, or simply to meet for a night out. The owner Robert67 Soulstar believed much in his project and with time has been able to create a truly multi-functional land with the help of trusted and talented employees. And today we have had the pleasure of meeting one of his right arm, the manager Mara Klaber, that in this short interview gave us the opportunity to know and appreciate the many shades of Eagle's Rave.
1) How did the idea to open the land has born?
Like so many apparently crazy ideas. Without a single well-defined, easily identifiable reason. A bit for fun, a bit maybe for a touch of boredom you feel when you go wandering around with nothing to do in SL. Or maybe, probably due to the unconscious desire to prove yourself, to show that you can give form to something that could not be found on SL and that could create an idea, very vague at the time, a classy commercial space that could combine "business with pleasure, business with leisure. In short, a place to find classy clothes and accessories, mainly of Italian fashion, but also where you can spend your free time having fun, dancing, playing and especially encountering serious people, with the same desire to spend nice hours in SL.