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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CULTURE - The Creation Story, The Angels Perspective - Piper SecretSpy reporting...

Picture and elaboration by Unity Productions

With this article, my collaboration with SLE begins. Every week, I will try to offer a review about some work on stage in SL. I hope this idea will be desirable, as well as my style.

The performance I want to deal with this week is 'The Creation Story - The Angels Perspective', by Unity Productions.

Preceded, during the summer of 2010, by 'Come Away My Beloved', the idea to transpose in dance form the story 'The Beginning' by Gene Edward took shape in October.

Pet Karu and her group, within two months, managed to create a compelling performance, during which viewers are surrounded by scenery itself, which takes place at various levels and in different directions.

See the movie below to get a more precise idea:

The performance of Unity Productions, a Christian dance group is related to Heifer International Foundation (, which deals with helping needy people by providing resources to allow them to self-sustain. Part of the collected tips during the show is devolved to Heifer.

'The Creation Story - The Angels Perspective' is put on scene every weekend in January, as follows:

Friday: 6PM SLT
Saturday: 2PM SLT
Sunday: 4PM SLT

The landmark can be found here.

On January 9th, I had the pleasure of meeting Pet Karu, director, producer and founder of the group, in the backstage of Unity Productions Multiplex Theater, where the performance will run through January.

Here is the interview.

Zapotek Dryke: "Pet, when did the idea of 'The Creation Story' see the light?"

Pet Karu: "It's been in the middle of the rehearsals for our first production, 'Come Away My Beloved,' that I began to feel the ideas of what we do next. 'The Creation History' seemed to be a great thing to do.'

Z: "It's an incredible show, I think you needed much time to process it."

P: "The first show was over in mid-September, we took a couple of weeks to relax, then back to work. We started in October.

First I had, as other members of Unity Productions say, the vision. I shared part of the book, 'The Beginning' by Gene Edwards with them - so they could see, as I was seeing, the thing from the standpoint of angels."

Z: "How would you describe 'The Creation?' A live performance, a happening, or other?"

P: "Well, let me think. I would say that while representing the vision of the Judeo-Christian story of Creation, also refers to the creation of all men. The work in our hearts. This show proves that there is a God and no matter what, but He loves us.

So we are very vital .... everyone has a soul ... and souls are made after the image of God, God is love "

Z: "But you talk about Lucifer and other angels, typical of the Christian tradition."

P: "Actually, this is true. The Bible talks a lot about angels. In fact, the most sacred texts of all the official or alternative faiths talk about heavenly creatures from another world. The Judeo-Christians call them angels."

Z: "Who is the choreographer of 'The Creation Story'?"

P: "We have several. We have 5 operators and some HUDs for dancing. They coordinate the movements of the principal angels and isolate the individual characters, or multiple duets by HUDs.

The operators, who handle the huds are myself, PsyLynn Quartz, Liliana Dinzeo, Jewel Lordhunter, and Shon Charisma. "

Z: "You have your script ..."

P: "Ohhhh no. We have one person in the staff who wrote an animation, which we use in the performance, Lukes Lionheart. Most of our dances can be purchased at SL animations stores."

Z: "How many dancers does your staff include?"

P: "Currently, the staff of Unity Production Studio is composed by 12 members. We have a group of 8 with 4 others who make up the welcome and hospitality service."

Z: "Pet, are you playing dance in real life too?"

P: "During our rehearsals, some might think that all you have to do is jump on a poseball and let the manager of the hud do all the work. In fact, we have specific instructions to follow. Therefore, we need to test 4-5 days a week for 1.5 hours per session.

In real life, I wanted to be a great choreographer of Broadway. I studied ballet for 7 years. Growing up, my dream of dancing on Broadway and doing choreography has been swept away by 'life'. However, Second Life revitalized the dream and watch, I'm really living it. In real life, I also wrote 4 plays.

Finally, I would remind the building committee, composed by SL award winning artists - Sharni Azaleas and Marcus Inkpen. For this production, the Unit staff building commission contributed to the design of the stage and even created the universe that opens over the heads of the audience."

Good vision,

Zapotek Dryke
Translation Piper SecretSpy

Picture and elaboration by Unity Productions


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