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Showing posts with label retail. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Oh! For the love of Bacon! All Gatcha Machines will no longer be permitted in Second Life Beginning September 1st 2021


Linden Labs announced that content sold through Gacha machines will no longer be permitted in Second Life. Starting September 1, 2021, abuse reports can be filed as a gaming policy violation for anyone using gatcha machines to sell content. This comes as a surprise to many involved with Gatcha, especially in the over 2300+ gacha related search results in Second Life. This might be devastating news to the popular shopping events and many arcades in SL that use these machines for their traffic and sales. For those wondering if they can still have Gatcha machines in their stores, vendors are permitted to resell existing Gacha products as long as the buyers know what content they are getting. This includes breaking down the gatcha machines and selling the contents regularly. It’s the sales method that is no longer permitted, not the products themselves.

There are many questions and concerns as residents both agree and disagree with Linden Lab’s decision while Gatcha vendors shuffle to find new ways to engage with shoppers and make sales. 

For more information about policy changes regarding Gacha Machines visit:

Monday, July 17, 2017

Level Up Event Round 10!

Beat the heat with some retail therapy!! Level Up Event Round 10 is open for business. So many great things to fill your inventory. Make sure you check us out :) 
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