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Showing posts with label science. science fiction. Show all posts

Saturday, January 21, 2017

GeekSpeak – back to the moon, finally! January 21 @ 12pm SLT

This year five teams are competing to get to the moon before the end of December 2017 to claim the Google prize of 25 million US dollars.  USA, India, Israel, Hungary and an international team are all going for the prize.  What will this mean?  Do you look forward to high definition video from the moon?  Will there be webcams on the moon?  Will you watch them?

What should the teams bring back from the moon?  Will they set up separate bases or will they join together to form one large base?  When will people start living on the moon?

Will several countries lay claim to parts of the moon?   Will there be wars on the moon?  Or will the people of the moon declare themselves independent of Earth, citizens of their own lunar country?

And who will get there first?  Make sure you have plenty of popcorn for the next ten months and glue yourself to the internet.  Start by joining us at GeekSpeak.  To the moon!!