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Monday, May 17, 2010

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Steve Beck- The Model Maker- Persia Bravin Reporting...

Monday, May 17, 2010-
Ask any woman in Second Life what her most treasured possession held in inventory is and chances are it won’t be the extensive collection of shoes, love letters from ardent suitors or even special photographs, but something far more basic, yet central to a woman’s identity-her shape.

In our virtual world, the shape you choose to wear gives reveals vital clues about our real life tastes far more than any other accessory. It is ultimately what defines how others see us, reflecting how we want to appear in our pixilated world. There are thousands of shape designers in Second Life and as a keen social observer (ok-nosy journalist) I can now enter a room and after a quick scan, match shapes to designers in seconds. While the majority of shape makers stick to producing wave upon wave of standardized variants on your typical ‘model’ silhouette, one man has very cleverly, used real life scientific research into what constitutes classical ‘beauty’ and transferred it into SL to produce a breathtakingly beautiful selection of shapes.