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Showing posts with label weed. Show all posts

Monday, April 19, 2021

AVIE POLL-Should Marijuana be legalized? What are the pros and cons?


It’s 420 somewhere! This date is synonymous with pot smokin' ever since 1971 when a group of high school students began meeting near a statue on campus to spark up with friends and discuss where they might find an abandoned pot crop based on a treasure map made by the grower. They called themselves the Waldos. Today April 20th has become an international counterculture for smoking weed.

As more states around the country are easing restrictions on marijuana use for medicinal purposes as well as recreational. There are still those who see it as a gateway drug and a bad idea to allow it to be freely used. What do you think? Should Marijuana be legalized across the board and treated just like over the counter medication or even alcohol and cigarettes which actually cause more harm. Taxing it may actually help the economy and put us in a better place. What are the pros and cons of legalizing Marijuana?

Destiny: I don't smoke regularly but I certainly have in the past.  Frankly, when I did smoke, I can't say that I realized any real benefits.  To be fair, I was young, so I had no medicinal need.  I may feel quite differently if I smoked presently.  Speaking as an American,  I don't think it hurts anything for it to be legalized.   I think that if it were government regulated and taxed like cigarettes and alcohol, we could, perhaps, help to pay off some of the multi-trillion dollar deficit our nation has accumulated.   If some experience medicinal benefit from it, that's FANTASTIC!  So, I think legalization has some real advantages but I don't think it should just be legalized for the hell of it.  And, I think that if it is legalized, it should be monitored closely to ensure that we aren't supporting the drug Cartel.  Rather, we are supporting American farmers who choose to grow Marijuana as an expansion crop.” 

Jenna:It should definitely be legalized for medicinal purposes.  I used to work with cancer patients and Marinol was so helpful with their nausea and lack of appetite.  One of my concerns though is the people who get it for "medicinal" purposes but just really get it to get it.  But overall I think they should legalize.  What bothers me are the number of people imprisoned or with a felony record for use or possession of marijuana. Will they be exonerated, expunged?I used to smoke in my younger days. But now even if it is legalized,my employer has let it be known that it is still unacceptable and they do random drug testing (rarely).”

Dev: I would say yes to the first question. In some places it already is legalized. For me the biggest con is that it costs too much to start up the process of going to a doctor, Purchasing the card, then the prices at the dispensary.  I feel very strongly that the pros of medicinal/recreational marijuana is an aid for cancer patients regarding the pain and nausea they feel, it helps the nausea go away and decreases some of the pain...another pro is it even helps children who get seizures many studies are still being done on the long-term effects. My personal experience of medicinal and recreational usage of Marijuana has been both an aid in my anxiety, PTSD, and the joints in my hips and legs it relieves a bit of the pain. It also helps me to sleep a bit deeper than I would from not using it. I think it also would help my severe depression. I've heard that the indica type of marijuana relaxes and can put you to sleep...and the sativa helps to uplift you, make you feel like doing something creative, or...productive, which is a big + when you have severe depression. I do smoke it  but mostly at night along with my night medicines. However, I would really prefer being able to get edibles, more potent that way and it doesn't mess with your lungs. like a cigarette. I started smoking  when I was a teenager, I had severe cycle pains, I mean the pain and nausea, blackouts, white outs made me wish I didn't have a uterus. I had tried everything... From ibuprofen to painkillers/muscle relaxers... nothing eased up...Someone turned me on to smoking it, another woman but in her 20's specifically to help ease my pains. And it worked!!!! Since then most of the time, when accessible, I will smoke it, when in pain and as I said previously, to aid in sleep. 

I think if the person is a supervision is a must. It is not something you give to them to 'knock them out'. And I believe that the medicinal form for them would be drops or a pill that melts under the tongue. I believe the usage of Marijuana and Hemp is becoming more and more of an ingredient in balms and lotions to be able to physically put on your pain areas. I would recommend it to anyone.

Lucius: “Hell yeah legalize it everywhere! Pros: It feels good and if taxable it could help the economy and local communities. Cons: I’m too broke to buy it all the time and I think everyone who got busted for selling pot gets their police record erased.”

Kat:I used Marijuana to lower my blood pressure especially the second value and it works very well cos as soon as I relax the second value goes down too ... usually it raises blood pressure but not in cases were stress is the factor than it lowers the value

It also works for me when I am in a depressive mood ... it can work uplifting and in any case relaxing so I would recommend it for a medical use beside recreation ... of course not for ppl below a certain age, maybe 21 or older.”



Becka:When I was in my late teens early 20’s I suffered from severe depression and anxiety. Aside from being hospitalized I was put on multiple medications that didn’t seem to work. After about a year and a half of different medications. I decided to stop and smoke weed instead. I don’t recommend it because you can get severe headaches from stopping your medication cold turkey but for me, Marijuana helped wean me off of  the harmful medication and help keep me calm enough to function daily. I was able to stop the medication all together.  Marijuana improved my well being in a safer way. It also helped me eat, sleep and manage my menstrual cramps. I definitely think it should be legalized for its many benefits. I am in my 40’s now and have never had to use antidepressant or anxiety medication again. I still use it to this day and in the process of getting my Cannabis card!”


Dave: Well yes it should be legalized. I mean it comes from mother nature doesn’t it? If it does it can’t be bad for you. Mother nature wouldn’t do that to us.

Should Marijuana be legalized? What are the pros and cons? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.