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Monday, December 22, 2008

Gender Imposters Umong Us- Jane Doe Comes out the Closet- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Hotseat Interview
Not your Average interview…We ask the Questions you wouldn’t dare to…  ~The SL Enquirer
Conducted by Lanai Jarrico
Lanai Jarrico: I'm sitting here with “Jane Doe” to talk about an interesting Lifestyle for a Man living SL as a Woman. I'd like to start by Asking the Million Lindens Questions...
Why have you chosen this Lifestyle?
Jane Doe: originally I was a man in SL as I guess most men start out. It was fun, SL is a big new place to someone who has never been here before. I progressed from being a "NOOBIE" to being a somebody and my male AV got a job as a bartender at a Beach club. Life was good, meeting all these exciting glamourous new people and making friends, many of whom have become RL friends. After a while my RL wife began to play and thought SL was an amazing place too. At first we were not a couple in SL. I made many female freinds, and my AV was a natural flirt so it was fun.
I remember how guilty I felt having my first kiss with another AV. It felt so real and when my RL wife found out about my stolen kisses she was upset. I could not understand, because it was only a game.
I realised she did not understand the nature of SL, So I stopped, was still flirty but we became an SL couple. I had many more freinds than she did as she found it hard to mix. Still she and I progressed through the game, and she became more confident.
Lanai Jarrico: Does she Still Play here?
Jane Doe: Oh yes she does play still and so does my 1st AV but not so much it has to be said. One main reason for this is that it felt like RL.
Lanai Jarrico: Ok so far you've shared your entrance into second life as a man, Introduced you rl wife to SL, had a couple guilty kisses, with females I presume but one question I need to ask, When did things start to change and you decided to live as a woman?
Jane Doe: well its like this, as an SL couple its to much like RL, nothing new to discover, no adventure to be had if you see But my main reason was this. My male AV had been a good dancer but the work dried up and I wanted to create a female AV to earn money for him , nothing more initially. It seemed that girls were easily able to earn more.
Lanai Jarrico: So you were a Male Dancer?
Jane Doe: yes and a stripper, but a stripper only briefly, like I say work was hard to find so along came my new female AV. I worked hard on her.
Lanai Jarrico: So basically she was created as a way to generate more of an income here ?
Jane Doe: yes she was And wow did she earn. As a male dancer I had begun to learn all about emoting etc and that carried on to my female av and improved enormously, Which was good seeing as I had a disadvantage.
Lanai Jarrico: Many would assume a male playing a female role in world has some kind of hidden fantasy behind it, Does that apply to you?
Jane Doe: Well its a hard thing to say. In RL I am straight and had no desire to be a woman But as a girl I learnt how to interact socially with them, it was fascinating. A real eye opener into the female mind.
Lanai Jarrico: What are some of the things you've learned living as a woman here and sharing in our inner circles?
Jane Doe: OH MY, well for one, girls tend to bond much better than men they look after one another.
Lanai Jarrico: Have you witnessed any catfights or been part of any because believe me...not all social circles are so nice lol
Jane Doe: Funny you should mention it but yes...I have been on the receiving end of a few catfights, but not because of my RL gender. Also I have seen how bitchy so called "friends" can be.
Lanai Jarrico: Do you tell others that you are really a man ?
Jane Doe: Oh another probing are good at Well that is a constant source of angusih for me. At first I made rules I would alsways tell anyone it looked like I might have an intimate realtionship with. Thought it only fair, then they have a choice to play or not. All my GF's have known who I am in RL and accepted it.
Lanai Jarrico: I am interested to know..Were all your girlfriend Straight?
Jane Doe: Oh well no actually, my first was bisexual, the other two were straight in RL and married, although the 2nd had "dabbled"
Lanai Jarrico: So they saw past the female avie to the male inside. It's interesting and a bit twisted for someone on the outside who has not experienced this type of lifestyle.I'd like to get back to something you brought up earlier…you mentioned your Wife is in Sl, What does she think about this lifestyle of yours?
Jane Doe: Oh Lanai, listen for me in SL I AM a woman and even forget at times who I am in RL so much I live it. I think this goes for people who know who I am, after a while they kind of forget because I am such a girl with girl traits.
Lanai Jarrico: Since Knowing you I'd have to say I consider you more of a Woman and really know how to work your style if I might add...better then even some ladies haha
Jane Doe: That is something that I have been told a lot. I love the SL clothes for woman
 My RL wife now has her head around SL and does not mind at all, she even goes clothes shopping with me at times amd we share landmarks etc .
Lanai Jarrico: I think that’s great that you and your wife can play so diversly together and be cool with it.
Jane Doe: Can I just say that I think my female AV has been made into what I would probably consider my ideal RL woman! Now my wife has created an ALT now to have fun with. She does not yet know if she wants her to be straight or not but she is going to explore the boundaries as I have and I fully support that. In RL we are very secure and we know what happens in SL stays in SL
Lanai Jarrico: Ahhh So its not about getting into “all girl” parties, or experimenting with inner desires, it's all about recreating your ideal Woman and walking in her shoes?
Jane Doe: thats true about creating someone ideal but its also about exploring my desires......things that will never happen in RL.
Lanai Jarrico: I See, So then have you been with a man here?
Jane Doe: Sex is not an issue for me in SL, if it happens then fine but for me its the chase and friendship that is most rewarding and No I have not been with a man in SL, but have stripped for them and lap danced naked.
Lanai Jarrico: Do they know you are a man or do you keep that discreet for situations like that?
Jane Doe: when I dance I do not tell men...why spoil their fantasy? And I have kissed a few "girls" who are not They are as cool with it as me, they are "players" also.
Lanai Jarrico:  Interesting, what was that experience like?
Jane Doe: It was absolutely fine. One I know, wanted a relationship with me.
Lanai Jarrico: you know a lot of men are gonna be affraid to hit the strip clubs now reading that lol.
Jane Doe: Well if they can unmask me well good luck, no one ever has. Ignorance is bliss
Lanai Jarrico: So what are your plans here?
Jane Doe: Well I have found that having a committed realtionship in SL can be restricting so now just have "friends" and "girls", this is possible due to my Mistress side. I saw it when first I became an SL woman and made it my businees to find out all about it. I plan to do modeling and maybe start a small business of my own.
Lanai Jarrico: And there yall have it...A SL Jane Doe giving you a peek into 'her" World.


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