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Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Second Life For Entertainment Purposes Only?- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

A Whole New Culture to figure out

 It went from just the average faceless chatrooms, to a three
dementional virtual world experience that has gone from an experiment
to a Global Phenomenon that spawned a Nation in Cyber Space. I think it's safe to Say it's not just for entertainment purposes anymore...
More people are logging on to this unique virtual world and less are
watching television. Once thought of as a problem causing Internet
addiction is now becoming more then a pasttime allowing people to
expand or discover their talents and businesses. We are realizing now,
just how real Virtual WOrld Lifestyles really are.
 Is it really a Game? I'd say ask the experts...
Technology is Replacing Things in our daily lives
Activity and learning websites are created for our children, even
schools encourage Computer knowledge.
 The Internet is rapidly becoming more of an instrument for daily use
and causing real world things we used to rely on, left unused.
Search: Anything Quick
When was the last time you used your big fat Phonebook? Slipped in a
VHS,whipped out the family photo albums,dropped off a roll of film,
Paid 35 cents for a Newspaper or used a pay phone?
All of these things are becoming a thing of the past as we all log
into our Secondary Existances and rely on Second Life to entertain us
and a second brain for looking up and educating ourselves with endless
 Second Life is an Experiment with unexpected results
With endless oppertunities, We have the freedom to do or be whatever
we want even If it doesn't reflex our Real lifestyle or occupations
but it has the power to change our Real Lives and shake up our
emotions in many unexpected ways. The most interesting of all in this
experiment was how it brought the virtual world together to create one nation
in Cyberspace.
 The dreaded SL Caveman Phase
We all land in Secondlife with the Newbie Skin on our backs and the
freebies we are given. That's where our journey begins. We are left
standing there at a Welcome Center looking at other oblivious newbies
or some are lucky enough to come here knowing someone.
The First Month is usually the Worse
Second Life might turn you off due to the "complicated looking" Control Panel,
or the countless crash and Lag episodes that keep you from getting a
chance to mingle enough to know what's going on. You have to practice patience and build a cache'.
Don't Give up Unless your on Dial Up!
We've all been there, but its patience that will get us past the
caveman phase and that first month. Then it's into the author's seat we go, as we begin to write the story of our Second Lives.
We are the Writers in the Book of Second Life
 Like an Author of our own play, we begin to write the pages of our
lives, not really knowing that it's also going down in our new World
history books. We are the First Generation that will pave the way into
the future for the many who have not realized how significant this
Virtual World will become in many of our real lives.
Let's Prove the critics Wrong
The critics who will always consider Second Life, just a game, have absolutely no
idea what they have chosen to overlook because in the end of the TV
Show and Movie Era, We will become the New Celebrities of our own
lives. With businesses and oppertunities we may not have the chance to have or experience in our real lives. There are many organizations in Second Life that help many people in a serious way. Places like (AMMC) Ann Meyers Medical Clinic, Relay for Life, The McArthur Foundation, are proving that now.
The Ride has just begun...
Please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop...Not.
 Strap on your seatbelts, you are in for the Greatest Roller Coaster
Ride of your second life! We learn how to find our way around with the help of many who came before us. With many ups and Downs and weaving around as We mix and mingle creating our friendships and connections and bringing them along for the ride that will go for as long as you want it to. But the ride can get nauseating if we lose control of ourselves or allow others to negatively manipulate us.
We meet eachother from the Inside Out so be mindful
It's safe to say the majority of us have experienced Real emotions that start to become attached to the people we spend the most time with in this virtual world, because they become more real to us.
Finding the Balance and getting the best out of Second Life
 Finding a balance and understanding these new experiences and emotions is essential to thriving within this Simulated nation and can cause significant real life changes in the way we conduct ourselves or view others In either a positive or negative ways.
Absorbing Positive Energy and repelling the Negative
 It's not easy to explain and is only understood by those who have experienced the energy exchange , but it's felt by many. The Bonds created are much closer and on a different level of emotions then in many real life friendships and relationships . That's way It's very important to find a balance here or emotions can become fuzzy and cause things to become more of a twilight zone of confusion potentially destroying friendships and businesses alike.
 So to answer the Question, Second Life is NOT for Entertainment purposes Only...It's a brand new culture that has yet to be fully understood...
~Lanai Jarrico


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