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Showing posts with label drama queen. Show all posts

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lanai's Diary- Entry 4-26-2010- Don't Hate on the Sci-Fi Nerds and the Media Princess! -Lanai Jarrico

Staff Reporter
• Monday, April 26, 2010
Lanai's Diary- Entry- 4.26.2010

I have to begin this entry Thanking my sidekick organizer “O” . I won't say his full name after the whole Easter bunny incident because I think it made him camera shy.

Anyways, Him and the family, held down the SLE camp while I was gone with my powercord issues.
So before I ramble on. They needed to get some props. Love you guys, thank you!

Wow where do I begin, a lot has been going on since getting my new power cord. OMG and thank goodness internet withdrawals are no joke. I almost picked up a gambling addiction and cigarette habit.

Stepping back into the SL media circus even after 4 days felt like trying to hop on a treadmill as it's rolling full speed ahead. My drive to continue on this creative journey has turned me into an admitted Avie with OCD and ADHD. But who needs meds when I kinda manage to get back on track because of it. Even if I look a hotmess holding my tiara and sprinting in glass slippers.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lanai's Diary- Entry 4-12-2010 -My New Laptop Crisis, Media Withdrawals, Rehab and Gettin all Emotional.

Staff Reporter
• Monday, April 12, 2010
Virtually speaking some really don't understand the stresses that occur behind the scene in building a virtual world media empire until they try squeezing their feet into my glass slippers and even then good luck making them fit. Many have walked away from the attempt of creating a virtual newspaper, magazine or blog within just months of launch due to time to invest, the fast paced nature and high demand situations we journalists, editors and publishers constantly place ourselves in.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Griefer Report- New Hall of Shame Inductee- Shay Sandalwood- Lanai Jarrico Reporting

3-5-2010- While minding my own business and trying to get my pop lock and drop on at Club Empire. Some Random chick rolls up on me swinging and droppin the B word on me for no apparent reason So without further adue---presenting Newest Hall of Shame inductee.....Shay Sandalwood. ~L.J

Griefer Report- 3-5-2010- Drama gone wild- Hall of Shame Inductee JaTorya Python

ROUND 2 DING!!!! !DING!!!!!! DING!!!!!!
After Posting Shay Sandalwood's Griefer Report I recieved a random friend invite from this person trying to strum up so more drama and here's how it went down....