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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lanai's Diary: The Stork visits The Media Center and drops a Surprise ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, February 08, 2010
The Stork visits The Media Center and drops a Surprise
Oooh HELL NOOOO I am NOT the one...but ok this little bundle of prims is kinda cute.
While minding my own business and throwing a little bit of decorations around The Media Center for Valentine's Day, a box with a blue and white heavenly cloud texture was dropped to me by...let's just say a confused stork must have gotten the wrong address or someone is playing a practical joke....
As I rezzed this box on the ground and copied its content to my inventory, I couldn't help but stand there boggled and mumbling to myself “ WTF is this? “
As much as I ramble on about the whole prim baby and kid avi idea; here I was about to attach one in my arms. With more curiosity then a cat it would have bugged me not to mess around with this new gadget of sorts.
Before long I'm over here rocking, playing, burping, breastfeeding and EWWW changing diapers FFS! As if I need something more to add to my list of chaos right?
Having a child in SL doesn't really fit into my work schedule, besides that, it is waaay down on my bucket list next to giving up my rotation of boy toys, settling down & getting married here because virtualrealistically..... marrying Superman and getting some of that “kryptonite” isn't gonna happen.
So anyways.... with that said, It actually caught me by surprise that I wanted to run off to the store right away and see what kind of accessories come with this little thing called a Tatu baby. Since this little baby was paler then powder, I figured let me at least go buy it a tan skin or something. So off I went to a Tatu baby stuff vendor and 200L later I purchased a skin tone script which I accidentally saved to my inventory when I was supposed to leave it inside the box and activate it by touching the baby, and all that complicated setup stuff.... I ended up breaking it somehow and crying in the store owners IM about my error and a refund. (Never got a response BTW)
So Back to the Media Center I went all uptight and disappointed at my first baby shopping experience.
With it rezzed and snoring all loud in my arms while making other.... not so polite noises,
I explored the baby menu. It included choosing your baby daddy, gender, naming it and whatnot. You can even choose other actions like playing, feeding, changing clothes, putting it to sleep and all that.
And when duty calls, you need to rezz a box of 50 diapers that need to be purchased when you run out.
Believe me after meeting all this child's needs for about an hour I was feeling worn out and unappreciated. But it was nice to know all my hard work and dedication didn't go unnoticed. It's actually a luxury to those tired run down new moms/housewives of SL since this baby has some sort of development tracking device that has to be maintained, or its off to the baby clinic searching for an SL pediatrician who can fix your ailing offspring.
The one thing that has me a bit puzzled and confused is I have no clue who the baby's father is and I certainly don't remember the lovescene that brought upon such a bewildering virtual responsibility...
As for now my inventory offers a crowded but safe babysitting service free of charge until the drunken stork returns to pick up this lost handful of a package and drops me cupid instead, he has my superhero to convince before the 14th....


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