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Showing posts with label prim baby. Show all posts

Thursday, October 24, 2019

K-Mae My Youngin' Animesh Babies - For a More Complete Second Life!

K-Mae Babies offers Animesh and Legacy (prim babies) children for your Second Life family roleplay. Our babies are highly interactive and there are tons of items to go with both our Legacy and Animesh babies.

We offer:

* Human and Elf Babies - in Single, Twins and Triplet Packages
* Furnishings
* Clothing
* Accessories
* Toys
* Foods and Drinks
* Education Toys
* Developer's Kits

With our babies you never have to worry about losing them because you can always come Recover them right here at our stores. Updates are always free for life, so when we add new features or make necessary fixes you can simply come to the store and update your babies.

Our babies have an AutoFeed System, which uses Addable bottles in conjunction with their Stored Bottles, so they never go hungry! You can even breastfeed them if you wish! Also we offer SelfCare babies for the parents who just want to enjoy their babies without having to do Care Chores such as feeding, diapering, etc.

Our babies are interactive, with each other as well as with their parents and friends, as well as cute as can be!

We have a Daycare and Learning Center, staffed with highly qualified child educators, so be sure to utilize this program.

Come by our store and grab a 2-week Demo. We're sure you'll be impressed and want to take home a full version before the demo expires!

SLURLs for Animesh store, Legacy store and Daycare & Learning Center:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Avie Poll: Which Prim Baby is Popular and Why?- Debby Sharma Reporting...

Photography Credits: 4m my Eyes

Lisa Weeden said, “Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life”.  

Virtual families are no less, less bonded. VR families have parents, grand parents, god parents, uncles and aunts; an array of sometimes annoying cousins and next to kin like brothers and sisters who share a bond, not by blood but by sheer love. Love is bond that makes them stronger than any other bond; which am sure you sure you will agree too. Families can either be made up of members who are real people behind avatars, roleplaying to be child, toddler, baby, teenager or even an adult; or prim babies created by residents to make the family roleplaying more realistic and fun.

There are a number of prim babies ranging from interactive babies, wandering babies to non-interactive babies. The following are a few examples under each category:(*Note:The prices mentioned are only for the babies. The nursery items are not included. It also excludes the things that baby needs like the diaper bag, bottles, diapers, baby bath, etc.)

Interactive babies:
  • Zoobys = L$ 5000
  • Lyuboff =  L$ 699 (new born) L$1999 (age 8 to 36 months)
  • Funsies = L$ 2500
  • Baby Tatu = L$ 3000 (previous version) L$ 900 (Lite version)
  • PooterBilt = L$ 1000
  • Sexy Mamas = L$ 3000
  • Latin Babies = L$5000
Non-Interactive babies:
  • Prim baby = L$ 300 (this is the hospital charges only)
  • Kitten Krescendo = Free
  • Googoo Babies = L$ 1599
  • Sexy Mamas = L$ 700
Wandering babies:
  • Spumelogy Studio

A few adoption centers have their own prim babies like Baby mania ( The adoption centers may choose the kind of baby they deliver, however, the parent/s may switch the baby they would like to have before delivery.

The next big question is which to adapt or have. This decision purely rests on you. But if you are going to decide by which is the most popular, here are a few opinion polls. The questions asked were:
  1. Which is their most favorite prim baby or which prim baby according to them is the most popular and why?Do they have it?
  2. Would they prefer a baby avatar (an actual person role playing behind the avatar as a  kid) or a prim baby (the one made of mesh or prim)?
  3. At what age do you think, one should adopt a baby avatar for a complete family roleplay experience?

Photography Credits: Facebook

Joycieselphie Larimore: I think it's the Zooby's because for me it looks more realistic. I can feel like a parent and it looks cute too. Yes, I have one. I would like a prim baby because I don't like an adult person portraying a baby. In Zooby', I love their script as they can grow and it is always available when I want them to be with me. I want to take care of them and see them grow. I don't need a baby who can talk. Prim babies are more realistic for me if I can see them just crawling and play with blocks. As of now, I don't see any prim baby that are much better than Zooby'. Maybe if I find one then why not try it too.

Photography Credits: Facebook

Radiance Snowpaw: Oh goodness, I honestly have no clue with that one. I think Toodoodle is a prim baby right? I'm not up to date with the SL prim/mesh babies. I don't, I think I had one like 4 or 5 years ago but I honestly don't remember where I got it from. I've just recently come back to SL on a full time basis so prim and/or avi babies will be in my future. I think you should be at least a year into SL before you even think about starting a SL family. I think that's enough time to really get to know what SL is about and get a feel for the people you're hanging with.

Photography Credits: Facebook

Shalanie Tann: I like the Zooby's and I think it is the most popular because it is the most realistic baby in roleplaying experience. Zooby babies work with a large variety of babies also. For me, I want baby avataria because I want to interact with the baby; talk, play, feel the love that he or she can give to me. It is fun and more real. The toddler is a cute age to adapt. In my other alt account, my live-in partner already had a prim baby before we met.

Photography Credits: Facebook

Srikandi Lennier: I think on-duty is popular among prim babies because it's cheap. I would prefer a baby avatar cause we can interact and it would feel more real. Among prim babies, I like the Zooby, others I don't know. I only have 2 on-duty and zooby babies. I think the right age to adapt is from first born. It is wonderful.

Photography Credits: TheGridWorld Resident

TheGridWorld: My favorite among prim babies are the Zooby and the Lyuboff. Although, I think, I like Zooby better as I think they are cute. I do not have a baby yet but in future I think I will like to have a Zooby newborn. The age to have a baby avatar would be when the Zooby has reached it’s maximum age and I would like the baby to grow, talk and move on with life and have a family of her own. I guess, I like to have son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws too.

Among, the number of babies that have been developed over the years by awesome creators, Zooby by far has won almost every heart. In the words of Carrie Tatsu, the creator, from an interview I had taken for my blog, 4m my Eyes (, she said, "I think our success was due to the babies functionality and its development over time. We never forced anyone to pay to grow their baby, but if they cared for their baby, it would grow and learn and earn tokens for free toys. So the incentive was if the owner did these things then a reward was provided." Not only among the customers/ end users for its interactivity, Zooby' have grabbed the market of the sellers selling clothing, furniture and accessories for zooby babies. As Carrie Tatsu, points out, that it is impossible for a single creator-cum-seller to meet the increasing demands in the market. This is where the residents who are also the sellers come in selling and providing wide range of options for clothing, furniture and accessories for the end users. Eventually, it all sums up and helps it in making it popular.

Irrespective, of people selecting, prim babies or baby avatar, one thing is constant, the look and the interactivity between them and the baby is very crucial to everyone. It is that, that makes virtual living and experience with a baby, more real and close to the heart for families across the grid.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Want to Get Pregnant in Second Life? Let’s Explore this Question.- Lanai Jarrico Reporting..

It has been a while since I’ve binged on some candid articles about the culture of Second Life so I decided to browse the events list for some writing inspiration and came across this question….  “Want to Get Pregnant in Second Life”?

 I’m no stranger to this topic. Many of my friends have popped out prim babies, I even had a stork (creator) drop one on me to promote and play with. Besides that forced parenting experience I also own a zooby baby… or too. I won’t disclose my baby daddy or anything but … I know the process.

Anyway…curious to find out where the teleport would take me, I landed in a fertility clinic but oddly I was ejected and banned  after about 5 minutes with no warning or explanation. Perhaps I should dig deeper into that particular clinic and see if there is some shady business going on. I did nothing to deserve such a rude boot.

With a little light hearted humor let’s get back on topic here.

SL Family role play is very popular as many know. Many SLers have experienced it for themselves while others think it is just weird and ridiculous. Nonetheless most of us have came across a pregnant avie, child avies or a loving parent cradling a prim baby in their arms while subjecting everyone to the belly talking HUD letting bystanders know that Mommy loves her baby or something about nasty stretch marks.

With family role play comes the deed to creating prim babies for many couples.
 When these mates get intimate by using sexbeds, rugs, pillows, tabletops and other objects containing sex animation, the act of making babies gets more real but it won’t cause a pregnancy. Couples have to wear a fertility/ pregnancy HUD to achieve conception. (Mama-Allpa & Pooterbilt have good ones)

The next step is finding a clinic that provides the OBGYN roleplay care expectant parents need. There are some pretty authentic ones out there like Hands On Maternity Clinic and Birthing Center. It is operated by real medical professional for a genuine experience.

The whole experience can be interesting, costly and maybe even a bit complicated just to add a little something extra to a loving relationship.

There are different options for going about the whole parenting thing. One way is purchasing an artificially intelligent prim baby or finding someone willing to dress up like a child avatar and roleplay as your offspring.  

The child avatar option adds more substance to the relationship between child and parent but it is kind of strange when I see a child avie speaking like a 2 year old and knowing it is really an adult.  Nonetheless to each their own.

Artificial intelligent babies get neglected more because they can’t complain about being stored in an inventory for days or weeks whilst a child avatar might divorce you as their parent and move on to another loving family due to neglection.

What happens when you just want a baby without the “middle man”? Well Second Life offers alternative solutions to child bearing.  The clinic I landed at offers artificial insemination.

 I’m left with questions about how this process works since I was so rudely kicked out of the clinic promoting it.  I wonder if fertile avies choose from an ad board of willing donors for a quick hud hook up-minus the flowers and candy or… the deed is done in a more professional roleplay situation using a virtual turkey baster while the patient lays flat on a cold hard table. The process remains a mystery but hey the service is available in Second Life. Here is the link to the Maternity Clinic Rodeo Drive.  Sketchy name but you will have to find out for yourself.

If sacrificing your hourglass figure, child avatars or artificial insemination aren’t choices you like, adoption is an option.

Just remember, becoming a virtual parent is something you might want to think about if you are unsure about your romantic relationship(s) or if the time you have to spare with your little bundle of prim joy is rare. 

Just like having a child in the real world, you have expenses and responsibilities.  Also, nobody wants to see pregnant women twerking in the club or bringing their babies with them to places where adults go to get away from their own kids. It is not cute.

Adding a baby to your virtual family however should be a special and joyous time. The whole experience can be rewarding for some but not only enjoying the bundle of joy in their second lives but enjoying the joys of SL pregnancy while still being able to do some heavy prim lifting or enjoying a drink or two or three.

 Congratulations if getting pregnant in Second Life has changed your virtual experience for the better.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Mother of Baby Products Trace Corbets- Piers Diesel Reporting...

With this past Mother’s day now behind us, the baby products industry in Second Life is still as competitive as in any business in Second Life. 

 SLE set its sights on what the parents in Second Life want and need to make sure they have a complete parenting experience and how they keep their little ones happy.

Many of us have heard  GOOCCI GOO and are aware that it is one of the leading baby brand names in Second Life but we do not know much about the creator Trace Coberts.
Trace has worked hard in building her business to what it is today and SLE thought it was time to shine our spotlight and find out a bit more about her . This interview is not only for our readers but also for her loyal customers who have supported her and have helped Trace’s business grow.

Interview with Trace Corbets

Saturday, May 11, 2013

PRIM BABIES- Virtual Pregnancy thru Childbirth- Jessii Warrol Reporting…

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching in the States, if you are in Second Life, you might be asking if or how you can become a mother in Second Life. There are various ways to become a mother, you can give “birth” or even “adopt” prim based children or kid avatars.

I decided to get together a group of moms in Second Life, in order to find out what exactly is the process of becoming a mum (mom if you are on the other side of the pond) in Second Life.  I later would dub this group the “mummy panel”.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Ambrosia LIVE! Talk Show is happy to announce its partnership with The SL Enquirer. As news contributor, Ambrosia Kamala will be highlighting the stories and information on all of the upcoming guests.

On Thursday's show, we have Honeydew Hilite, the Grand Dame of SL Babies, her company revolutionized interactive infants, babies and toddlers.

Also, Tosha Bergen, owner of the Pura Vida Wellness Resort will be sharing her involvement in her Lupus Fundraiser.

"In the News" -
 Our look at RL News stories w/ Q & A from the audience

"Let's Talk About it!" Sim Doors OPEN @ 4:00!
* What: Ambrosia LIVE Talk Show
* When: Thursday - May 19, 2011

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lanai's Diary: The Stork visits The Media Center and drops a Surprise ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, February 08, 2010
The Stork visits The Media Center and drops a Surprise
Oooh HELL NOOOO I am NOT the one...but ok this little bundle of prims is kinda cute.
While minding my own business and throwing a little bit of decorations around The Media Center for Valentine's Day, a box with a blue and white heavenly cloud texture was dropped to me by...let's just say a confused stork must have gotten the wrong address or someone is playing a practical joke....
As I rezzed this box on the ground and copied its content to my inventory, I couldn't help but stand there boggled and mumbling to myself “ WTF is this? “