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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh WTF is going on now? - Opinions on The new Display Names Project Viewer coming soon. -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Wednesday, September 08, 2010

As residents are trying to calm down from last week’s Emerald Viewer Uproar, here comes another sucker punch, straight to the dome, leaving residents shouting WTF is going on now!?!
Are the Brainiacs over at Linden Labs at it again with their random ideas of improving or are they on the verge of devaluing the Second Life experience with this whole “display names project viewer” situation, that is about to unfold mid September?
That decision can be left to your discretion but here is some food for thought… 

According to the reaction of some up in arms residents, this is an accident waiting to happen. Some are claiming that this new feature might mess with established resident’s businesses because of the fear that some unoriginal copycats may want to try to impersonate them or simply be a nuisance by displaying ignorant or vulgar remarks, not to mention trying to ruin others’ names and reputations.

So what’s the whole purpose of giving residents the opportunity to change their name on a weekly basis? Maybe to keep the drama down to a minimum, one solution could be a form on the Second Life website for residents to apply for a name change that can be monitored by the Lindens, to ensure that this option is not being misused, or effects someone else’s Second Life experience in a malicious way.
I’m not going to sit here pointing fingers at all the negative things that can go wrong with this new option or work my brain coming up with the best solutions to make it work unless I’m getting paid by Linden labs for my bright ideas.
But dam, it is times like this where “resident voting” for these new “LL laws” would be a good idea. Just don’t let me find a place to put in a bid for SL president, should the opportunity present itself, because there would be a lot of avatars being thrown out on their ear because they don’t know how to act properly with other residents or they come here just to be a griefer in the business side of the grid.

On the lighter side of this subject, we can see how this will benefit those who regrettably named themselves something like EasySusie, Whosyourdaddy1985, LongDongSilver, BackdoorBenita or something useless and tacky like that.
But isn’t that what alts are for? I’m not throwing Alt users under the bus for using them, rock on if you can handle a 3rd, 4th and even a 5th life. Just to put it out there because this does happen more often than people may think. Those who use alts to “cheat” on their in world relationships deserve a sucker punch from yours truly. I can’t stand people who do stuff like that and end up causing others unnecessary emotional distress.

Anyways, I’m not trying to open a can of worms here, but for those who wish to change their name. Just don’t bark up the wrong tree and you won’t have problems. Meaning, you can’t impersonate a Linden because their profile will always let you know if they are a Linden lab employee, also there’s only one SLE and one Lanai Jarrico, so abusers of this new option better not get it twisted.
For those immature peeps that come to SL just to act the dam fool. Keep your distance. The elders here don’t like to babysit. There is an invisible network of professionals here that will make sure avies don’t step on the wrong toes.
Not to worry too much folks, according to the lovely video tutorial on this very subject, Torley Linden breaks it down for those who have to correct a typo in their name or they have an embarrassing name and want to change it to something more appropriate.
LL also is building up some brownie points on this idea from the many SL couples who wish to take on their spouse’s last name, even if these lovebirds may have to change it back within three months. In some cases, every other week.
I’m not hatin...I’m just sayin. Just imagine the celebrations e-gangstas will have now that they will be able to use the same Last name to harass their rivals. FFS! Really?…. who is this benefitting?
Just imagine the great fun residents will have with this new display name feature. How you choose to use it is up to you, but please don’t abuse it.
Over and Out.
~Lanai Jarrico
For more information on the display names project viewer, visit: 


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