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Thursday, January 20, 2011

SFL In Action

A lot of questions were answered when the SFL formally kicked off action this month.

The Second Football League is the work of Romeo Torvalar and a staff of people dedicated to bringing a big-time American football to SL. They have worked tirelessly at this for a long time, and their efforts are now bearing fruit.

This paper in general and this reporter in particular are thrilled to see the SFL taking life. Nothing but good can come of it. Even if SL someday has football that has nothing to do with the SFL, they will owe the Romeo and company a large debt.

I'm keeping this brief, as I don't know how to do that (read more) thing with the new server yet.

Check the SFL out this weekend. The Heartland Cowboys play the GC Redskins at 3 PM SLT Saturday, followed by the BOSL Browns at the Diamond City Giants at 6 PM SLT Sunday. For more information, check the website here:


  1. is that thing still up and running? lol I thought everyone left his leaue due to him being a con artist?

  2. Er nope its going strong and it was found the only con artists where the ones saying he was a con artist there now off sl :)


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