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Sunday, May 15, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Welcome to a new dimension in Second Life Breedable creatures! Griderz™ Zwicky Creature

Not from this world…
Not from this galaxy…
Not from this universe…
Not from this dimension!

Griderz™ Zwicky Creature

Zwicky creatures are named after the galaxy ‘I Zwicky 18’ a dwarf irregular galaxy located about 59 million light years away. This is where they were discovered during transdimensional propulsion experiments made by Alien Grey scientists.

Zwicky creatures first arrived on earth on July 8, 1947, found in the engine room of a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft by government officials from Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) in Roswell, New Mexico, USA

They’ve been the study of United States scientists for the past 64 years and kept secret up until now. Human scientists have found that Alien Grey used Zwicky energy to supplement transdimensional propulsion output, thus the Zwicky discovered in the engine room were there for this reason.

Zwicky aren’t harmed while being used for this purpose and actually enjoy the task and attention. Alien Grey supplied the Zwicky with plenty of their favorite food with the “Zwicky Orb” aka (Dark Energy Emitters) which process Plutonium (Pu 244) into dark energy.

Over the years Zwicky creatures have been found to be quite harmless and make great pets. They’re very playful, sociable, and love their owners!

Zwicky will gather among other Zwicky and create the (Zwicky Star) formation. It’s their way of bonding with the family. They also like to chatter with each other and people around them. They love to greet their owner with a “Whooo Hooooo!”...

Watch out for the Icky Zwicky Stink Ink! They think it’s funny to “Fart” and run!

Scientific findings:Zwicky creatures exist slightly out of phase with our dimension. This allows them to pass effortlessly through all solid objects...
Zwicky creatures also have the ability to “Blink out” (Teleport) around their roaming area...
Since they originate outside our dimension they need to be fed dark energy to survive and the “Zwicky Orb” (Dark Energy Emitter) provides all their nutritional needs.

Breeding: Zwicky creatures are ready to breed once they reach adult stage and become 100% horny (10-14 days). In Zwicky creatures, the males become pregnant.  Their mating involves the female passing her unfertilized eggs to the male during mating.  After completion the male gestates the young. In about 48 hours he will give birth to 1 baby! The baby will be born in stasis. A baby in stasis will never grow. The babies may be switched in and out of stasis before they reach approximately 8 hours of age. This will stop the growth process indefinitely. Once their age is over 8 hours they must be allowed to grow and cannot be put back into stasis! Choosing Stasis Off from the menu switches them out of stasis and starts them growing. NOTE: The Zwicky birthing process is very hard on newborns and you may have a stillborn baby from time to time. Please be aware that not all births will be live ones!

Zwicky Starter Pack:
All starter packs come with four baby Zwicky creatures. These can be any of the twelve current breeds. You birth your babies by rezzing their saucers and touching them for the birthing menu. A blue dialog (Menu) will appear on touch and you will be given a choice of Birth Zwicky, Yes or No… Let the saucer cycle until it deletes itself!

NOTE: Zwicky births are when all Zwicky babies are most vulnerable and should not be rushed. Carefully rezz each starter saucer and take your time birthing your new babies! Don't try to rush the births, give the saucer time to create a healthy baby! Once Zwicky are successfully birthed they’re very hardy creatures and can only die from old age!

You may take them into your inventory to move them at any time without consequences. Just remember to feed any Zwicky that’s been released from stasis. Leaving them in your inventory for long periods will make them extremely hungry!

Meet your new babies!
The green, blue and red tinted babies are your starter females.
The white/neutral tinted baby is the male Zwicky! Zwicky males are rare. Make sure you take good care of him. You only get one in each starter pack! Males are the gender that gestates the young in the Zwicky species. They get pregnant and give birth to all your little Zwicky babies!

Current breeds available:
1. Apheta Griderz (Rare Zwicky)
2. Galaxy Griderz (Rare Zwicky)
3. Nebula Griderz  (Rare Zwicky)
4. Orion Griderz (Rare Zwicky)
5. Solar Griderz (Rare Zwicky)
6. Vortex Griderz (Rare Zwicky)
7. Aurora Griderz  (Common Zwicky)
8. Ardor Griderz (Common Zwicky)
9. Ejecta Riderz (Common Zwicky)
10. Flexus Riderz  (Common Zwicky)
11. Lunar Griderz (Common Zwicky)
12. Nova Griderz (Common Zwicky)

Zwicky creature lifespan:Do to the fact that Zwicky creatures live in two separate dimensions they have a rather short lifespan. Maximum age is 180 days. NOTE: This age can be extended by purchasing a Zwicky Life Extension Orb. Zwicky creatures must be kept fed or they will go to sleep until food is made available and you wake them up! Once their hunger reaches 100% they will fall asleep and hunger will continue to build past 100%!

Zwicky Orb:This is their food processor which turns Plutonium (Pu 244) into dark energy.
Plutonium (Pu 244) refill vessels are available to replenish your depleted Zwicky Orbs.
All Plutonium containers will automatically refill any Zwicky Orbs region wide. You only need one refill per region. When that’s depleted it will delete itself and you will need to rezz a new vessel before your Zwicky Orb becomes empty. Currently there are three sizes available, small (200), medium (400), and large (800). These are for sale at our main store or at one of our affiliate vendor locations.

Disclaimer:Mature Zwicky females have the ability fight in matches. This ability was introduced for entertainment purposes only and we do not condone the use of Zwicky creatures for gambling as per the Second Life™ TOS 

 Do to Second Life™ network/server instabilities, Griderz™ Breedable Virtual Pets have no expressed or implied warranties of their functionality, marketability or other variables that may prevent them from performing at 100% reliability. Also, births will fail from time to time do to the above factors. Updates will be made when code changes are in order and we will do our best to provide support for issues arising from faulty code but are not responsible for laggy sims, failed data connections or any financial losses you may incur. We’re doing our part by sparing no expense by hosting Zwicky Genetics on our OWN dedicated server in a state of the art secured data center. Purchasing Griderz™ Breedable Virtual Pets and related products only entitles you to access to our game. With your purchase you agree to our game rules and our NO REFUNDS policy. We will replace misdeliveries free of charge with proof of purchase. We reserve the right to verify all purchases before replacing “lost” product. Please use our support portal on our website and file a ticket.  This will help us pinpoint any issues our code may have. Note: We have anti-tamper code in place for those who find it a challenge to exploit cracks in our breedables, either for fun or profit. Any tampering detected is logged and violators names are recorded. Once your name is logged you will no longer be able to play our game and your Griderz™ Breedable Virtual Pets will cease to function. Tampering is fatal to your Zwicky so please play nice!


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