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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Royal Experience to Remember- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Le Magique Castle, Magique Fantasies

 It is almost every little girls dream to be a princess when they grow up or at least dress up in a beautiful gown, pretending to be rescued by a true prince and taken away to a castle to live happily ever after.  Just like in Fairy tales, Second Life is a place of imagination and wonder where you can capture a moment in the real world’s rich history, folklores or fairy tales and virtually Role play those fantasies here with all your friends. 

Striking a princess pose

In Second Life, We can all be Princesses or Knights in shining armors, ruling Sims across the grid, slaying dragons and leaping into other role play scenarios.  Remember, it is your world and your imagination that takes you on the best Second Life journeys.

Ribbons Magic

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ribbons Magic through a mutual friend earlier this month, immediately I could tell she conducts her business like a professional.  Ribbons Magic is an event planner here in Second Life and together with her team,  she made my 6th Rezzday a dream come true, so I must tip my Tiara to her.

The Official Invitation

It was truly a Royal affair, from the elegant invitation adorned with a Golden Carriage to the Grand Entrance dressed in deep red roses with white accents and sparkling crystal chandeliers glowing above.  On the cake table sat a red and white tiered cake with a giant 6 on top. 

Lanai's Vanilla Bean and Rezzberry 6 tier Rezzday Cake

 Ribbons truly captured what I had envisioned as a perfect royal celebration. 

At 6 pm slt, Host and Royal Greeter pc Unplugged stood Guard at the entrance welcoming guests, while SLE’s Official DJ Sir Brennen set the tone for the evening. 
SLE's official DJ

 Tiffa Sweetwater also provided her services as the official Royal photographer, capturing moments that will forever be cherished and remembered.
Bird's eye view Image by Ribbons Magic

At 8:00 pm slt, MUSIC NOT POLITICS’S KevinMthomas carpool was the surprise musicians and an absolute joy to have at my party. It was particularly special to me since he was one of the very first Musicians I got to meet early on when the SL Music scene was beginning to unfold into what it is today.
He truly is what a model Rock star should be; Full of energy with the ability to connect with his audience and just an all around awesome dude, managed by MNP’s Throughthewalls Moody.
Created by Valen Serpente

From the Royal toast and well wishes to the Majestic party favor presented by Valen Serpente of Abomination Creations, It was a magical night shared by new and old friends. 

Good thing I wore waterproof mascara, no princess nor drama queen should leave home without it.  As I looked around the crowd, my eyes swelled with tears and I felt so touched.  I could see Princes and Princesses from across the grid all gathered in my honor.   But little did they know, the honor was mine to be in the presence of some of the most powerful avatars in Second Life. 

Bird's eye view 2 Image by Ribbons Magic

This type of power cannot be judged by the amount of Lindens one has, their status in SL society or the business they own. It can only be obtained from within and passed on with honor, loyalty and respect for everyone, expecting nothing in return.  Royal Secret Society’s Prince Sonoda   has these qualities to the very core of his soul and I am so very proud to be a crowned Princess in his royal Family. 
Dancing with Prince Sonoda

Prince has been a very influential and the positive force in my life as well as for so many others. He truly makes me and all of the crowned ones, feel like royalty.  For that, I am forever grateful for one of the most beautiful friendships I have had the opportunity to experience in Second life.

DragonHeart Spiritweaver Images from Ribbons Magic

  Another dear friend and ruler of his own kingdom, Imagine Magazine’s Dragonheart SpiritWeaver was present, along with Suzie Mynx and Harlequin Rhode from Imagine Magazine.  Sir Dragonheart is another positive force in Second Life, here to help the SL community by sharing in my same passion for writing and spreading a good word forward.
Images provided by Cursa Charisma

Everyone that I have met in his royal court has been a pleasure to know.   Other Media members like Monarch Productions & Ambrosia Live! Talk show host Ambrosia Kamala, and Nexus Role Play’s Cursa Charisma were also in the crowd with so many others that came to witness such an event.
Image taken by Jaymes Farstrider

Before I ramble on, I have to cut off this article somewhere but before I do, I wanted to thank each and everyone that made my night one to remember.  I hope to see you all next year for the big 7!


~Lanai Jarrico

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