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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fishin' Mission

It's like that scene in Jaws, but Quint is actually one of the girls from my gym...

I've been meaning to get myself out fishing. I don't actually fish in RL, but SL fishing eliminates the parts of fishing that I consider to be distasteful. here's a brief list:

- You can't snare your finger on a hook
- You don't have to touch a worm
- Nothing smells fishy
- You aren't killing a poor little fish
- SL fishing has nightclubs near the fishing spots, so you can keep fishing while you grind on some guy.

I went to Ohana Fishing, which is adjacent to the Ohana Rock Club. It actually combines two great things: fishing and nightclubs. However, the old school angler will be pleased to know that Ohana has several lengthy docks, and you'll have no problem finding a quiet spot to cast away.

You can get all you need to fish at Ohana's. They have a Seven Seas vendor right near the spot I TPd you to. They hook you up with the rod, the reel, the bait, and the fishing spot. The gear comes with enough info (including people you can IM if you get confused)to get you started.

My husband- who doesn't play SL- was initially skeptical. We live on Cape Cod, and he fishes almost daily. He won't take me along, because I'm French and we complain a lot. This is no great loss, because I avoid anything that has to do with hooking worms.

But the Colonel had to eat his words once I started reeling in fish. I caught a starfish, a thingamajig, and even a mermaid. I wanted to get this article written before I caught a big shark or something, which may have taken more of my time.

I pretty much emptied the harbor, using my unique fishing skills. Fish come to you more quickly if you wear a miniskirt. Avoid fishnet hose, though.


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