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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight, Aza Photography Modeling Group -- Cynamon Pearl reporting

An organic process of avatar transformation is taking place in Second Life and photographers are in the advantageous role of facilitating this magic. Just ask experienced photographer Azarene Jewell who has been finessing her talent behind the lens now for three years in Second Life. Moreover, Aza has taken initiative in setting the stage, which entails conceptualizing a theme and then translating the story and executing the idea into a desired outcome. These are elements required to make your professional photos a success. Aza tells me that although she enjoys taking photos of anyone her niche has streamlined more toward professional models, artists and fashion editorials. Aza Photography has definitely carved out its own signature style with that ‘something’ that is unqiue.

Owner of her own photography studio and group, Aza is mastering her skills at making the ‘unreal’ come to life. In contrast to morphs which make avatars look human, Aza’s style captures the ‘unreal’ making it ‘surreal’, in other words your avatar is given virtual life. Make sense? I asked Aza what her views were on the changing trends in Second Life over the past few years and she noted that a recent collective shift in consciousness about personal avatar appearance among mainstream has people seeking higher quality work. The sudden interest in couture fashion has caused people to really take ‘looking good’ to another level. She states that “It’s a really exciting time for photographers.” And she’s right, why wouldn’t people want to have their photo taken after spending all of that time to improve their virtual image?

Aza works with the avatar mostly capturing stills from AO poses which she says speaks to each avatar's virtual personality. In her own words she says, “I like to shoot candids from AO’s, rather than model poses because it’s more lifelike.”

Stylistically, Aza’s portfolio design has a high fashion comic book feel with the use of a multitude of colors and lighting levels. Equally important, she cares about the client’s needs and remains flexible. Her attention to detail in the preparation ensures a successful photo shoot. This is what you can expect, that she will work alongside the client to suit their needs. She expressed an openness to experimentation and working with the model to achieve the desired concept and to make sure the desired look is clearly expressed. Color schemes are carefully considered to match the avatar, setting the tone and lighting.

Aza’s studio is a live-workspace surrounded by a beach, crashing waves, a fabulous sports car, and other live props in the photo lab that are available. What you receive after a session is a proof sheet with black & white and color final edits to choose your main picture (full perm). From there, you get to keep the proofs. This is a call to all models and artists who want to expand their portfolio. If you are a keen individual wanting to make your avatar look like a model, I recommend Aza for a consultation. Azarene Jewell can be contacted in-world, and she will also photograph weddings parties.



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