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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight on Dinkum Cards Gift Store - Cynamon Pearl reporting....

Dinkum Cards is an Australian owned and operated gift store on the Second Life grid. Entrepreneur and business owners, Christine Dartmouth and partner Flynn Dartmouth have been creating customized and animated gifts now for twelve months. The two are in the business of bringing you joy and laughter through the art of tailoring your wedding, party and other celebration invitations, greeting cards, poofers, balloons and more.

If you’ve had the good fortune to meet an Australian, then you will understand when I say that they are good fun. Aussies possess a sense of humor and style all their own. Above all they are the warmest, friendliest bunch you could ever meet. So why are we talking about Aussies? Because this article is showcasing an extraordinary gift store and one of Second life’s most unique card shops which is Aussie owned and operated.

Recently I visited Dinkum Cards and got a chance to spend some time with the owner, Christine Dartmouth. Christine explained to me that the meaning of Dinkum, is Aussie-slang for “true” or “honest”. The gift store also sells several distinct Aussie novelties but has a wide variety of merchandise with universal appeal. Allow me to elaborate, there are greeting messages for every emotion and occasion to make you smile. However, the word hilarious does comes to mind. Christine kept me entertained for at least thirty minutes with her animated cards, poofers and novelty gifts. Although there are tons of Aussie gifts, you don’t have to be Australian to enjoy her merchandise.

For instance, if your taste of humor is a little more on the crass side then as a gag, you could purchase a good ole-fashioned out-house (city folk call them porta-pottys) for a friend or colleague. The recipient might not get your humor but your Australian friends should find it quite amusing. They might just say, “oi, nice dunny there mate”! You can purchase a double-seater Dunny at Dinkum Cards gift store. It’s a gas, pun intended.

Over in the far corner of her store is a freebie section where there are several little gifts for the taking; you got it… ‘freebies’. There you will find a following-kangaroo (a scripted kangaroo that jumps around behind you; all you need to do is right click and wear the object in your inventory), some ‘proud to be Aussie’ bouncing balls, joke balloons, an Aussie friendship card (info about Australia enclosed), a free T-shirt and a party box. That’s a whole lot! I’d like to add that Dinkum caters to international events. Currently, Dinkum will be featuring balloons, animated cards, and poofers in the French language for Bastille day, July 14th.

For Christine, creating things is a labour of love. She enjoys holding down the operations while her partner Flynn keeps busy doing the scripting and graphics. I asked Christine what she wants people to know about her work and her response was, “We are always adding new stock, and we will take scripting suggestions.” So that means you have options to express what you really want to say. You will be amazed--the prices are very reasonable.

Use this slurl to head to Dinkum today.


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