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Showing posts with label Cynamon Pearl. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SL Enquirer: Metastock 2011 Rocks Second Life! Cynamon pearl reporting...

Metastock 2011 peformance artist competition rocked Second Life this past weekend with twenty artists performing for Grand prize of 500usd. The event kicked off without a hinge leaving a lasting impression.

Although, their weren’t any long haired patchouli wearing hippis at Metastock this past weekend, Metastock’s launch in Second Life will no doubt linger indefinitely. The digital equivalent of Woodstock came to the Grid and dropped some of the best emerging talent that a virtual world has to offer. This live artist contest-event was brought to you buy Metatunes, “Itunes for the Metaverse” the Itunes equivalent in virutual worlds. The Metastock concept is un-precedented providing not only a platform for artists to promote themselves but a web based music distribution site for artists to liscence and sell their music.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight on Dinkum Cards Gift Store - Cynamon Pearl reporting....

Dinkum Cards is an Australian owned and operated gift store on the Second Life grid. Entrepreneur and business owners, Christine Dartmouth and partner Flynn Dartmouth have been creating customized and animated gifts now for twelve months. The two are in the business of bringing you joy and laughter through the art of tailoring your wedding, party and other celebration invitations, greeting cards, poofers, balloons and more.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight on Urban Nightclub, All American Bad Boy Christion Sparta Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

The all American Bad Boy brand name and urban nightclub is owned and operated by Second Life resident and entrepreneur Christion Sparta. Recently, Christion and I sat down for an interview to discuss the re-opening of his club since May 2011. Christion’s club has a modern, urban appeal with that features the hottest DJ’s on the grid. Hands down, this is a hot spot for Hip Hop lovers or the curious minded who have always wanted to experience the urban scene. The Bad boys inc. owner encourages all to give it a try. This article takes a closer look at the man behind the brand while bringing the reader closer into urban night scene.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pets R Us SL's #1 Virtual Breedable Pet Store Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

Pets R Us is an in-world virtual pet store that carries every imaginable virtual breedable pet available in the Second Life market. In fact, grid wide Pets R Us sells every species including the most current releases. Just ask store owner and operator, Warbo Mint who assures that all of your breedable pet needs can be found in-store under the same roof.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight on DJ Rico Rodex Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

When asked what makes him tick DJ Rico Rodex will probably give you some cheeky response, but when I conducted this interview he unabashedly declares a love for Dancehall Reggae music as loud and clear as a thumping baseline. The music, ‘Dancehall Reggae’ has its origin in the Caribbean island of Jamaica; however bringing the Caribbean vibe into unchartered territory is this DJ’s speciality and primary mission. It could be that his diverse background gives him a natural aptitude for crossing cultural boundaries. Hailing Jamaican and Puerto Rican mix brings a new interesting splash of flavour that sets him apart from the ordinary. In fact, Dancehall Reggae itself is a hybrid of mixing of African drums with thick Reggae baselines while spicing it up with MC’s toasting catchy lyrics on top of hypnotic rhythms that make the body feel nice. Once you’ve had a little taste it’s not difficult to get hooked.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY SPOTLIGHT: Woolicious Photography -Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

          Wookitty Renfold, joined The Wire group recently and has blown me away with her Photography skills. Quite honestly it didn’t surprise me one bit. She has always been a great supporter and community oriented individual. Recently, I asked Woo (also known to friends as Woo-licious) how the photography was going. After viewing some of her work I was totally unaware that such talent had been right under my nose the entire time. Woo’s images are whimsical and imaginative really encapsulating the heart and story of the subject. In her own words Woo says...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get Connected to The Wire, Second Life's fastest growing Network

Second Life’s fastest growing network group is brought to you by Cynamon Pearl. This is a Second Life resident based community platform that strives to enhance the marketability of Artisans and entrepreneurs on the Grid. We encourage Artists, Dj’s, Bloggers, Builders, Models, and Graphic designers. Enrolment is open and free for a limited time.
Contact Cynamon Pearl

Spotlight on Artist Carl Wellington a.k.a Presi Resident Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

It is not uncommon for the avid Second Life player to have a professional photo taken to show off their avatar, the goal being to add a little pizzazz to their profile. Let’s face it anyone who possesses their own unique sense of style strives to be original. In Second Life’s thriving community a plethora of novice photographers on the Grid can easily take a snapshot, it’s not difficult. Yet, just like real life in Second Life a little extra edge can make your profile stand out. Since last summer, when Morphs became the rave, Second Life residents clambered to have their avatar’s head photo-shopped on a real life porn star’s body.