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Showing posts with label The Wire. Show all posts

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight on Dinkum Cards Gift Store - Cynamon Pearl reporting....

Dinkum Cards is an Australian owned and operated gift store on the Second Life grid. Entrepreneur and business owners, Christine Dartmouth and partner Flynn Dartmouth have been creating customized and animated gifts now for twelve months. The two are in the business of bringing you joy and laughter through the art of tailoring your wedding, party and other celebration invitations, greeting cards, poofers, balloons and more.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight on Urban Nightclub, All American Bad Boy Christion Sparta Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

The all American Bad Boy brand name and urban nightclub is owned and operated by Second Life resident and entrepreneur Christion Sparta. Recently, Christion and I sat down for an interview to discuss the re-opening of his club since May 2011. Christion’s club has a modern, urban appeal with that features the hottest DJ’s on the grid. Hands down, this is a hot spot for Hip Hop lovers or the curious minded who have always wanted to experience the urban scene. The Bad boys inc. owner encourages all to give it a try. This article takes a closer look at the man behind the brand while bringing the reader closer into urban night scene.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY SPOTLIGHT: Woolicious Photography -Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

          Wookitty Renfold, joined The Wire group recently and has blown me away with her Photography skills. Quite honestly it didn’t surprise me one bit. She has always been a great supporter and community oriented individual. Recently, I asked Woo (also known to friends as Woo-licious) how the photography was going. After viewing some of her work I was totally unaware that such talent had been right under my nose the entire time. Woo’s images are whimsical and imaginative really encapsulating the heart and story of the subject. In her own words Woo says...