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Showing posts with label bay city. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A throwback to your childhood - You Know For Kids - Allen Eppenberger Reporting...

In my travels in Bay City, I’ve found many cafes and clothiers. And while clubs and activities abound, I was fortunate enough to stumble across a gem of a toy store called You Know For Kids. Located on a rather unassuming corner, it’s neighbors are an auto dealership and a home furnishings store.

I happened to enter through the back door to the store. At first I had assumed it to be a type of restaurant. Then my thinking went to ice cream parlor. But upon actually approaching the counter, I discovered a rich selection of absolutely vintage toys from the 1950s to the 1970s! Of course, had I come through the front entrance, I would have been greeted by a classic ice cream chest filled with primsicles. I had hoped for sherbet push-ups, but alas, I’ll need to continue ny search.

This is a store that has an old time feel to it, from the black and green linoleum tile to the yellow and white striped walls. And you must browse through in every aisle. It has a wonderful selection which delighted and surprised me.

I imagine I spent a good part of an hour here reliving many happy memories of equally wasted time browsing the aisles of the local neighborhood toy shop, before such things as malls and Toys R Us took them all away from me.

Most astounding was the find of “almost” licenced brand name toys like Easy Bake Ovens, peg light boards, and glow worm flashlights. And of course the classic 1950s faire of little red wagons and rifles that would nowadays be frowned upon in some circles.

As I rounded a corner, there were dolls and even tea sets. And along the side there were the wonderful old American versions of the Gatcha machines. I threw many a quarter in those when I was growing up, trust me!

I found prim ads from the old candy necklaces and bracelets we nibbled on in school as kids.

And I was even surprised to find a toy blimp emblazoned with Bay City.

You Know For Kids is owned by Our Sweet Home, located in Bay City - Imaginario (51,246,25). If you want a slice of life the way it used to be for kids, then I encourage you to make a visit there. Its well worth your time!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come Sail Away

New Port Yacht Club: I could live like this....