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Friday, August 5, 2011

SL to RL: A Possible Crashed Flying Saucer Discovered on the Ocean Floor??? No. I am not talking about in SL… - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Many flock to Second Life© for leisure, creativity, Imagination and try to  separate themselves from the real world, and all the stress and  madness in the news these days, but no matter where you go, there is always something going on; good, bad or almost unbelievable.

 When it comes to news in either Second Life or in the real world, you could say I’m a media nerd. My Iphone has a folder that contains all the major News Apps like CNN, AP, MSNBC, The White House, Fox News, The Morning Call, The Weather Channel, Discovery News and my horoscopes.  

Just getting through all those headlines before bed usually leads to crazy dreams and inspires me to write stories and inform peeps of things happening.

Recently while having a conversation with a friend and fellow media lover, he asked me if I had seen recent reports of the alleged UFO found by researchers on the ocean floor.

For a second, I was unmoved. I mean, when you have been in Second Life as long as I have…you tend to become numb to outrageous news.

After realizing he was not talking about some Second Life Sci Fi Interactive UFO expedition, I immediately googled it. Sure enough right before me appeared links all directing at the same report on July 29, 2011.  According to Science on, explorers from Sweden reported a strange anomaly with a circular shape 300 feet deep, on the ocean floor. The debate now is, could this be a natural formation or extraterrestrial proof. Here is a link to the article, “UFO found on ocean floor? By Benjamin Radford of Life’s Little Mysteries.

After viewing the video, it does appear to be a round object with a trail leading to its settled spot. Since I was boggled by this, I thought I would ask around and get some other possible explanation.

One anonymous avie that watched the video, explains, “Well, Bigfoot was making out with a Chupacabra and the Lochness monster came and swallowed them whole, but died from indigestion.  That is the remain”

That is an interesting approach.  That could very well be what happened, but we really need some hard evidence on the existence of all those monsters. Besides that, would we really want to know about UFOs and freaky creatures existing in our RL, without it causing all the drama kings and queens to go into mass panic all at once?

A more realistic approach was explained by Royal Secret Society’s Prince Sonoda. He is a man with a positive outlook on anything he does and very collected in his thoughts.   He said, “What we are talking about here is an object buried under the sea floor.  Since the equipment used only picks up the signal from the metallic part, there is really no way of knowing if this wasn't part or a sunken ship (manmade) or part of an aircraft fuselage”.

Prince goes on to say, “Either way, I really think that any government would shell out the funding no matter how steep just to be the first to claim to have an alien artifact in their hands. If they are not interested, it is because just like me, they can spot a fib a mile away or miles below sea level”.

That makes a little more sense to me.  Shon Charisma also had an explanation that was similar to Prince’s; both of them side with hard evidence and equipment capabilities.

She said, Physics might (or might not) be extraterrestrial, depending on how difficult it is for you. This crew has much experience in recovering ships and cargo, so I assume the crew could detect from sonar what could be either of those things. However, just because something is round and just because you haven't been in contact with it before does not make it extraterrestrial--unless you've been DOWN there and have actually investigated with EYES, not sounds. I'm mad at that (or might not be)”.

Stacey Cardalines might have made a breakthrough with her simple explanation of a “Meteor”.

Meteors get blamed for a lot of stuff, like the extinction of the dinosaurs and even for the apocalypse to come. Who knows, maybe Stacey is right. An Extraterrestrial rock did it. That means it’s technically a UFO from outer space.

Whatever the case may be, it sure sparked my interest.

Since this story was just released, I will keep an eye on any new developments. I wouldn’t want to be the last one to know what it turns out to be, even if it’s a giant prehistoric turtle shell or some sort of secret chamber leading to the aliens living in the center of the earth. Until then, I’ll leave science stuff up to the real experts…

Please add your explanation in the comment box below.


  1. Looks to me as if this is the portal gateway to the centre of the earth!! Everyone is so preoccuied with outer space being the new frontier, that they have forgotten that there are alternate dimensions right here on earth. The gatekeepers, tired of being overlooked, decided to reveal the portal to upper earth. Which means that someone is going to have to take the 'plunge' (pun intended) and send a team of intrepid explorers off to investigate this gateway to find out what is really beneath the ocean floor. You never know the key to upper earth's continued existence maybe just through that gateway....

  2. body

    I think it's highly possible to think that it may be a UFO. There are so many mysteries in our world that we don't understand I'd be surprised to find any true scientists that would dismiss this oddity out of hand. As long as we don't know what it is, it could be anything. I'd like it to be a UFO; that would be interesting.


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