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Friday, August 5, 2011

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Art by Nature Photography Exhibit by anibrm Jung currently on Display at West of Ireland (WOI) Art Gallery. –Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

     Second Life© has some of the most creative artists I have had the pleasure of meeting from all over the world, but no matter how many prims and pixals used to create masterpieces here, capturing the essence of real life and the beauty that can be found in the simplest of things, is a skilled art form created by those that can bring out the details in nature and the vibrant colors found in our real world.

Recently I was invited to West of Ireland’s Art Gallery and greeted by director of (WOI), Hiawatha Runningbear.  If you have never visited West of Ireland, I would recommend putting it on your SL Itinerary.  After some small talk, I headed into the gallery and was immediately drawn to every photograph in anibrm Jung’s Art by Nature Exhibit.  Looking at her photographs, one can only wonder where they were taken and what inspires her. Of course, anything can be an inspiration but for artists like her, it is something from within that draws them to certain things.  So, I gave her my card and asked for an interview.

Please Meet Award Winning Photographer, anibrm Jung

Lanai Jarrico: Hi anibrm thank you for taking the time to sit down with me for an interview.  Before we get into your Photographs, I noticed you have been here almost as long as I have! I would like to learn a little bit about you, what you do and how you discovered Second Life?

anibrm Jung : Hello Lanai, first of all thank you for asking me for this interview. I really feel honored. Yes I am an "oldie", I started my SL experience on  12-04-2006. I didn`t know what to expect. I was curious about it, because it was all over the news back then. I can tell you, from day one, I was addicted!
I explored a lot and on day two I met someone that is still my friend after almost 5 years!  I think, that's the beauty of SL; Meeting people from around the world, you never would have met in RL.

Lanai Jarrico: I agree with your thoughts about SL. I love meeting and learning about people from all over the world too, I have meet some of the most awesome and creative people here.  Would you consider Second Life© an extension of your real life or just a place where one can grow and expand their skills?

anibrm Jung : I think it goes both ways. I learned a lot here and got very attached to Second Life©.  Real life always stays most important to me, But it is nice to "hide" here, when RL stresses you out or becomes way to busy.

Lanai Jarrico:  Yes Second Life© can be a great escape and a way to express what you love to do and share it with others. From your perspective, how do you see this virtual world benefitting artists that bring their work here?  What have been some of the things it has done for you?

anibrm Jung : From my perspective I can say that SL is a great way, to show your work. I wouldn't even think about that in RL. For me,  my work isn`t good enough and just 1 in a dozen. In SL,  it just doesn`t matter, anyone can bring their ideas into SL, what they love to do, or is there passion. Without being "judged".

Lanai Jarrico:   I know there are many artists exhibiting their work here in Second Life, but it is not an easy market to compete in. What do you think would be the best thing for artists to keep in mind before showcasing their work into the virtual world environment?

anibrm Jung : Well don`t think you will get rich from it. Get your satisfying out of visitors who love your work and admire it. When you are asked to do an Exhibition, like I did at WOI. And that people will come to watch your work. That is what gives me the satisfying for my work. And I think that is what Art stands for!

Lanai Jarrico:That’s a good thing to bring up anibrm! People that come here thinking they will get rich, are very misguided. Only those that show their hard work and dedication, reap the benefits of what Second Life© can do to enhance their real lives with an income.
 I must say, your photographs really capture the beauty of the little things that many of us walk past on a daily basis and never really stop to admire. A simply butterfly perched on the edge of a flower, a bubble just hovering in the air or a close up of a white rose with perfect pedals.  Your images are so clear; I can almost feel the wind in my face or smell the soft fragrance of spring when nature really comes to life.

anibrm Jung : That's my goal Lanai. We all know that RL get`s busier by the minute. We "run" through life. Goals have to be made or you won`t succeed in RL. Problem is, we don`t see what is around us anymore. The beauty!  Imagine  yourself  sitting in a flower field and only observing and listening. How would you feel?

Lanai Jarrico: A sense of peace and calm is what I imagine when I close my eyes. You are right, we are living in a fast faced world now and it seems like for many, those moments don’t happen as often in their lives as they should. But everyone has their own preference on what brings them peace and happiness.

 Speaking of preferences,  Every Photographer has theirs too on the subject, equipment and programs they use to manipulate and crop their images. Can you tell me where you took these pictures, what type of programs and camera you use?  These are very clear shots with great focus.

anibrm Jung : Most of the photos I take,  are in my own garden. Others are captured on holidays. I use a digital Nikon D60 camera. I love that camera! I don`t use any program, no Photoshop or whatever. What I see, is what you get. These photo`s are how I made them. If they aren`t ok to me I throw them away.

Lanai Jarrico: Wow, Your images are all natural shots with no doctoring?  That is impressive. Have you always been drawn to nature or have you photographed other things and people?

anibrm Jung : Yes nature has my focus. I tried to do people, but that's difficult. Nature won`t change a bit from how they look, people do. A person’s real beauty is hard to capture.

Lanai Jarrico: I’m not a professional photographer but I can understand how it would be difficult to catch a person’s real beauty. Nowadays, even supermodels have their images airbrushed for ads and magazines. This practice is trying to create synthetic beauty to me.

So now for the best part,  how long will your exhibit be available at West of Ireland Art Gallery in Second Life©?

anibrm Jung : My exhibition at WOI Gallery will stay there for 3/6 weeks. Remember the WOI gallery stands for War child, and if you buy a photo from me, half will go to war child. I think that's a great combination.

Lanai Jarrico: That is a great way to get your work out there and also help a great cause! Where else can people check out your collection?

anibrm Jung : Yes I agree.  I started my own gallery again in May of this year. A dear friend of mine convinced me to show my work here again.  So with some hesitation, I started my Gallery called; Art By Nature.

Lanai Jarrico: I’m glad that you made the choice to showcase your work, It’s  great. How can people purchase your photographs?

anibrm Jung : They can click on the photo`s and buy them.

Lanai Jarrico: Anibrn, I would like to thank you for giving SLE readers a closer look at who you are and what you do here. I wish you well with your exhibit and hope to see more of your work in the future!

anibrm Jung : Thank you very much Lanai!

Art by Nature! By anibrm Jung 
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