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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The SL Enquirer and Black Soul Rhythms Radio switched it up for this month’s themed event and took the party to my virtual bedroom. All I can say is if walls could talk they would say, “Sorry you weren’t there to witness all the shenanigans”. Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

On Tuesday September 6th, Avatars from across the grid filled my bedroom or two hours of great music, fun and games and no one lost an eye.
From truth or dare, spotlight drawings and exploring the unique over sized bedroom venue, to spin the bottle and random linden payouts, there were plenty of ways to evoke that party animal, and this was one party worth talking about.

No one seemed shy or reserved as they arrived wearing everything from boxer briefs, panties and tees, hair rollers, big fuzzy slippers, flip flops and of course some very provocative sleep wear that would make Hugh Hefner’s girls blush.  It’s not every day my bedroom is open to the SL public but for this exclusive party, it was packed.

  Besides the BSR Family and SLE, the Royal Secret Society’s Prince Sonoda made an appearance with some princesses’.   Lcuddles228 Gans was spotted near the giant pizza box, while spirit wingtips broke it down on the cardboard box dance floor.

                                          RP Nexus CEO, Cursa Charisma was spotted dancing on Lanai’s bed with a friend. 

Some newcomers also showed up, like Urlani Fetuccio and Starlett Nightfire, both winning drawings for free advertising and spotlight features!  

BSR Radio’s DJ Marjorie Dibou came prepared with a great selection of bedroom themed music. From old school jams, steamy R&B, and smooth neo-soul, she entertained the crowd with songs like  “Computer Love” by  Zapp & Roger, “I can’t go for that” by Hall & Oats, Usher’s new “dot com”,  “Bed by J. Holiday,  “Kitchen” by Mary J. Blige,  Rihanna’s “California King Bed”, “In the mood” by Johnnie Gill, “ American Wedding” by Frank Ocean even some Hotel California by the Eagles.

Aside from the Spotlight drawings, music set list, flirting, and random truth or dare Q’s & A’s, the forecast  called for lots of Linden Rain, and it poured down on the crowd.

As I scanned the room with camera in hand, I saw more new faces in the place, like Ngozi Nyoki, Lazzara Greene and Elissiana Caproni .  

All seemed to be having a great time as they put their backs into it and wore down my bedroom carpet with their dance moves.
The pajama party ended at 9pm SLT, but many party-goers stuck around for a little  while to enjoy the atmosphere and chat before calling it a night.   It truly was a  great party because a fun time was had by all.

Tired of missing our themed parties? Mark your calendar for our next themed party on Tuesday October 4th 7-9pm SLT.

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